How are Mobile Apps Beneficial for Business Growth?

Mobile Apps Beneficial for Business Growth

The mobile application development market is developing rapidly, as the apps are the powerful tools to meet the target consumers through businesses. The growth in the e-commerce industry urged retailers to utilize different apps for a smooth and profitable business. There is a rise in the number of organizations that are launching new mobile apps.

You might have noticed that small to medium-sized businesses that you interact with have their dedicated mobile application including coffee shops, beauty spas, and food ordering apps. All these companies are examples of developing marketing at the next level. If you are planning to build Mobile app for your business, you should hire mobile app developer.

If you look some years back, mobile applications were launched by business organizations. In today’s scenario, the widespread online business changed the whole concept of apps. Nowadays, most start-ups are adopting apps as their medium to introduce business, and the reason is the involvement of minimum infrastructure and ample resource management.

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Several reasons why businesses need mobile applications

Improving sales:

Mobile applications allow companies to improve sales and profit without spending money on advertising posters and broachers. The profit of the company depends on the percentage of its consumers. The online promotion, discount, and bonuses can tempt customers to purchase from your website and it is easy to directly contact all the patrons who are enlisted in your app. Most of the customers got stuck for platforms for building mobile apps. This article might help you React Native Vs Flutter – The Best Choice to Make

For instance, a company can send a special discount offer to customers close to your company location while using geo-location technologies offline. Apps allow the facility to make mobile payments, which is one of the popular trends among Gen X and Y. Consumers are less interested in shopping outdoor, as the same things are available online without any extra charges.

Improves customer loyalty

Mobile apps allow customers to book a table, order food and pay online from their smartphones. This allows businesses to increase loyalty. Businesses can integrate loyalty programs in apps and share the company’s promotions, discounts, or bonuses with customers. Business owners can utilize the personalization tools by sending push notifications on new product promotions and discounts.

The company can access customers who have the company’s app installed on their phones to know more about exclusive offers and special bonuses. The apps allow customers to access company details, products, and services at any time through mobile phones. Improved interaction with customers helps in increasing loyalty and thus improves sales.

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Improves digital marketing and communication channels

Mobile apps allow enhanced digital marketing and communication with customers. A strong market presence needs different features and functions including user account, chat support, search option, and loyalty programs. It is mandatory to include complete information on the business and offerings of the company. To ascertain the company’s credibility, consumers need to be updated on various changes like the launch of new products or services and the updating of various promotions and sales through newsletters or notifications. This will help patrons to be connected with your company and business.

Optimization of Business Process

Optimization of business process itechnolabs

You can create an app for employee interaction within the team, which includes monitoring and managing various processes, exchanging files and data, and collecting various statistics. Mobile apps allow the organization and automation of different business tasks effectively. Through apps, you can ensure continuous interaction between employees, irrespective of locations.

Improved Relation with Consumers

Mobile apps allow you to develop relationships with customers remotely. Customers are not required to remember your web address or search engine, as they have already had your app is installed on the device. Customers can use your app without the Internet, that depending on its functionality. People who install your mobile app get into your business information zone. Therefore, you can conclude that some methods inflate the number of installations by offering bonuses and discounts on various products. The Internet resource of the company help in attracting customers’ attention, using search engines.

Offers Brand Recognition

The mobile application of your company helps in contributing to brand awareness. If your brand addresses the needs of customers, then you can say that your brand is leading in the flourishing competition. Satisfied customers are the backbone and strength of any firm. Getting more clicks and search to your website depicts that your site is up to date among Generation X and Y. Increased involvement of customers with your brand helps in increasing the purchase of products and services from your site.

Follow up of customers’ reviews and feedback

Follow up of customers itechnolabs

Apps allow you to combine the feedback and reviews of products and services shared by your customers. This is quality input from your users. This feedback can be analyzed to improve the areas that are lacking behind. The whole process will help in developing the trust for your clients as their feedback is considered.

After discussing the importance of mobile apps in business, let’s discuss some apps that are meant for B2B business.

  • Google Analytics App for Android and iOS devices

Google has launched the Google Analytics app for the smooth running of your website. This app supports real-time data, acquisition of data, and insights into the behavior and conversions of users. This app can be accessed from a remote location on mobile devices, you can make sure that the website performs as per your expectation.

  • HootSuite

Managing the feedback or concerns of customers on your social media accounts should be an essential priority for B2B business owners. Big companies have an in-house or social marketing team that deals with these types of concerns. But in small businesses, it isn’t easy to follow up with these concerns. It is a place where the HootSuite app is used. This is a mobile app that supports the desktop version and allows you to monitor your social media accounts in one place – including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The home feed, mentions, retweets of Twitter, the news feed of Facebook, and LinkedIn updates will be there at one place and you can post content directly from your mobile phone. This app is a must for all business owners who wanted to keep themselves up to date about all events.

  • LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn is one of the most popular apps for job search and
LinkedIn Pulse, the app is one of the best methods to get all news related to your business and interest in one place. It gathers all-important news reports and professional content and offers it in an accessible format. This app also helps to join the conversations focused on your industry through likes, comments, and shares.

  • WebEx

WebEx app allows you to attend official meetings regardless of where you are. It allows you to host and attend meetings, organize online events from your device, and always keep in touch with your team and clients. This app allows you to share files, messages, and video conferences with everyone and allows the team’s activity synced and stored on all devices.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive allows security to your team’s files and stores them in one safe location whether you are on the job or off the job. It allows you to saturate people to access the files when you permit them to get in. The file types include company logos, photos, designs, graphs, charts, documents, recordings, videos, etc. Google allows you 15GB of free storage to connect with officials and co-workers. People can view, download, and collaborate on files, which makes your teamwork easier.

We have discussed the advantages of mobile apps in business and what are the top business apps. Along with this, we are going to discuss top technologies that are involved in its development.

Technologies involved in its development are:

Technologies involved in its development itechnolabs

  • Swift: It is a popular iOS application development language with reduced minimal coding. It has intuitive language and it is used on devices like macOS, iOS, and tvOS.
  • C++: It is the simplest form of programming language and can develop dynamic technology apps. It is one of the simple and effective compiler-based approaches that can be utilized for different platforms.
  • PHP: PHP is an object-oriented language that is used to create dynamic mobile apps and web applications. Popular PHP frameworks include Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter, and Symfony for mobile apps development that needs a complex backend and in-depth data migration.
  • Java: It is an object-oriented programming language used for Android mobile app development. It is easy to manage with the availability of multiple open source libraries.
  • HTML5: HTML5 is best for develo ping web-frontend applications for mobile devices. Instead of using cross-platform mobile, organizations can use HTML5 to offer the correct functionality and exceptional user experience.


mobile apps beneficial for business growth itechnolabs

To conclude, there are many benefits of utilizing the mobile app in business. The points discussed above highlighted some of the methods that allow you to succeed in market competition. Staying up to date with the newest technologies and being innovative helps in being unique among competitors.

Knowledge of the best and suitable mobile apps is essential for B2B business. Our team has the best experts with technical knowledge and we can suggest you best apps that help improve your business and profit. For further assistance, please contact iTechnolabs Inc.

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