Case Study: How iTechnolabs Developed A Full-Stack Real Estate Transaction Management App Solution?

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iTechnolabs was appointed to craft a comprehensive real estate transaction management solution equipped with data management and contract functionality.

The Company

The client is a renowned business operating in the real estate industry specializing in providing secure, high-utility result-driven technological solutions to realtors. The client is an industry leader and was working on a state-of-the-art property management solution for smooth transactions and compliance. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led By- 1 Project Manager

Worked Upon By – 7 developers, 3 QA experts, 1 Data Security expert, 1 Technical admin

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The Problem Statement

To cope with the steadily evolving real estate industry, the client aimed to provide a comprehensive and all-encompassing solution. The aim was to address all aspects of realtor management requirements, from contract management to transactions, and secure compliance from a centralized and easy-to-use dashboard.  

The client expected to get a feature-rich ecosystem to help realtors create contracts, manage and modify documents, and offer biometric security and geographical features.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to ensure comprehensive transaction security for authorization, data storage, access, and data in motion. iTechnolabs also had to develop a visual dashboard ensuring Transaction Progress and Maximum Situational Awareness (What, Who, When, Why, Where). 

Additionally, the client also wanted us to focus on: 

The client needed trustworthy partners with expertise in data compliance and security, as the collaboration required a security component for compliance. This ruled out hiring freelancers or deploying a developer sweatshop, emphasizing the importance of reliable contractors. 

This is where team iTechnolabs came into the role. We needed to assign experienced developers with Business Analysts and Project Managers to take the lead on the client’s project. iTechnolabs was to play a crucial role in providing essential expertise and support. Our dedicated development resources, flexible engagement models, and an autonomous team, comprising PMs, BAs, and technical experts were instrumental in driving the growth of the client’s operation.

The Solution

Keeping a practical approach, iTechnolabs chose to divide the software development process into several steps:

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Our Process

The interaction with 7 UI was divided into distinct stages:

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Team Involvement

We started the development process with an in-depth requirement analysis, allocation plan, and contemplating the ideal candidates and technical stack to utilize.

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Mapping & Vetting Developers

After completing the requirement analysis, we followed proper vetting, and interviewing processes, which included interviews and filtering. The selected developers began working on the client’s requirements.

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Aligning With The Client’s Processes

Our team of developers adhered to iTechnolabs’ established processes and methodologies, which were tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. We also dedicated a project manager responsible for overseeing sprints and promoting smooth collaboration among the team members.

The Result

As a result of our extensive approach and specialized team involvement, we built a solution that tracks real estate transaction progress. The solution was competent enough to ensure correct and compliant execution. It swiftly generates compelling offers and automatically creates upon offer acceptance, streamlining the buying/selling process. 

Furthermore, iTechnolabs also created a compressed contract view, offering seamless document navigation, reference functionality, and better document control.

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