How can Custom POS Software Benefit Retailers to Improve Customer Experience?

how can custom pos software benefit retailers to improve customer experience itechnolabs

In the fast-paced world of business retail businesses are fast shedding traditional strategies. Customers are eager to move to a digital age. They’re open to payment methods that do not require contact, like Apple Pay and Google Pay via smartphones.

It’s a difficult moment for retailers because customers are becoming more cautious when it comes to purchasing goods and services. Therefore, it’s a smart idea for retailers to shift purchases to computer-controlled Point-of-Sale (POS) operations. It will help modernize their stores and improve customer experience.

For business owners, it’s essential to think about developing customized POS software. What’s the reason? Firstly, POS technology is helping to expand the retail industry around the world. Furthermore, with cloud-based POS systems, one can maximize the effectiveness of solutions for POS, boosting the retail experience.

Continue reading as we break down the various aspects that comprise POS software development that can enhance the customer experience in retail. What’s more? We’ll explore different points-of-sale solutions. Let’s begin!

What can retailers gain from Custom POS Systems?  

Before we discuss the advantages, let’s review the basic concepts.

What is a POS?

POS for brick-and-mortar stores is based around cash registers. However, the POS software handles more. They can efficiently handle your supply, handle gross sales, as well as surge pricing. They also integrate back-end accounting software.

Thus that’s why a POS system can handle huge volumes of data by using the simplest infrastructures like the card reader and printer for receipts, a barcode scanner, and a software application installed.

With modern networked systems, POS systems today can effectively use cloud-as-a-service. The POS systems also offer the ability to provide on-demand data analytics as well as services. Thus, business owners can gain an advantage over their competitors. Are you feeling excited? Great!

Let’s take a look at the amazing advantages of customized POS systems

lets take a look at the amazing advantages of customized pos systems itechnolabs

1. Omnichannel Experience for Customers  

Omnichannel operations are focused on providing an enjoyable customer experience. It’s an approach to sales using multiple channels that provides a seamless customer experience. This means that whether your customers are buying on the internet using a mobile app as well as a laptop or even a physical shop, all of these channels can be managed by your point-of-sale system.

Today, you’ll gain from a rise in traffic and sales. Additionally, thanks to Omnichannel, customers are more likely to spend and are much more committed to the brand. According to a study, customers have made 23 percent more frequent trips to retailers’ stores.

In addition, you can create an individual experience on every contact point and channel. What is it? You can investigate Artificial Intelligence (AI). With eCommerce software that is powered by AI, it is possible to learn more about the needs of your customers. This way, you can respond to their preferences faster which will result in more satisfied customers and a better conversion rate.

2. Robust eCommerce Integration  

Imagine you already have a retail management system. One of your main concerns is how to seamlessly integrate your current software with the latest POS software. One of the advantages of customized Retail POS software is the ability to seamlessly integrate with the already existing platforms for eCommerce.

You can now streamline your business operations. If you want to switch to a different eCommerce platform, it’ll be easy to change. The current POS management software you have in your store can be integrated with the latest software for managing retail that they install or buy. This is awesome!

3. Tax and Accounts Management  

Picture a retail store. When it comes to taxation they are faced with many different types of tax. With the correct POS control software for retailers, they can have their stores upgraded quickly.

They are capable of handling taxes payable, inventory customer payments, balances payable as well as accounts receivable. The data can aid to make quick purchases and locating bargains.

A solid POS management system will allow you to efficiently manage taxes. In addition, it will help decrease the time and cost involved in tax planning and management.

4. Inventory Control  

What are the best ways to run a store that sells retail and earns profitably? One thing is having the proper systems for managing inventory. If a system is in place, retailers can make informed decisions about consumption and buying practices.

Also, POS software solutions have tools that automate product-based productions, product tracking recording defective or damaged products as well as alerts and notifications.

This system will aid in maximizing profits, and also learn the kind of products that do not work for their store.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  

Retailers will benefit from a CRM.


In the first place, it’s helpful having a fully integrated POS and CRM, as transactions speed up. Additionally, you will have detailed customer histories and a more pleasant customer experience. Plus, what else? When your POS and CRM are connected, you will gain access to sales data instantly.

Now, you can keep each sale or service request and customer complaint documented, giving you a comprehensive customer profile. The insights from your profile can transform your business. What is it? The details can be used to tailor your customer relations and marketing initiatives.

For instance, if you have a customer that purchased Bluetooth headphones. You’ve gathered the demographics of that person. Now, since both your CRM system and POS are connected and integrated, you can access the sales history of your customers, which includes the item they purchased in, the location they purchased it from, and the sales representative who offered it to them.

This means that with this data you can send personal emails that can increase repeat business and increase the loyalty of your customers.

