How To Develop A Trucking App Like Uber In 2023

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The logistics and transport industry are the main driving force behind worldwide commerce. They also contribute to the global economy. Although it is a large industry, there are many challenges such as driver performance analysis, consignment tracking, and driver retention. This makes it difficult for operations to succeed.

How can we tackle this problem? How can the industry be improved so that shippers can save money and our planet is free of carbon waste?

Simple! Simple!

Uber Freight is a mobile logistics app that has helped shippers reinvent their supply chains.

This article will help you to create a trucking app similar to Uber.

The TechCrunch reports show that UberFreight has been downloaded more than 328,000 times and approximately 125,000 US-owned drivers have completed the onboarding process. UberFreights also had 30.000 active customers last quarter, which clearly shows the app’s popularity in the trucking sector.

How do you develop a trucking app like Uber?

how do you develop a trucking app like uber itechnolabs

Consider the following points to create an Uber-like trucking app for your taxi-business vertical.

1. Select the appropriate application type

It is important to choose the type of app you want to create. You can develop any trucking app in one of two ways.

  • You might have a truck fleet that is difficult to manage, or you run a business. A Uber-like solution can streamline your business and help you scale it up.
  • This will be a solution that acts as an intermediary between shippers and carriers in the surrounding areas.

2. Select a reputed mobile app development company

The first thing you can do to generate revenue for your business is to choose a great mobile application development company. You must also do extensive research before hiring the company.

Only reputable developers can create a superior app that is easy to use, navigable, and fully featured. To get a sense of their quality, take a look at their portfolios and client testimonials.

3. Validate your idea

Next, validate your business idea after you have hired mobile app developers from top mobile application development firms. Verify that the solution is generating the desired results and profits, and justify your investment.

4. Create an MVP to incorporate the required features

To get positive and negative feedback, first, create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). You can use this feedback to make important changes and shape the final product.

What Features are Required in an Uber-like Tracking App?

The application was built from many perspectives and integrated into one.

Driver’s App – Develop A Trucking App Like Uber

drivers app develop a trucking app like uber itechnolabs

To ensure that carriers can load their trucks with cargo, and then enjoy seamless transport of goods to their destination, the Driver’s App was included in the solution. You will be amazed at the results when you add the following features to your truck driving app.

1. Register

This allows the Driver to log in to the app via their social media accounts. They won’t have to manually enter the information. It also features an advanced feature that allows you to provide credentials to Drivers only after you have approved the carrier to deliver the goods.

2. Shipment Details

This allows the Driver to view the details of the shipment, including the weight, dimensions, pick-up time, and delivery location. They can then decide whether or not to accept the shipment, based on their vehicle requirements. Each cargo type has its vehicle requirement.

3. Filtering and sorting cargo details

This feature allows the Driver to quickly sort and filter the shipment details, including date, pick up, and destination locations.

4. Request Cancellation

If the driver has to cancel the shipment due to an emergency, the Driver can do so easily.

5. Tracking and Optimization of Routes

Route Optimization allows drivers to monitor their routes in real time so they can adjust their routes according to traffic, accidents, or road repairs.

6. You must provide proof of delivery

The driver can upload photos or documents to the shipper to prove that the goods were delivered.

Shipper’s App – Develop A Trucking App Like Uber

shippers app develop a trucking app like uber itechnolabs

This application’s main purpose is to help the shipper locate trucks within their immediate area. These are the essential elements of your solution.

1. Register

The registration process here is identical to that of the Driver’s App. Here the shipper can quickly register for the application via their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Gmail, or Instagram.

2. List of Vehicles

The shipper can quickly review the list of vehicles nearby and provide any necessary details.

3. Instant and scheduled banking

This allows shippers to schedule scheduled banking and pre-booking as they, please.

4. Notifications and alerts

This reminds shippers about shipment status, delivery date, and other important information. With just a click, the shipper can view the notification on their screen.

5. Multiple payment options integrated

There are multiple payment options built into the solution. Service users can instantly make payments using the app’s wallet, cash, and cards.

6. Ratings and reviews

This feature allows the shipper to rate the experience of the driver and the carrier. It will also help you evaluate the performance of drivers in particular regions. You can also work on the weaker parts by taking into account ratings and reviews.

