Top 15+ Free News Apps to Stay on Top of the Latest Headlines 2024 [Updated]

top 15+ free news apps to stay on top of the latest headlines itechnolabsNah! You cannot afford to not know in a world full of know-it-all’s. Newspapers have long ago abandoned the sacrosanct position of the only bearer of local, national, global, and other-worldly news. With the coming of television, the radio signals have also gradually weakened. 

Television still commands the attention of zillions of eyeballs, but for how long? With smartphones in the picture for quite a decade or two now and mobile apps keeping people busy, it is no amazement that many free News apps have surfaced to rescue people from the endless suffering from FOMO. 

With the best unbiased news apps, you can instantly pacify your hunger for information and be a zealous participant in every single contemporary debate. To top it all, you become a well-informed citizen and a wiser human being. 

If somehow your mind is burning with a news app idea, now is the best time to go ahead with it. As already visible, the need and scope of a news app is immense in the backdrop of the widespread information hunger grappling the whole world. Hence, it makes no sense to overthink and a lot of sense to start working with the news app idea. 

In this blog, we have made a list of the top 15 free News apps that have been topping the news apps charts. If you have already put thoughts into the dynamic features of your news app, then read this blog and further polish your app vision. If you have not, the blog will help you to come up with amazing features that will instantly immerse the minds of your potential users. Let’s go!

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Top 15+ Free News Apps for Mobile devices

top 15+ free news apps for mobile devices

App Name Android  iOS
Google News App Yes Yes
Apple News App No Yes
BBC News App Yes Yes
Flipboard Yes Yes
Digg Yes Yes
Feedly Yes Yes
Reddit Yes Yes
The New York Times News App Yes Yes
Inshorts Yes Yes
News360 Yes Yes
Reuters News Yes Yes
SmartNews Yes Yes
Newsbytes Yes No
CNN News Yes Yes
Microsoft News Yes Yes

top 15+ free news apps for mobile devices itechnolabs

Google News- Daily headlines

Nah, not in this lifetime that Google will do something to disappoint us! Google News App – yet another domain where Google showers us with its excellent services. Each piece of news from every nook and cranny gets extensively covered by the dynamic Google News App. 

Do not worry! Google News will not worry you with anything and everything. Only the top relevant news (global, national, and local) and everything that piques your interests will pop up in your news feed. Google will use its advanced powers of data science and your search history to get to know your individual interests. 

With Google News’ Full Coverage feature, get an objective understanding of an event through coverage and outlooks of diverse media reports. Do not forget to change your app settings to your location to get instant local updates. 

Essential Features – 

  • Read news of your interests with Google News’ ‘For You’ tab
  • You can always like and save your favourite news stories
  • Get a simple view of the top headlines via the ‘Headlines’ tab

Apple News

You cannot expect Apple to deliver anything less than perfection and it did not in the case of Apple News App too. It is a news app that has been exclusively built for only and only Apple devices. 

By harnessing its advanced analytical tools, Apple News app recognises your interests according to your app activity and correspondingly curates a personalised experience for you from end-number of news sources. 

With Apple News +, you get access to the news articles of heaps of prominent magazines and newspapers and can conveniently listen to news audios if you want. 

Essential Features – 

  • Of course, the user experience of the Apple app has to be amazing
  • No other news app provides this extensive sports coverage as Apple News does
  • Your in-app data activity remains an eternal secret between you and the Apple News app

BBC News

When the news network is veteran, its app has to be extraordinary and the BBC News app has successfully proved to be so. With its untethered news coverage and seamless user interface, it is the best unbiased news app in the market. 

Obviously, the BBC News app allows its clients to curate their own individual experience on the app by picking up the topics that interest them. You can always browse the nicely defined news categories to get category-wise relevant news in video form as well. 

Of course, you can tune into the BBC World Service Radio to receive live updates from even the remotest corners of the world. Do not forget to download news stories you would like to read later, even if your device is offline.

Essential Features – 

  • You can always choose to switch off the push notifications
  • Enjoy daily news reading in your choice of font and concise layout
  • Let your friends know of the current happenings by sharing the related news via social media


Claiming to be a social magazine, Flipboard brings every single news piece, prominent or not, to your mobile screens. With its comprehensive news coverage, it has become one of the most unbiased news sources for its users. 

