How To Develop an AI-Based Learning Management System? [Updated]

how to develop an ai-based learning management system itechnolabs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the educational sector plays a crucial part in streamlining the whole education system. Of course, its impact on AI and other technologies of the present across diverse industries is positive. The potential of AI’s automated capabilities to develop smart and innovative learning Management systems (LMS) can be higher than what we had predicted.

Develop an AI-Based Learning Management System which allows virtual learning and teaching and bring education services to new levels. Additionally, the demand for LMS software by corporate firms is also very high. Companies are increasing their usage of LMS software to better track and management of their admin training of employees and onboarding.

Both of these trends are driving the growth in LMS applications. During the COVID season in particular, it is evident that the need for AI-powered learning management systems has seen significant growth in comparison to the time before the outbreak.

The market value of AI learning management has estimated to be $14 billion by 2021. According to market research, the market dimension of this global system for learning management will also extend throughout the education industry and could increase to around $41 billion in 2029. Mobile apps for education and e-learning platforms and various other online interactive learning applications are the primary factors behind this massive growth.

How AI Is Used In LMS?

AI can be utilized to enhance the functions and efficiency of LMS solutions. Virtual Assistants, voice recognition bots, and attendance trackers that use facial recognition technology Intelligent analytics and reporting tools, automated knowledge testing tools, and in a variety of ways AI technology can be employed to improve the capabilities of LMS.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In LMS Development

AI-powered LMS software development will bring many benefits to educational service providers. In this blog, we’ve collected some of the best advantages of AI-powered learning management applications.

  • AI-powered learning management platforms simplify the learning and teaching process in its entirety.
  • AI-based learning management software available for Android, iOS, or web OS will help educators or training institutions in providing better learning experiences via virtual technology.
  • Through the integration of video and audio-enabled open-online lessons, AI digital learning solutions improve the personalization of users.
  • Knowledge sharing and access to content will be easy to access and share information on secured cloud-enabled LMS platforms.
  • The application of AI in the development of apps for learning management automatizes admin processes and enhances document management functions.
  • AI-powered corporate LMS software will allow companies to better track and manage their employee onboarding and training functions.
  • The application of Artificial intelligence in LMS solutions will track the pattern of learning for the user and automatically alter the curriculum to improve their skills.
  • By utilizing AI in LMS Software development, learners can access the material in the language they prefer and improve their learning experiences.
  • A chatbot that is AI-enabled or a virtual tutoring module within LMS applications will be able to recognize voice commands from users or written texts and can automate the process of training by providing exact responses in a matter of minutes. Because self-learning chatbots are able to learn from their previous experiences, they will be able to give the same support as an instructor to learners.

There are many advantages of AI in LMS applications. AI-driven LMS applications help automate and improve the entire process of learning and training. In general, AI-driven LMS platforms can help to make learning more engaging and exciting.

How To Build An AI-Based Learning Management System?

If you’re planning to create a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence powered LMS system for your organization or training institutes You must take a few steps in the creation of a reliable software application. As a leading AI development firm, iTechnolabs have collected our experience and expertise in the design of LMS software.

Key Steps To Develop an AI-Based Learning Management System

key steps to develop an ai based learning management system itechnolabs

Step-1: Estimate the AI requirement for your LMS Project

AI is an essential technology for mobile applications for e-learning development. Before you begin the development of your software it is important to assess the necessity for AI in your application.

Although the technology is most effective at automatizing repetitive functions, however, it is also necessary to examine AI creation and costs for implementation. Therefore, based on the requirements of the application and the business goals of the final user, take the next step to incorporate AI functions into LMS applications.

Step-2: Gather and Be Ready With Data

Data is crucial for training AI algorithms and helping to meet the application’s goals and vision. As long as you do not supply AI algorithms with the right data, you can’t expect to see a significant improvement. AI algorithms with proper data, don’t think of achieving a robust performance from AI solutions.

