A Step by Step Guide to Hire Android App Development Company in 2023 [Updated]

a step by step guide to hire android app development company itechnolabs

Hire Android App Development Company: “Mobile is the future of everything,” you can state confidently. Microprocessing technology is advancing rapidly, and mobile apps will operate on different platforms as a result. Applications designed for mobile devices, for example, will function perfectly on desktop PCs for years to come.

Android, iPhones, Macs, and PCs can use Flutter and React Native-based mobile apps. Discover what’s new in React 18 with the new release candidate update.

To understand consumer usage of mobile apps, let’s look at some data regarding app usage. What are your options for developing a mobile app?

To create high-performance and fully functional mobile applications, hiring an app development company is a good idea.

Considerations to make when choosing a mobile app development company

considerations to make when choosing a mobile app development company itechnolabs

In this section, we describe the parameters you should consider when selecting the right mobile app development company:

1. Approach with Professionalism

First and foremost, an expert mobile app developer must have this quality. Professionalism also includes respect for deadlines, quality, and manners. Therefore, you must choose a developer’s team with a high level of professionalism.

2. Response

The mobile app developers you hire will work exclusively on your project and be available to answer any questions you may have in real-time. Mobile app development service providers should be able to respond quickly to some situations or emergencies.

3. Communication Skills

This is also essential to consider if you want to find the right app developer. To develop apps that are easy to use and that also make you understand how updates and ongoing processes work, developers must understand what you want in the app. An app development process must be conducted with regular and sometimes real-time communication.

4. Agility

Developers can meet all deadlines with an agile approach. Good developers with plenty of agility can quickly meet the startups’ TTM (Time to Market) requirements. Startup owners don’t require developers who can finish their app projects but developers who can deliver them on schedule. If you hire a company to develop your app, make sure they have a dedicated and agile development team.

5. Keen on Quality

This indicates the level of expertise of the developers you are looking for. You need to focus on the quality of your app to be successful. A developer who focuses on an app’s quality will produce a product that is prepared to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow on a solid foundation. A high-quality app can readily be tweaked and tuned at any point in the future.

These factors, skills, and experience are essential in helping you find the right mobile app developer.

A Guide to Finding the Best Mobile App Development Company

  1. Get in touch with people.
  2. Understand the terms of payment
  3. Check out the portfolio
  4. Review Testimonials
  5. App Testing Question
  6. Check the tech stack of the company
  7. Prepare the requirements 
  8. Check team size 
  9. Don’t forget NDA

guide to finding the best mobile app development company itechnolabs

Let us examine five effective ways of finding dedicated mobile app developers after we examine the necessary characteristics:

  • Get in touch with people.

With a small budget, you can’t afford to hire inexperienced or ordinary developers to develop a customized app. If you want business apps developed, you should ask those who have already hired developers. Asking people will give you an added advantage, even if you can find reputable and reliable mobile application development companies online. Many big mobile development companies have more than one team capable of helping startups overcome current and future problems. Technology partners like these can be an essential source of support for startups.

  • Understand the terms of payment

It’s a fact! Starting a business comes with a tight budget for every process, including developing mobile applications. It’s always challenging to allocate more budget for an app project than the startup has been given. You should inquire about hidden charges during and after the development process. Before you assign the project, you should ask and confirm the payment terms with the selected app development company.

  • Check out the portfolio

By looking at a company’s portfolio, you can determine the expertise level of its developers. In addition, it provides insight into developers’ experience in building apps similar to yours. Many reputed companies offer opportunities for their developers to be interviewed before hiring them. Using the portfolio, you can find the best developers for various platforms.

  • Review Testimonials

You can use the client testimonials to gain valuable insight into the experiences of past clients. Referrals and reviews are also necessary. If you want to choose the right mobile app development company, you should look at the sites of all the shortlisted companies. A developer’s work can be found on iTunes and Google Play, as well as user reviews.

  • App Testing Question

You can ensure your application’s seamless performance by performing the proper app testing. To ensure that the chosen app developer uses appropriate app testing methods, you should find out what they are. App testing plays an important role in making your Android app work flawlessly across various devices with different display sizes.

