How AI helps you in Developing Mobile Apps?

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Since the last few years, User Experience and Mobile apps have encountered an enormous change. When smartphones were introduced, we were using limited apps with basic versions, but with the evolution of smartphones, things have been changed a lot.

AI helps you in Developing Mobile Apps

Usage and developing Mobile Apps has increased more often, especially for fulfilling our day-to-day needs. Your communication over social media, daily chores, business plans, more everything revolves around your favorite mobile apps. But do you know that there is more that is changing the user experience in the best way possible? AI is what makes the user experience more versatile and convenient. Please on a click of their smartphones, can do multiple things sitting right at their comfortable place.

AI ! What is it?

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AI is known as Artificial Intelligence, a computer science technology and can command machines in the same way a human does. AI’s behavior is very similar to human behavior because it learns from past user interactions and experiences. If we state it in simple words, AI understands and perceives what humans did in the past and integrates things in the future for better results. 

Fact To Know About AI

AI employs multiple techniques like deep learning, machine learning to parse data, understanding and learning from it, and making future predictions. 

  • In a recent report, it is stated that by 2030 AI will be contributing $15.7t to the global economy.   
  • Your homes are getting smarter every passing day with the help of AI and Alexa is an excellent example of it.
  • ⦁ Have you seen products popping on your screen when you prefer to buy them? AI suggests them all. Amazon is an excellent example to explain.
  • ⦁ Many great names in the field, including Stephen Hawkins, are worried about integrating AI as it is the new future that will soon replace humans. Even it can also cover the battlefield.
  • ⦁ A few specialists say that only AI won’t get more than 1/10 times smarter than humans by 2035.

Artificial Intelligence Types

AI is the most popular, controversial, and discussed topic, which has suffered from many heated arguments. But if we talk about AI in broader terms, it is divided into four categories. Let’s have a look.

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1.Reactive Machines- These types of AI react after doing a proper analysis of the scenario and take the possible move to select the best way. Deep Blue is an IBM chess program, which is a great example of reactive machines. In 1990, this chess program defeated Garry Kasparov in chess. Deep blue reacts after analyzing the opponent and own move and making the strategy accordingly. Also, Google’s AlphaGo is an amazing example of this category of AI.

2.Limited Memory – This category of AI does everything that the reactive machine category does, but this comes with an extra option of storing memory. This type of AI is utilized mainly in cars to use drivers’ past experiences to change the lanes and streets and their observations. But it has limited and not permanent memory storage.

3.Theory of mind- It is a psychological term meaning understanding others’ desires, intentions, and beliefs that directly impacts an individual’s decisions. Such AI understands you and helps you make the right decisions, but it doesn’t exist yet.

4.Self Awareness- This category of AI is only seen in movies with emotional feelings, self-consciousness and self-awareness. Thankfully, we do not have it in reality.

Why is AI Relevant to You?

Artificial Intelligence plays a very important role in human life. It is a great technology that gives you more output in less input. The most important part is AI will take over difficult jobs, resulting in increased efficiency. In the agriculture industry, AI can be a blessing; farmers can quickly cultivate the seeds and keep an eye on the crops through the drone. This will greatly increase the output. Also, AI’s advancement is in progress in many other fields, such as healthcare and education. Replacing people will undoubtedly result in lesser jobs, but it can also create more experiences at affordable prices. 

AI technology Examples –

  • Automation: The development of mobile app seems to be easy 
  • But it is a long process that involves uncountable hours of coding. AI can reduce the pressure and make the infrastructure easier for the coders. A new AI test bot is launched by BitBar that will help in testing multiple mobile apps. In easier words, developers can test mobile applications more efficiently and more quickly.
  • Machine learning: In this technology, the machine works without programming. They work by analyzing past experiences and then taking the next move. A good example of machine learning is stock robots, which look into the last trading shifts in the stock market and decide based on them.
  • Machine vision: This AI is used to capture & analyze visual information. Hence, just like a human, AI can hear and see things. And react to the situation depending on the provided information. ⦁ Humanoid Sophia is an AI-powered robot that can easily hear and see things with facial recognition features integrated into machine vision for understanding the world better. 
  • Chatbots: Chatbots are AI-powered bots that can communicate with the users in a way human talks. They also learn from past experiences.
  • The main idea behind this is that if the human doesn’t want to interact with someone other than a human, then chatbots can help. Bold360 is a famous example of Chatbot.
  • Voice recognition: Many mobile apps use AI for voice recognition. You can not command to unlock using these features. Siri is the best example of AI voice recognition, as Apple’s Siri has been in the game for years. She understands your voice and sets your phone accordingly, depending on past experiences. 

These are only a few mobile AI applications currently famous in the market to take the benefit of.

How AI can enhance user experience and mobile development

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  • User engagement: The main reason behind the failure of most mobile apps is the lack of user engagement. Currently, AI is used to learn about user behavior and insight into it to improve the quality of what users want. AI can quickly inform the apps what users demand and how they are using the apps and what they look for. Mobile developers can use this feature to make significant changes to improve the user experience. 
  • Better decision making: Large bits of data can easily be analyzed by AI, which humans cannot. For example, on an app, there is tons of feedback. You cannot read every input, right. AI reads all the information like a human with ease and provides developers with better conclusions. 
  • Personalization with AI: Mobile is marketed as a personal gadget for every user, but the apps everyone uses are mostly the same. There is no individual-level personalization. So, here AI records user experience and changes it all depending on the past learning of it. 
  • A user experience that is Context-driven: Your mobile device can easily get your location but cannot make significant changes. If the algorithm is AI-based in your phone, then the AI will understand the location and take some important aspects and come up with user-friendly recommendations and messages. For example, on a road trip, you can suggest an app letting you know about there is no fuel station with a _km of radius. 
  • Great user and mobile connection: To connect with the user on a deeper level, AI has done its work well. Mobile apps are integrated with all the needed opportunities to create a deeper bond with the user. The apps will store user behavior and help them to take control of themselves. Alexa and Siri are already on in the game.
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AI is the new trend in the mobile app development market. It is widely impacting the market and user experience from the core. However, AI integration with mobile apps is still in its starting phase and getting more limelight. There is a lot of improvement and addition is needed in this domain. With the help of AI, your complete user experience can be shaped and used for future mobile app development.

We hope you found this article fruitful. This is not an end; it’s the start of AI with mobile app development. If you want to discuss more, then connect with iTechnolabs now!

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