6. Employee Management  

The management of employees can be complicated without a robust set of tools for business. This is how the POS system can benefit retailers. It’s able to:

  • Streamline time clocks Streamlining time clocks with strict regulations requiring employees to have secured PINs is possible and something worth looking for in the software used at point-of-sale.
  • Training – Certain POS platforms offer amazing demo functions within the software, which serve as a useful training tool for beginners.
  • Maintain Payroll – It is simple to keep track of overtime earnings and also create payroll reports that have fewer disparities.
  • Boosts Accountability – The knowledge that store transactions are carefully monitored can deter internal theft and avoid improper handling.

The benefits of using Point of Sale do never end there! You can also benefit from increased productivity as well as a higher bottom line, quicker service, and much more. For retail stores that are looking to reap immediate returns, It’s time to find the ideal custom POS solution for your company.

What Makes a Great POS System- Must-Have Features

what makes a great pos system must-have features itechnolabs

As technology continues to improve the retail industry, the future of retailers will be centered on delivering a seamless customer experience. It is therefore logical that retailers will work on improving the retail experience both in-store and online for their customers. You need to be aware of one of the most popular trends – that is POS.

It’s simple! To create a fantastic custom POS you must be aware of the essential features to have and know how to design an efficient system.

1. User-friendly and Intuitive Interface  

Imagine that you are looking to get a POS system. But, you’re worried about the time required to educate your employees. Well, you’re right! This is one of the most significant issues for businesses that are hesitant to begin using the POS system because of its steep learning curve. The solution is to make the problem an opportunity by gaining extremely challenging POS experience.

What are you able to do?

  • All you have to do is ensure that you select a POS system that provides an intuitive and easy-to-learn system that makes learning simple. Your staff will be able to learn in a short amount of time and have an excellent chance of gaining satisfaction from your customers.
  • Additionally, you can enhance the software with customizing. It can make management easier to manage and will save you many hours. A few of the features you should look into include custom receipts customized sale notes, custom dashboards, and much more.
2. High-security Level  

Insufficient security measures can cause numerous issues, such as retail fraud. Fraud is a significant problem in the US and can be blamed on the absence of adequate security measures integrated into the POS system.

    What are you able to accomplish?    

  • Be sure to select an extremely secure POS solution. In your selection, make sure you have a system that has been certified PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Additionally, it can work with new technologies, like mobile wallets.
3. Faster Transaction Time  

The long lines can be a massive disappointment for your customers. It is therefore an immense relief to have faster transactions. This can greatly impact your business in numerous ways.

    What are you able to achieve?    

  • Find look for a POS system that guarantees a speedy checkout. Certain features include self-check-out as well as a high-speed scanner and card processors, digital receipts, and many more.
4. Real-time Synchronization  

Imagine managing several stores. In this scenario, you’ll have to manage several stores and inventory simultaneously. This is why real-time synchronization becomes important. If you have data from different platforms synced up, you will be able to enjoy the best POS experience.

    What are you able to achieve?    

  • If you decide to create your own custom POS software, make sure that it must have precise information in real-time. Additionally, it is beneficial to create accurate reporting to be able to determine the level of stock at the retail stores as well as out-of-stock products.
5. Omnichannel Experience  

The majority of business owners will appreciate the Omnichannel experience to be a valuable POS feature. It will allow you to reduce the shopping experience of your customers. In addition, you can incorporate options that customers will find useful, especially when it comes to COVID-19.

Let’s look at a fantastic illustration. Starbucks provides an omnichannel experience, offering an unbeatable user experience. Therefore, each time the Starbucks cardholder pays using the Starbucks card, they can earn reward points. An app linked to Starbucks lets users find locations near them, view the menu, and then order drinks in advance.

In addition, thanks to the latest Spotify Integration, users can listen to the music that is playing at an outlet and includes them in their Spotify playlists. Misia Tramp who is who is the EVP for Insights and Innovations at Tahzoo has stated that the app is an almost-perfect implementation of the Omnichannel experience.

    What are you able to accomplish?    

  • Make sure to include elements that will improve the quality of the Omnichannel experience. You might consider the addition of rewards points, seamless shopping options, finding stores or watching instructional videos, and much more.
  • With the latest features, you can also profit from increased revenues. An excellent instance can be found in Crate & Barrel, which saw a 10% revenue increase due to the new features of stores on mobile and online that have implemented an omnichannel strategy for customer experience.
  • Many retailers have invested hugely in the development of their POS systems to enhance customer experience. You too can benefit from the efforts towards establishing a winning POS software.

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Do You Want to Build Custom POS Software From iTechnolabs?

do you want to build custom pos software from itechnolabs

As technology improves businesses must discover new ways to enhance customer experience. The use of the development of custom POS software can enhance the retail experience and help you grow your business. What’s your strategy?

In the end, when you think about your customer you will have the ability to develop an effective customer experience plan. POS software that will help you provide a satisfying and meaningful experience will resolve a myriad of problems. Additionally, it’s an emerging trend in the COVID-19 landscape of business.

The bottom line is that Rome was not built in a day. It takes some time for your customer experience plan to become a reality. Our suggestion? Make educated decisions and create Custom POS software that can assist you in your growth and help increase the number of customers you serve.

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