If it’s education-related LMS software or corporate LMS software the need for data is paramount. So, you must collect the required data from the communities you belong to and modify the data to meet the needs of your project. Instead of spending a lot of in collecting and categorizing information, this will cut time and speed up the development speedier.

Step-3: Focus On Privacy and Security

AI-powered LMS solution requires the storage of huge amounts of user data and managing content for applications. Furthermore, LMS apps offer content access and sharing across digital platforms. Therefore, improving the security of the user data and ensuring the security of user data is an essential feature that is provided by LMS apps.

But, AI algorithms can identify irregular patterns in data and block security threats to data seamlessly. Before beginning the development process it is essential to organize the process to ensure the highest level of encryption for the personal data of the users.

Step-4: Make a List Of Core Features

It is among the most important stages in the process of developing software. The process of identifying and listing the features of apps is a crucial job of app creators.

In accordance with the requirements of the project and client requirements, choose the most important elements (like user profile as well as learning materials test of knowledge and performance reports, notification as well as an online audio/video learning facility download content to offline tracking Integrations, etc.) for the development of a learning management system.

Step-5: Develop a Module & Test Your Solution By Feeding Different Datasets

When an AI-powered LMS software module has been developed; You can connect your AI solution with various datasets and track the results. This thorough testing process will help you to evaluate the effectiveness and performance that you can get from the LMS applications.

Furthermore, depending on the kind of LMS solution, mobile app developers must also design the UX/UI so that they can better connect with users while also increasing app performance.

Step-6: Hire A Leading AI-based LMS Platform Development Company

Finding a top mobile app development firm for creating an outstanding and engaging LMS solution is crucial. Employ iTechnolabs the top custom-designed e-learning app development firm located in both Canada and the USA. We are a team of app developers who are full-stack and imaginative designers who design the top-of-the-line LMS platform, with the latest AI features.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An LMS?

The price to create an online learning application or LMS program will range from roughly $35,000 to $70,000. The final price is determined based on elements like the complexity of the app’s design and features list as well as the platform for app development, the type of app (native or hybrid or cross-platform) technology stack, and integrations with third-party partners.

Do You want to Develop an AI-Based Learning Management System From iTechnolabs?

do you want to develop an ai based learning management system from itechnolabs

iTechnolabs is the top mobile app development firm and is one of the top E-learning app development firms across Canada and the USA. We develop collaborative digital learning platforms for the corporate and education sectors. So if you are looking for developing an AI-based LMS App, you have landed at the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions for Learning Management System


  1. How much does it cost to build a learning management system?  

The cost of development of an AI-based learning management system consists of labour cost, technology cost, marketing cost, maintenance cost, and infrastructure cost. After summing up all the constituent costs, the average development cost of a learning management system comes out to be between $ 40000 to $ 100000. 

The above mentioned depicts the range of the cost and hence, is not reflective of the numerous factors that affect the cost of development of a learning management system. How much does it cost to develop a learning management system depends upon the factors stated below – 

  • Size and complexity of the software
  • Level of advancement of the tech stack
  • Number of features and functionalities
  • Size, expertise, and location of the development team
  • Backend and frontend design of the software

Hire developers from iTechnolabs and get software development services at a price that meets your budgetary expectations.

2. How to build a learning management system based on artificial intelligence (AI)?

Steps mentioned below inform you on how to build a learning management system based on artificial intelligence (AI) –

  • Define why you need a learning management system and know how artificial intelligence (AI) will augment your learning management system
  • Gather relevant data to feed your artificial intelligence (AI) if you want it to give its optimal performance
  • Define the key features of your LMS that are in alignment with the vision and needs of your business
  • Ensure that all the data related to your artificial intelligence-based LMS is properly encrypted to ensure security of the software
  • Share your vision with the software development company and let it start with UI/UX designing process
  • With top-class tech stack and experienced developers, the learning management system of your business is being developed
  • Let the app development test it many times to ensure that it showcase high performance and is devoid of any glitches
  • Deploy it on the suitable platform and your software is ready to use
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