How To Develop A Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable 2024 [Updated]

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Restaurant reservation apps allow people to make reservations and enjoy delicious meals in their favorite eateries. Restaurant reservation apps differ from the apps for the delivery of food. In contrast to food delivery services that deliver meals directly to your home, diners are able to book a table at the restaurant by filling in information such as the seating capacity, dining timing, and seating options. Customers can book tables at their favorite restaurants without waiting to be seated.

In this article, we’d like to provide you with all the details about a renowned restaurant app such as OpenTable’s development.

A Famous Example of a Restaurant Reservation App is OpenTable

OpenTable Restaurant reservation app was founded around 1998. It was founded by Chuck Templeton, a former US army ranger. It is the most well-known restaurant reservation app on the marketplace. OpenTable was initially only accessible in San Francisco, the USA at second, and later was expanded to include 20 countries, which includes Canada, Australia, France as well as the UK.

More than 52,000 restaurants around the world have registered on this app, and they show their listings in the search bar so that diners can make reservations with ease. The app costs restaurants a monthly flat fee or pre-reservation fee to display their names. This way, an app for restaurant reservations earns money through subscriptions from restaurants.

Although OpenTable has grown in popularity and stability in this space, however, apps like Resy, La Fourchette, Bookatable, and TableUp stood as strong rivals.

iTechnolabs is the most reputable developer of restaurant reservations apps firm within the USA. We create clone apps of OpenTable for platforms like Android as well as iOS platforms.

Develop A Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable

The creation of a restaurant reservation app like OpenTable will require various features for diners as well as restaurants.

Features for Restaurant Reservation App for Clients

features for restaurant reservation app for clients itechnolabs

  • Registration of Restaurant

Restaurants can provide their information by filling out a simple registration form on the apps for restaurant reservations or on their website. The apps run the verification process and also establish a user account, known under the term Restaurant Centre to create their profiles.

Restaurants can also add menus and contact information, price, payment options, opening hours, and parking information to assist patrons in the process of choosing. They may also include discount promotions and coupons during certain seasons. Restaurants can review their ratings and reviews posted by their patrons. Restaurants that are registered can use Electronic Reservation Book to handle reservations and table management.

  • GMS (Guest Management Software)

Guest Management Software offers a pleasant dining experience for patrons. With GMS; restaurants can manage reservations on various websites in one place and can also publish directly to their social media sites with special deals to attract guests.

These are just a few of the other benefits of the Guest Management Software

  • Employee work schedule
  • Table reservation Management
  • Create invoices for bills
  • Create guest profiles for guest

We can say that Guest Management Software works as a CRM for restaurants. Restaurants get the benefit of easily managing all their marketing and operations. It also functions as a point of sale (POS) which simplifies the connections between reservations and payment.

Features of Restaurant Reservation App in Diners View

features of restaurant reservation app in diners view itechnolabs

1. Easy Registration

Diners can register their account on the restaurant reservation app using their email address and other contact information. You can also sign up directly by using Facebook and Google accounts. The app will ask about where they are, their budget, and their preferences for food to allow users to personalize their search and make easier reservations.

2. Search Option

The restaurant reservation app offers a reliable restaurant search feature to locate the most popular restaurants in the thousands. Customers can filter their search using filters for cuisine, seating availability, hours of operation as well as ratings, and prices. It offers customers the ability to search with ease and have a great experience.

3. Seating Preference

The reservation app questions patrons about their preference for seating to reserve a table following selecting the restaurant. The diners can pick their seating type from the bar, outdoor standard, or high-top. The diners will be able to take their meal with their favorite view from the dining area.

4. Reservation History

The app stores the history of reservations made by patrons that include details of prior reservations. If you enjoy the old place eating experience, you are able to directly reserve the table.

5. Reviews and Ratings

The reservation app displays reviews and ratings about food, service, wait time, and ambiance. Customers can look these up on the profiles of restaurants and pick the most suitable restaurant to book tables.

6. Online Payments

Diners are able to save their credit/debit cards to make payments directly through the app for restaurant reservations without sharing their card details. It also supports payment via online channels such as PayPal, PayTM, and PayUMoney. Users can also add funds to the wallet app from the cards, or earn points to pay for the restaurant’s bill.

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Tech Stack Required to Develop A Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable

tech stack required to develop a restaurant reservation app like opentable itechnolabs

The best technology stack can help build a robust mobile application with a precise time-to-market and budget. The technology stack that is used in Restaurant reservation apps such as OpenTable is as follows.

Cost to Develop A Restaurant Reservation App similar to OpenTable

The cost to Develop a restaurant reservation app depends on a variety of factors such as technology, features apps, design, developers, and more. It is essential to create a restaurant reservation app that works with all devices such as Android as well as iOS platforms to be able to reach more customers.

The estimated cost for developing an app such as OpenTable is between $35,000 and $65,000. If you work with a iOS app Development Company in the United States or Eastern Europe, the cost will vary based on the rate per hour of app developers.

How Do Restaurant Reservation Apps Make Money?

how do restaurant reservation apps make money itechnolabs

The primary sources of revenue for these apps are dining reservations and memberships.

  • Reservations

The app will charge a commission on reservations made by diners at a specific restaurant. It charges $1 per reservation made through the app, and $0.25 per reservation on the restaurant’s site using this app. Restaurant reservation apps cost each month $250 to advertise the restaurants on the app.

  • Subscriptions

Another source can bring money into reservations for restaurants. The apps offer membership plans that allow you to use the Restaurant Management system with an initial monthly fee of $29 or a limit amount of $499, based on the facility.

The apps offer the chance for diners to earn points and promotions for every meal. Once the points have reached an amount they can transfer these points into the wallet of the app and pay their bill at the restaurant. Restaurants will transfer the points into the app to refund their customers. This will improve the rate of retention of customers using the app.

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Do You Want to Develop A Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable?

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The restaurant reservation app offers diverse options for patrons to ensure a better dining experience than the conventional methods. In this age of technology, the world has become more simple through mobile applications.

iTechnolabs is the most reputable developer of mobile app (android and iOS applications) firms across Canada, and the USA. 

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Frequently Asked Questions To Develop A Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable

  1. How much does it cost to develop a restaurant reservation app like OpenTable?

The cost of development of a restaurant table reservation app like OpenTable is affected by numerous factors which have been mentioned below – 

  • Size of the restaurant reservation app
  • Number of features and their accompanying complexities
  • Third-party integrations
  • Location of the app development team
  • Diversity of the app development team
  • Experience levels of the developers
  • Requisite technological stack
  • Deadline for the app development

Keeping in mind the factors mentioned above, we have determined the average cost of developing a table reservation app for restaurants, which is – 

  • Simple application – $ 20000
  • Moderately complex application – $ 50000
  • Highly complex application – $ 95000

Hire dedicated developers from iTechnolabs and get a perfect app development experience at best prices.

2. What are the best restaurant reservation apps currently?

  • OpenTable
  • Eat App
  • Wisely
  • Tock
  • Table Agent
  • Eveve
  • Yelp

For the purpose of developing a reservation app for restaurants, you can study the above restaurant reservation apps which are currently the best in the market.

For a professional consultation on restaurant booking software development, get in immediate touch with experienced consultants of iTechnolabs.  

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