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The client hired iTechnolabs for its expertise in the Magento cloud commerce platform to actively build a flexible, secure E-commerce website. The aim was to build a platform that provides customers and prospects with a great user experience.

The Client

The client owns a New York-based educational publishing company. It employs approximately 1000 employees. The company is primarily into offering classroom-tested solutions, offering content-rich leveled books, intervention programs, differential instructions, and professional development. Their prime focus was on improving student interaction and pedagogy for better learning outcomes. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led By- 1 Project Manager

Worked Upon By – 5 Developers, 1 Senior Designer, 2 QAs, and 1 tTechnical Admin.

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The Problem Statement

The client’s purpose behind collaborating with iTecnolabs was to build their E-commerce platform that would be hosted on the Cloud. This platform intended to integrate with their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for three different stores. The main goal of this platform was to establish an ecosystem that interconnects these stores, allowing customers to use the same account, and maintain their session across all three stores. This interconnected system was expected to create a seamless experience for customers across the company’s different product categories or verticals. 

Thus, the client wanted to develop a fluid E-commerce website with stunning user experience (UX). Additionally, the team working on this project needed to have pre-established collaboration methodologies and strong programming skills.

The Challenge

The client sought a self-sufficient team to oversee and advise on their E-commerce project’s strategic aspects. iTechnolabs responded by deploying a subject matter expert in Magento and the education sector. Our team ensured the team possessed a deep understanding of E-commerce store scaling and business operations. 

To manage the project effectively, iTechnolabs appointed a dedicated project manager. This manager’s role was to steer the project, ensuring it progressed smoothly through predefined milestones. This approach allowed iTechnolabs to meet the client’s needs for expertise and guidance, ensuring the project’s desired success.

The Solution

Itechnolabs started developing an E-commerce platform from scratch for the client. They began by defining fundamentals, protocols, principles, and technical requirements before commencing programming, ensuring a clear understanding of the project’s goal and guiding development from the outset. 

The basic structure of the project was set by experienced team members, likely senior developers, and project managers. Our team adopted an agile approach, bringing in QA resources, and designers as needed to keep costs low. This flexibility in resource allocation reduced expenses for the client. 

The project kicked off with a compact team, including 3 developers, 1 project manager, 1 subject matter expert, and a technical administrator. As progress unfolded, iTechnolabs boosted the developer count to 5 at key milestones, ensuring expertise and manpower matched the project’s evolving needs. 

Itechnolabs Before Your Time (BYT) model empowered the client to create from the ground up, tapping into our deep technical and domain knowledge. JIRA ensured efficient tracking of tasks and objectives. Additionally, a dedicated SPOC aligned with the client’s time zone for seamless collaboration. 

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Our Process

The client’s project completion was carried out in several phases: 

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Team Collaboration

At the project’s outset, we dived into a comprehensive journey of discovery, conducting requirement assessments, and allocating resources. Through carefully mapping the client’s needs, we assembled teams and appointed a project manager to lead the way.

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Mapping and Vetting Developers

Once the client presented requirements and expectations, an interview was conducted to onboard E-commerce experts for the project. After a thorough vetting process and frequent interviews, the project manager collaborated with the selected developers on the project.

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Matching The Client’s Processes

Throughout the project, the client actively engaged with the project manager and developers in daily standups and weekly SCRUM calls. These interactions were vital for assessing progress, sharing feedback, and gaining valuable perspective on the evolving solution.

The Result

With iTechnolabs’ services, the client effortlessly recruited skilled resources. The flexible engagement model enabled them to scale up resources when necessary, reducing upfront costs, and total cost of ownership (TCO). This approach boosted profitability by contemplating their strategic initiatives with iTechnolabs’ technical expertise.    

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