Effective Mobile App Testing Strategies

Mobile App Testing Strategies itechnolabs

Have you ever heard of a brand which does not have a mobile application? No, right? Well, that’s because mobile applications play a very important role in generating revenue. A mobile application is actually the face of the organisation and decides the future of the entity.

What do we mean by mobile application testing?

It is a form of testing where various segments are presented with different variations of an in app experience to actually realise and determine which one induces the desired action. By figuring out what actually works for your application and what does not work for it, you can optimise your application for the desired metrics.

Effective Mobile App Testing itechnolabs

Why should you go for mobile app testing?

mobile app testing itechnolabs

To increase your customer base: It will help to boost the core metrics of your application. You will be able to provide a good user experience to your customers.

Loyal users: with the help of mobile app testing, you will be able to create a very loyal user base for yourself. You will understand who wants to stay on your application and who is not staying on it. In the end, we all want users who are loyal to the brand.

You will be able to create personalisation for your app experience. Till the time your application experience is not personalised, it is not complete. With the help of mobile app testing, you can go for serving different kinds of variations to different customers. This can be done because you will be knowing about the metrics and you will know beforehand how people are responding to your application.

It will help in understanding the functioning of the application. You will be able to understand which part of your application is doing well and which is not doing good. All of this can be understood with the help of simple mobile app testing methods.

What is the Mobile App Testing strategy?

A strategy plays a very important role when you want to achieve a goal. It will list down the process that you need to follow in order to get to the goal. There are various mobile applications present in the market. In order to be the best, you need to deliver the best quality. Mobile testing strategy tends to ensure that you provide good performance, quality and also test coverage in a little amount of time. Here are some of the vital factors that you need to consider when you go for mobile app testing.

  • Emulators and simulators: with the help of simulators, you will be able to get more coverage in less cost and time. This is a very viable option.
  • There are various devices which are present in the market. You must make sure that with every category of mobile phone present in the market, your app is working. Is it possible to test your mobile application for all these devices? No, the best method is to actually select the device based on the adoption in that particular market or on the basis of the user base.
  • The next one would be the kind of testing that you want to go for. There are various kinds of testing that are available. Unit testing, regression testing, functional testing, automation testing, security testing and performance testing are some of them.

Let us look at the strategies that are prevalent in the market with regards to mobile app testing

  • The first one would be functionality testing. The unique selling point for any application is how it performs the task that it is supposed to do. Every aspect of the application needs to be tested to ensure that the consumers are having a smooth process.
  • There are three kinds of applications. The first one being native, followed by mobile web and then hybrid. Hybrid is a mixture of both of the two which are listed above. When you are going for testing, a good kind of coverage is needed for all of these types of applications.
  • Back and testing also plays a very important role. It is done so that the data is getting stored in the right place. Followed by the right place, comes the right format. During this kind of testing, we need to make sure that the data entered by the user is saved in the right manner. It is also ensuring that the data is stored in the right profile and can be extracted out easily.

storage testing

  • Storage testing is all about storing the data. People tend to avoid applications that require a lot of storage. With a large number of applications being used and the less amount of space available on mobile devices, people want applications that do not have a lot of storage. Hence, it is important to go for storage testing.
  • Data flow testing is also very important as applications are not very good when they are working alone. They need inputs from other systems and servers outside the application. Hence it is important to understand the data flow and go for data flow testing.

Our Mobile App Testing Strategies

Now that you know all about mobile app testing, it is important to know that strategies like a game plan make you win in the end. Having the right kind of strategy is very important if you want to ease the mobile app game. Have a very detailed mobile app testing plan and strategy; documented in the right way. The beneficial part would be if you document it in steps. Keep marking out the steps that you have achieved. Mobile app testing plays a very vital role when you are actually out in the market and ready to launch yourself and venture out. Make sure that you go for the best kind of testing and formulate the right strategy.

iTechnolabs is a trusted mobile app testing company with having personalized QA team. We take complete responsibility for the quality of your application. Our team of highly qualified and experienced testers checks the apps for performance, user-friendliness, security, and functionality.

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