Case Study: Technolabs Helped A Fundraising Company Redevelop and Migrate Their E-commerce

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iTecnolabs collaborated with a New York-based fundraising company to help them in their e-commerce platform to Magento2.

The Client

The client runs a fundraising company experiencing steadfast growth. They required additional engineering and development resources to meet expanding operational demands.  

The client specializes in creating and executing engaging and profitable fundraising ideas for elementary and middle schools, as well as educational institutions. Their approach emphasizes fun and uniqueness in fundraising.

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led By – 2 Project Managers

Worked Upon By – 1 software engineer, several resources deployed on-demand basis 

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The Problem Statement

The client’s website was initially developed by a small team, which became inadequate as the business grew. The client switched between developers to find a better fit for managing the expanding operations and improving user experience. 

Here’s where iTechnolabs came into the picture and utilized its expertise and migration services to help the client achieve their goal.

The Challenge

The client had immediate requirements for expanding their software development team and were required to take immediate actions to meet their goals. They sought a partner through Adobe to migrate their Magento 1 website to Magento 2. The partner would assist in the migration and provide ongoing support for their website. They wanted a partner that could also ensure to meet their current and future needs. 

Apart from this, the client needed a team with expertise in e-commerce platforms and understood customers’ needs. They required a team that could scale quickly and smoothly, ensuring a faster time to market. The client’s main selling periods were linked to the school year. Therefore, they needed to complete the project quickly. The iTechnolabs team had to be able to work efficiently and effectively to meet these requirements.

The Solution

The collaboration began with a Discovery meeting where both client and team iTecnolabs discussed the requirements and goals. iTechnolabs’ developers likely examined the client’s current software code to understand its structure, quality, and functionality. Both the parties after a thorough contemplation set the milestones according to the client’s goal and long-term plans. 

iTechnolabs held weekly meetings with the specific purpose of reviewing completed work and determining it was ready for testing. These meetings were likely organized to ensure that the project was progressing smoothly and that each stage was completed satisfactorily before moving on to the next. 

The iTechnolabs’ approach allowed the client to scale their website, mitigate the risk of obsolescence, and create a more strategic E-commerce solution tailored to their business.

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Our Process

Here’s the streamlines process that helped team iTechnolabs achieve the results as expected by the client:

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Team Engagement

Itechnolabs engaged with the client after being introduced by Adobe. We conducted a discovery call to understand the client’s requirements, and accordingly allocated dedicated resources. We thoroughly mapped client needs and brought in pre-vetted developers, further vetting them before introducing them to the client.

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Mapping & Vetting Developers

After carefully accessing requirements, rigorously vetting, and conducting interviews, the developers’ began making progress. Working closely with the project managers, they crafted a detailed milestone document to guide their work.

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Development Progress

The client received a detailed milestone document and a breakdown of the project’s progress at each stage. iTechnolabs’ team, known for its responsiveness and promptness, was readily available. We were quick to respond to emails, ensuring smooth communication throughout the project.

The Result

With the iTechnolabs’ services and approach, the client successfully navigated the challenges of Covid lockdowns. Moreover, iTechnolabs enabled the client to execute its strategic expansion plans by introducing a new-online program tailored for its school customers.

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