  • Check the tech stack of the company

Choosing the right mobile technology is a crucial component of the development process. Regarding Android app development, there is a lot of debate about what method, future technology, or framework is the best for your application. It is essential to determine what skills and experience your developers will possess before you start looking for them. You need to write a detailed description of your project to find the right people.

  • Prepare the requirements 

Android app developers are hard to find. Before you meet with an Android app development company, it is strongly recommended you establish your objectives and specifications. Depending on the scope of your initiative (the size of your app), you may need several developers and other team members.

  • Check team size 

Take a look at the team size. Assess the number and experience of app developers at the organization, as well as their levels of seniority as follows: 

  • Junior Android app developers 
  • Middle-level developers 
  • Senior Android app developers 

Establish a time and place for the interview. Interview the developers. Criteria to consider include creativity, critical thinking, and industry knowledge.   

  • Don’t forget NDA 

You can prevent the misuse of your idea or think by entering into an NDA or confidentiality agreement. Signing an NDA and other confidentiality agreements are critical to protecting your application ideas from being stolen in today’s competitive marketplace. You may want to protect your business secrets by signing such a contract with your contractor and avoiding future disputes with the application.

What Should You Look For In An Android App Development Company?

what should you look for in an android app development company itechnolabs

Many of the best Android app development companies employ a wide range of hard and soft skills that are ever-evolving and increasing. If you are looking for technical expertise, you should hire one of these companies. Programming languages such as Kotlin and Java should be mastered by Android developers, as should the fundamentals of XML. An Android app development company should possess more than just technical skills; they should also possess design skills.

A lot depends on the UL and UX of an app to determine whether it succeeds or fails. The success of a design project also depends on a company’s ability to work effectively with different stakeholders and team members. All in all, the most successful companies have developers who are strong critical thinkers. It’s critical to write clean, maintainable code to have strong critical thinking. Lastly, you should hire a company with problem-solving skills. In the process of building a mobile app, a developer has to solve several problems. In addition to being able to recognize problems, developers also need to be able to resolve them.

How do iTechnolabs differ from other companies? 

Selecting the right developer is essential for developing a successful Android application. Our team has the necessary technical expertise, design, communication, and collaboration skills, and the ability to think critically and solve problems. Having experienced mobile app developers who deliver feature-rich apps to achieve your business objectives is one of the reasons why iTechnolabs is the most suitable option for your business. We are one of the most reputable Android app developers out there. We have developed hundreds of mobile applications and digital products. 

Do you want to Hire Android App Development Company?

do you want to hire android app development company itechnolabs

We offer all components of mobile development as one package, from product design and workshops to development and quality assurance testing. Our services include helping businesses adopt modern processes and providing executives with guidance, transforming ingrained cultures, and continuously delivering quality software.

Frequently Asked Questions to Hire Android App Development Company  

  1. What are the steps for android app development?

We have elaborated in somewhat detail the android app development process, step by step. Take a glance – 

  • Thoroughly study the industry segment to which your android app belongs, focussing on potential consumers, competitors, and challenges involved
  • Create an extensive outline that spells out the vision of the app, its differentiating features, and its development process with a reasonably flexible timeline
  • Prepare a wireframe, an essential specimen of your app, that only includes the core features of the app, leaving aside its other details
  • With the deciding of the basic structure of your app, you can now entirely focus on the UI/UX design of the app, keeping it in alignment with the proposed brand image
  • Follow a streamline coding and developing process with the use of agile method of app development
  • Run your app through multiple, rigorous tests to make sure that the app developed is of the highest quality and delivers finest performance
  • Go by the rulebook of the platform on which your app will be ultimately released so that your app gets a blockbuster launch
  • Remember that the maintenance of the app and the release of its newer versions has to be done with utmost persistence

2. How much does it cost to develop a web app?

On the basis of the complexity of a web app, we have stated below the average cost required to develop a web app –

  • Simple Web App –  $ 35000
  • Medium Web App – $ 100000
  • Complex Web App – $ 225000

Other than the complexity of the app and its features, there are other factors that directly influence the cost of development of a web app. Those factors are mentioned below – 

  • Type of the web app – Multi-Page Applications (MPA), Single-Page Applications (SPA), Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • Category of the web app – Gaming, Education, Healthcare, Social Media, Enterprise
  • Extent of the development process
  • Size and diversity of the development team
  • Level of advancement of the tech stack used
  • Location of the development team
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