Needless to say, Flipboard permits you to arrange your own personalised newsboard with stories that fascinate you. You can also view the newsboards of your favourite experts to get a broader understanding of the news pieces that matter to you. 

Again, what sets apart Flipboard from the rest of the news apps is its one of a kind app experience which is adorned by a perfect blend of infographics, texts, videos, and pictures. 

Essential Features – 
  • Get an instant access to the news stories of distinguished media networks
  • Too tired to read the news now? Save it now to read it later
  • Turn on and off the push notifications as you find convenient


When the first thing you do, as soon as you get bored out of your mind, is to search through the internet for something exciting, Digg dig you. By bringing to you an interesting mix of the hottest topics on the internet, Digg is a news app that you cannot do without. 

Digg abides by the simple philosophy which is – ‘What the internet is talking about?’ Its professional panel of editors fish around the internet to deliver a series of engrossing news pieces, viral videos, and animations to you. 

For the convenience of its users, Digg has grouped heaps of news pieces into interesting categories so that you do not get lost and confused and know where to go. 

Essential Features – 

  • If you want, you can always share your own content
  • Give your informed comments on the already written content
  • Vote the ones you .like and freely share it with your friends 


With Feebly, you do you. You select the news pieces that you want to read and share and sort them the way you want in your personal news feed. It is pretty systematic if you are into research or otherwise too. 

Additionally, Feedly’s AI Leo will keep your news feed clean by weeding out all the news and stories that barely matter to you. Just to be clear, when we say news pieces, we mean news articles, industry publications, podcasts, videos, etc. 

But when you buy a Feebly Pro subscription, you can search for specific articles and can easily integrate your variety of social media accounts with your Feebly news feed and share quickly with your friends. 

Essential Features – 

  • No information that is private to you is shared with anyone else
  • Share your feeds with your team to have insightful discussions and better decisions
  • Get to know about the new trends with one and only Feedly Pro


Reddit is a full-fledged social media platform and there is no doubt about it. However, in addition to it, it very efficiently serves the purpose of being one of the best unbiased news sources too. 

Reddit has literally thousands of online communities with their own specific purposes. Some share and discuss news. Some post funny memes. Some hold very insightful scientific discussions. The best part is that you can be part of any community without needing to reveal your identity at all. 

Reddit works on the system of voting and karma. The number of votes and comments on your post will increase its karma and also its possibility of appearing in the news feed                                       of people. 

Essential Features – 

  • Share your opinion freely and get to know what others think
  • Buy Reddit Premium and enjoy the ads-free experience
  • Join communities that clearly reflect your interests and likes

The New York Times

Think of an eminent newspaper and The New York Times does not pop in your mind, is an improbable situation. Running on the same lines of brilliance, The New York Times App is also leading in the free SmartNews apps market in contemporary times. 

In addition to the most comprehensive news coverage that includes any news category you could think of, The New York Times App offers you your own exclusive ‘For You’ tab, where the app exhibits news pieces, videos, games, and podcasts that intrigue you. 

You get timely notifications of the latest happenings of the world from time to time, so you do not lag behind in information from anyone. Do not forget to play brainy games to trigger your brain cells. 

Essential Features – 

  • Subscribe to the premium version and get to read the high-quality analysis
  • The app allows you to explore your newsfeed even if your offline
  • Enjoy your own custom news feed for your convenience


There are times when you do not have even 4 minutes to read a 300 word-long news article. For such frequent times, you have Inshorts that rescues you from the guilt of not knowing and offers you the very crisp versions of all your latest news. 

Sourced from all the distinguished news networks, Inshorts presents to you the summary of the latest news of all sorts in less than 60 words. The summary states only facts and no personal opinion, making Inshorts the best unbiased news app. 

Without its ‘My Feed’ feature, Inshorts is incomplete. Here, you get to read news with regards to your interests and the topics you more often read about. 

Essential Features – 

  • Share an interesting news piece with your friends via TOSS
  • Get summarised news in as many as eleven Indian languages
  • You get enhanced app experience via keyword search


What would a perfect morning look like? You are sitting on a chair under clear sky, sipping your favourite tea and reading a newspaper that tells only those news that you want to read about. While such a newspaper may be a far-fetched dream, such a personalised news app is not when News360 is here. 