7. Vehicle tracking in real-time

Shippers can use this feature to track their cargo at any time.

App for Administrators – Develop A Trucking App Like Uber

app for administrators develop a trucking app like uber itechnolabs

This application integrates many modules that allow the owner to monitor, track and control all aspects of the trucking industry.

To access and track everything, the app owner must be granted a special privilege, such as shipping details, carriers, freight details, shipment details, and shippers.

1. Refined Dashboard

The dashboard shows you the details and vital information about the vehicles, shippers, and orders. If an order or request is pending, you can track its status. The owner can also view advanced graphs, analytics, and other information in real time.

2. Track drivers

This feature allows admins to track the delivery date, the estimated time of delivery, the location, and the products that were in the shipment.

3. Management of bills

You are the administrator and the owner of the application. This allows you to approve and manage invoices and bill payments with ease.

4. Notifications

Notifications allow admins to notify the recipient of important updates, such as changes in delivery address, routes, pick-up timings, drop-off times, etc.

5. Seamless Management

To make it easy for the owner to perform the operations, the admin panel includes adding, deleting, and editing buttons.

6. Complaints & Queries

Administrators can answer queries and complaints via text messages, or through automated chatbots built into them.

7. Get Refunds

This feature allows admins to manage cancellations and refunds from the dashboard.

8. Tariff & Order

The admin can control tariffs and other promotional codes for their customers.

Must have Advance Features to Develop A Trucking App Like Uber

must have advance features to develop a trucking app like uber itechnolabs

This must-have analytical and advanced feature is essential for the development of a trucking app such as Uber.

  • Chat Module

In post-booking communication, a chat module connects drivers and customers.

  • CRM Tools

CRM is a powerful tool for understanding, monitoring, and targeting users.

  • Bidding Tool

Bidding is an analytical tool that can be used to help commercial customers achieve competitive rates.

  • Geo-Fencing

It allows you to be notified when a truck is nearby.

  • Voice Help

This voice booking option can help you gain an edge in your business.

What would be the Costs Involved to Develop A Trucking App Like Uber?

what would be the costs involved to develop a trucking app like uber itechnolabs

According to the mobile app statistics, the global forecast number of app users is expected to increase by 6.95 Billion by 2021. This reflects the need for mobile apps for all purposes.

Developing an Uber-like app, many factors will impact the cost of development.

  • Complexity of app
  • Platforms
  • No. of actors
  • Hours count
  • Hourly Rates
  • Technology stack

According to our estimates, this app usually takes between 5 and 6 months to create. This app’s hourly rate is $50.

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Do You Want to Develop A Trucking App Like Uber?

do you want to develop a trucking app like uber itechnolabs

An advanced tracking app or fleet management software can help you save time and money. This is the most efficient digital freight network, connecting shippers and carriers at one location. It also reduces errors and communicates better.

These are just a few things you should consider when planning to develop A Trucking App Like Uber. Hire app developers from iTechnolabs if you’re interested in developing one app for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions To Develop A Trucking App

  1. What are the benefits of Uber for trucking app development?

An on-demand logistics app is already a revolutionary idea. Its advantages to the the users and logistics businesses are stated as under –

  • The Uber for trucking app is a one-stop solution for all the operations involved in the logistics business. Hence, it facilitates a productive business management
  • With sophisticated mapping integrations, your trucks can never go off your surveillance and deliveries will be always made at the estimated time
  • Even if a delivery-related issue arises from the user’s side, you will always be able to find speedy solutions with all the data at your disposal
  • With better services comes increase in demand and ultimate increase in revenue for your app

2. How does a trucking app like Uber make money?

Trucking apps like Uber have an elaborate revenue model which we have illustrated below –

  • In exchange of every order the drivers receive, Uber charges a certain percentage of the fees received by the driver as its commission
  • The percentage of commission charged varies from location to location
  • Uber also provide their top-class services in exchange of a premium in the form of regular subscription
  • Uber also charge an advertisement fee in exchange of the marketing ads it offers to the businesses

If you also have a Uber like trucking app idea brewing in your mind, do not think. Hire Uber app developers from iTechnolabs immediately and get the app development process started. 

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