How To Develop A Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc In 2024 [Updated]

how to develop a doctor appointment app like zocdoc in 2023 itechnolabs

In the last couple of years, as the pandemic ravaged us with a hammer, the demand for healthcare services online has increased. Doctor appointment booking platforms have enabled healthcare providers such as pharmacies and hospitals to provide medical services on the internet. Apps for doctor appointments increase the efficiency of their services and boost customer satisfaction.

Did you realize that 52.2 percent of healthcare professionals are required to work between 10 and 30 hours each week to plan and confirm appointment times?

Patients can make use of applications similar to Zocdoc to schedule sessions, purchase treatments, and speak with specialists such as doctors and dentists, pediatricians, and psychologists. As per a survey conducted recently and a survey of 80% of clients and 74% of doctors intend to keep using video consultations after the pandemic has ended.

Therefore, online health applications such as Zocdoc can be lucrative business opportunities. Have you ever thought about what it would take to develop an application like Zocdoc that doesn’t burn an opening in your wallet? This may sound like an unrealized dream however, let me assure you that you can make your own doctor’s appointment app similar to Zocdoc without having to code in a span of a few minutes.

What Is Zocdoc?

Zocdoc is a mobile application that comes with an integrated internet-based SaaS tool that serves as an intermediary between physicians and patients. It is a fantastic way for patients to buy their prescriptions online, make reservations for their next checkup appointment, make virtual appointments, and even schedule emergencies.

Zocdoc can be described as an online appointment-booking application that allows patients to get health advice as well as the care they need from the best doctors. The app provides doctors with their expertise in their fields of expertise. The list will help users locate and select doctors for health visits and consultations based on their expertise, reviews, and experience.

The top features you need to include To Develop A Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc

the top features you need to include to develop a doctor appointment app like zocdoc itechnolabs

Zocdoc is much more than an app for doctor appointments and includes advanced features such as medicine delivery appointment booking, online consultations, and much more. If you are planning to create an app that is similar to Zocdoc Here are some options you need to include in your application.

1. Registration and Login

App users can sign-up through your app to gain access to the content and access their accounts. This will help you verify the authenticity of the app users and allows them to keep their settings in the app.

2. Chat and call

Allow users to contact the support team as well as their preferred healthcare provider via calls or chats.

3. Find a Doctor

Search functionality should be added to enable users of the app to quickly search for the doctor that they are looking for. Additionally, you can add filters so that users of the app can reduce the results from a search, and obtain the most relevant results.

4. Schedule appointments

Be sure your app users can make appointments in-clinic or virtual without leaving the application.

5. Payment

Include all of the most popular payment gateways as well as a wallet to ensure that paying using your app is quick and easy.

6. Evaluation and rating

Reviews from other users on the app who have had an experience (good as well as negative) regarding the doctor featured on the app are crucial. When you are deciding which doctor to choose and what to choose, the reviews of other patients who have used the app can help in a huge way.

7. Purchase medicine

Your app should have this feature in order that users can enjoy the convenience of purchasing their medications within the app and making the payment easily through their preferred payment gateways. As the app’s owner, you can earn additional revenue streams within the app.

8. Profile of Doctor

Doctors who choose to join your app are able to create profiles that are detailed on the app. They can also include their credentials and certificates in the app and then verify their profiles. Patients and other app users are able to use these profiles while trying to find a doctor, or an expert, depending on the situation might be.

9. Appointment Management

This is a crucial aspect for healthcare providers since they get an overview of all appointments scheduled for the coming days. This assists healthcare professionals or the institutions that use the app to maintain efficiency and order to ensure there is no scheduling error or appointment loss.

10. Medical history and reports

Health professionals or doctors can save the medical histories of their patients in a safe and organized way. In addition, they can keep medical records for every patient they refer to the application. This helps doctors keep all reports and records in one place for each patient, which makes it easier to access the data at a single time.

11. Notifications

Include push notifications in the event that you plan to develop an app similar to Zocdoc. By using push notifications, you are able to effortlessly communicate with your users via customized discounts, offers, or notifications. This is an excellent way to stay in touch with users of your app, and also remind them to come back to your app.

How do I develop A Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc?

how do i develop a doctor appointment app like zocdoc itechnolabs

Now, you already know the basics of what Zocdoc can do and which are essential features to be aware of if you plan to create an app similar to Zocdoc. Now is the right time to tackle the most important issue – how do you build an application that is comparable to Zocdoc?

We are now aware that there are a variety of factors to consider when creating an application from scratch. It requires a deep understanding of coding as well as a solid knowledge of technology, and an extensive pocket. A majority of businesses either employ a developer or an agency for the development of apps to develop an app similar to Zocdoc.

If you are not a programmer or cannot handle the code complexity, then you may contact iTechnolabs for mobile app development. Our experts will provide you professional Mobile apps UI and rich experience to increase the attention of visitors. Else, below are some steps to develop a doctor appointment app like Zocdoc

1. Input the title of your application

Select the appropriate category for your app, as well as an aesthetic theme and an app layout that you like. It is also possible to make your app appear and feel more professional by using your own brand logo.

2. Add the required features to your application

Include the features mentioned above to create an app similar to Zocdoc. You can modify it however you want to get it to the perfect level.

3. Test and then go live!

If you’re satisfied with the way your app appears then you can test your app on actual devices. That’s it! Now, you are able to launch your app in the app stores you prefer.

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do you want to develop a doctor appointment app like zocdoc from itechnolabsWell at last you can always hire the iTechnolabs experts who will help you curate your doctor appointment app. 

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