As soon as you sign in to the News360 app, you need to inform the app of your preferred news categories. And then what? Only and only interesting news makes its way to you. Give a thumbs up or down to the news feed according to your preference and further personalise it. 

With a seamless and systematic interface, you get to enjoy the news reading as you have not before, making it the most preferred news app. 

Essential Features – 

  • The News360 app has an interactive and an intuitive UI design
  • You can further customise your news feed with unique settings
  • Get a 360 degree view of the world through diverse range of news

Reuters News

Interested in politics, but also astrophysics? And also wildlife, medicine, and art? How absurdly diverse your interests may be, Reuters and its dynamic mobile application, Reuter News, covers it all. 

If you are freaking about investing in stocks and commodities because you know not a thing about finance, Reuters News will help you. The app will curate a custom market watchlist for you where you can keep an eye on your investments and news related to them. 

Reuters News app will notify you from time to time about the football match results, or the new treatment for the cure of a rare disease, or the philosophy behind the paintings of the emerging new artist. Do read the editorial highlights to have an insightful understanding of any topic you would like to explore. 

Essential Features – 

  • Tweak the setting of your app to Night mode for better reading experiencebest unbiased news app
  • Save the stories you want to read later 
  • Get notifications for the news that are in alignment with your interests


Already enjoying a huge popularity in Japan, SmartNews is a very dynamic application that lets its users delve deep into the news of all sorts with its intuitive user interface. 

Being the best unbiased news app, SmartNews lays down the news headlines in such a systematic manner that browsing through them is easier. You can also create distinct channels for diverse categories of news and change their settings and their placement on the app according to your own convenience. 

Don’t you even have time to catch your breath because you have a metro to catch? For now, just update your feed and catch the metro and read the news when you are comfortably seated inside. With the SmartNews app, you can read the news even when you are offline from the last update. 

Essential Features – 

  • The app enables offline reading of news from the last update
  • The app delivers news from more than 300 news networks and publishers around the globe
  • You do not have to sign up initially to use the SmartNews app


With a news app like NewsBytes with such a rationalised UI design, reading and analysing news can be super quick and fun. 

NewsBytes delivers news of diverse sorts, such as technology, sports, politics, and much more, in a very simplified manner which enables a reader to read and understand the news in a much shorter time frame. 

The app UI design relies on its ‘swiping’ feature. A user swipes right and left to jump from one news article to another and swipes up if he/she/they wants to explore the article further. With its unique ‘timer feature’, your feed gets automatically updated after every 25 seconds in order to offer the latest news articles to the reader. 

Essential Features – 

  • Initial sign in is not necessary in order for a user to use the NewsBytes app
  • A user can have his/her/their own personalised feed according to the chosen categories
  • You can turn on the night mode of the app to tweak its brightness with your surroundings

CNN News

When you think of a world-class news channel, one name must cross your mind and that is CNN. Like the news channel, CNN News app has been impressing its users with its intelligent and mass news coverage. 

Politics, economy, arts, culture, entertainment, crime, technology, sports – you name a news category, CNN News app covers it with the same level of proficiency as it does on its news network. 

Not just the well-researched news pieces, CNN News offers news in the forms of well-articulated videos for its users for whom reading is not their cup of tea. 

Essential Features – 

  • The users can switch on the notifications for the latest updates 
  • You can read a crisp version of the daily news on the CNN News app
  • Save the articles now to read and use them later on

Microsoft News

Being one of the best unbiased news sources, Microsoft News is impressive with regard to its news deliverance and app experience. 

Choose the categories that fascinates you the most and get news related to all the latest happenings in those news categories with Microsoft News. Obviously, you will be notified from time to time with news headlines so that you stay ahead when it comes to current affairs. 

The Microsoft News app has been designed in such a manner that you can easily hop from one news or one news category to another easily. 

Essential Features – 

  • Switch on the night mode to give your eyes a soothing reading experience
  • Delivers news from as many as 300 news networks and publishers
  • News is available in both written as well as video form 

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