How and Where to hire Django developer for Website Development?

how and where to hire django developer for website development itechnolabs

When you are developing a website, selecting the appropriate structure is vital. However, it can be challenging to opt for the proper framework since so many are in the market. Each framework has its speciality and needs to be selected according to the project’s requirements. Most experienced web developers base their framework selection criteria on the tools in the framework, the language used, and the reputation it has in the market. Django is one of the leading frameworks that aces all these parameters and has been the choice of many popular websites. But the process to hire Django developer is another challenge. 

In this article, we will discuss how and where to hire Django developer, so it is easy for you to create the best website. But before we go into that, let’s look into what makes Django one of the best frameworks for web development. 

Why Do Companies Hire Django Developers For Web development?

why do companies hire django developers for web development itechnolabs

Django is a python-based free, open-source web development that facilitates rational and clean designing of websites driven by databases. The platform has been developed to reduce the developers’ hassles, allowing them to create intelligent web applications in minimal time. Additionally, developers using Django can create web apps ideally for businesses with fluctuating prerequisites.

As a result, Django has become the first choice of many renowned websites and their application. Some of the benefits the framework offers are:

  1. Compatible With Older Version 

Django is one of the few frameworks that allow the developer to work with the older version, its features, and its formats. Also, it gives the developer a comprehensive guide about the updated features and changes made in the framework. Hence, they are aware of the new forms that are incompatible with the older elements.

  1. DevOps Compatible 

Django has incorporated DevOps, which allows the framework to offer faster fixes of issues while ensuring enhanced support for the operation. Moreover, DevOps’ Continuous delivery methodology enhances the system’s efficiency.

  1. Compliancy to KISS & DRY 

Django’s religious principles religiously follow are KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). The KISS principle allows the codes to be short and simple, with no more than 50 to 60 lines. On the other hand, DRY compliance allows repetition to be replaced with abstraction, thus reducing production time.

  1. Independent Infrastructure 

Django is a complete set with an independent infrastructure. Making it everything from a web server to an ORM. It does not require an external solution and can easily switch to different databases as per the requirement.

  1. REST Framework 

In Django, a developer can use only two to three lines of code to build a comprehensive APU because of the REST (Representational State Transfer) framework. REST is a flexible framework that allows the data to return to different formats and the ability to manage various calls without being bound to any single protocol.

Apart from these five advantages offered by Django, developers prefer to use this framework because it works on Python, which is known for its simplicity of syntax and versatility. Additionally, it has a stunning range of inbuilt features that allows the developer to develop the website faster and securely.

One of the other most prominent benefits of using Django for web development is its community support. It is open-source that has a large community with multiple forums. Developers of this community are ready to help fellow people, and the forums can be used to get answers to any issues while working on them.

Now let’s get into how and where to find a Django developer for hire

How To Hire Django developers? 

how to hire django developers itechnolabs

If you are wondering why you need a professional and expert Django developer for your website, the reason is they will take care of it without having to dig into the basics. In the process, you will save time for your business and other aspects of the application.  

Now that you know why you need a professional Django developer, here are four easy steps to hire them. 

  1. Know Your Goals 

Understand the project that you have and the type of developer you want. It can be categorized into 

The option of outsourcing is also there to an agency with whom you can collaborate for a short-time contract or, if necessary, hire them for a more extended period. The benefit of an agency is that it can offer a range of talented developers where you do not have to sit down and go through the pool to find the right candidate. On the other hand, a freelancer or a part-timer can offer better and more cost-effective pricing.

  1. Your Budget 

When deciding on your project’s goal, you need to consider the budget for the website. Based on it, you can determine if you want to hire Django developer for work with an agency. It can also give you the scope to hire a full-time developer on the company payroll.  

  1. Reviews of The Candidate/Agency

When you are planning to hire Django developers, the first point of finding the right and dependable agency or candidate is to review their work. Recommendations and reviews are the key factors in finding the right developer. So, you must invest some time in researching since what might work for your competitor or friend might not be the right option for you.

  1. Arranging An Interview 

After you have narrowed down the choices of the candidates, whether freelancer/ part-time/full-time/agency, it’s time to arrange meetings with them. It is the best way to determine whether they are the right partners for you. Part of the meeting or interview process should include:

  • Checking their portfolio for past projects and their success rate 
  • Asking and checking the references 
  • How comfortable are you in communicating with the developer or the agency. 

If you do not have the required knowledge to hire Django developer, it is best to ask or seek the help of someone you trust to do the job for you. 

But do remember hiring a Django developer can take time, so you must find the right candidate. So, don’t shy away from putting effort into selecting the right candidate. 

Where To Hire Django Developer? 

where to hire django developer itechnolabs

With so many agencies and freelance platforms offering the services of Django developers finding the right place can be challenging. But when you are equipped to go through the hiring process and know how to hire them following the easy steps mentioned above, let’s look into where you can hire them.

If you are looking for a part-time or freelance Django developer, then the top and renowned platforms to look for them are: 

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Toptal
  • LinkedIn

If you are looking for an agency to hire Django developers, consider iTehcnolabs for guaranteed success. There are many more in the pool but always remember to check their profiles, reviews, testimonials, past projects, and how they deliver their work before hiring them. 

Do You Want to hire Django developers For Web Development Project?

do you want to hire django developers for web development project itechnolabs

In the last few years, Django has taken quite a leap with a market share of 26.10 percent and has a current customer number of 31487. However, it is just below Ruby on Rails which has a market share of 26.21 percent. 

One of the primary reasons that made Django one of the most sought-after web development frameworks is the ease with which the developers can compose custom web applications. It also offers a range of modules and features. The ease with which the developers can use it and turn around a project in a limited time is helping it to move ahead of the other frameworks. 

So, if you think that Django is the right framework for you, then hire Django developer for your website. 

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