How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Urban Like App? [Updated]

how much does it cost to develop an urban like app itechnolabs

Beauty and well-being for men and women are as crucial as money to live a healthier life confidently. Particularly, when a moment is approaching, today’s generation will be rushing to salons and avail of hair and beauty services immediately. Of course, this is my personal opinion of me.

Well! The best part is that we order and have food delivered to our homes, and how we place orders and order clothing and accessories. We can also reserve beauty salons, spas, and haircut services online. You can also avail of services at your convenience from home.

Urban Company’s (previously branded as UrbanClap) mobile app falls under this category. The app is the perfect friend for those who want to avail professional beauty services in the comfort of their homes. Professionals and skilled handymen can provide high-end home maintenance and repairs anytime.

The article we’ve presented is a complete guide to:

  • Brief On Urban Company Mobile App
  • Top Benefits In Urban Companies like Trending on-demand Beauty application
  • What Technology Is Best To Build Urban Company Like Famous On-demand Home Services App?
  • What Factors Will Impact The Cost Of Urban Company Clone App Development?
  • How Much Does It Cost For Home Service App Development Like Urban Company?

Let’s get started!

Urban Company Mobile App

urban company mobile app itechnolabs

Urban Company is the best online at-home beauty and home services application in India as well as in the USA, UAE, Australia as well as Saudi Arabia. The popular platform online offers various services, including wellness and beauty repairs for your home as well as appliance repair, gardening maintenance, and pest control in the comfort of your home.

With its dependable 50+ services, and 32,000 trained and certified experts, Urban Company has been utilized by more than 5 million clients in 63 cities across five countries. Additionally, with over 10 million downloads yet it is expected to reach 10 million downloads by the end of the year. Urban Company’s mobile app was also named Asia’s biggest home beauty and wellness application.

The app has achieved enormous success in the cities and metropolitan areas throughout India (New Delhi Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. ), the USA (Austin, Dallas, New York, UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah), Singapore, and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh and Jeddah).

Therefore, the use of an Urban Company app like on-demand home services is the best investment at the present time. If you’re looking to make an investment into the development of an Urban Company like an in-home salon and Spa service delivery application Here are the essential features that will make your app more enjoyable and user-friendly.

Features of On-Demand Home Services App, similar to Urban Company

features of on-demand home services app, similar to urban company itechnolabs

Let’s look at the best features and capabilities from Urban Company like trending on-demand beauty applications.

1. Simple UI

Urban Companies, like popular on-demand beauty and home services applications, have an easy user Interface (UI). The app provides home services, the simple homepage design lets users browse the app easily and schedule appointments while on the go.

Therefore, in order to compete with the competition from the Urban Company app, your new salon and beauty delivery app should have an easy-to-use interface.

2. User Account

It’s one of the key features that you should include in your beauty or salon booking application. Urban Company-like handymen like top booking app development must include this feature in order to give better control to customers on their KYC and other personal details that are included in the application.

3. My Bookings

Home-based services that are available on demand, such as Urban Company, with the integration of the “My Bookings” feature, users will be able to look at the history of their bookings and give more transparency into their orders 24/7.

4. Set Date and Time

This further feature lets users make appointments according to their own schedules before making their purchases. It improves user experience and improves the functionality of its features.

5. Secure Online Payments

Urban companies like popular home service apps must provide flexible offline and online (cash on delivery) payment options to customers. This will help users improve and improve the experience of the app users.

6. Live Location Tracking

On-demand delivery application development without the ability to live track your location is useless. Marketplace apps or the most multipurpose apps such as Urban Company must be integrated with the in-app Google Maps and GPS tracking functions.

It lets users track the location of beauticians and handymen in real time, just like we monitor the status of riders in applications for food delivery.

7. In-app Chat or Call

The integration of virtual chat and audio calls within Urban Company like on-demand delivery services will allow sellers to reach out to their customers and conversely.

8. Reviews and Ratings

This feature is user-friendly and allows users to provide feedback on specific services offered by professionals. On the other hand, the addition of reviews and rating features within the application for on-demand haircut services can increase the reliability of the app because it allows new users to assess the quality of the service.

9. Deals and Discounts

Every online shopping app or marketplace app as well as Urban Company like on-demand service delivery apps offer discounts to customers through providing coupons and discounts for customers. The addition of this feature will draw the attention of consumers and boost conversions.

10.  Push Notifications

This feature plays a crucial function in letting users know about specials or discounts, bookings, and also payments.

We have covered a handful of must-haves and basic features you could include in the Urban Company Clone app. Let’s examine several important features that are essential for administrators and service providers.

Features for Service providers or Handymen

features for service providers or handymen itechnolabs

Here are a few essential features that you can add to the Urban Company like an in-home hair salon service delivery application on the panel of vendors.

  • Registration and login are easy.
  • Profile Management
  • Order Management
  • Chat with customers in-app
  • Checking slot availability
  • Feedback View
  • Upload service details
  • Offers and discounts for uploading
  • Payment Status Tracking
  • Push Notifications

Features For Admin Panel Development:

features for admin panel development itechnolabs

  • Dashboard view
  • Updates to services based on location
  • Management of vendor and user profiles
  • Services Management
  • Sales analytics and reports
  • Management of costs for services and optimizing their management
  • Feedback management
  • Management of push notifications

These are the essential features that are available in service delivery on-demand apps such as Urban Company. The top mobile app development companies such as iTechnolabs will design and create apps that will better connect with users and offer seamless booking experiences.

The Right Technology Stack For Urban Company Clone App Development

the right technology stack for urban company clone app development itechnolabs

  • Java and Kotlin for on-demand home or salon app development using the Android operating system.
  • Swift as well as Objective C for the development of iPhone application development
  • Android app development: Android SDK kit
  • iPhone or iOS app development: iPhone SDK
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Storage: AWS and Google Cloud
  • For Enabling Hassle-free Online Payment Gateways: PayPal and Stripe
  • Integration of the push notification feature requires Twilio’s communication APIs
  • Reports and Sales Analytics: BigData and Machine Learning

How Much Does It Cost to Develop An App Like Urban?

The price of the on-demand spa beauty, and home services delivery app development is between $25,000 and $50,000. If you want to create the Urban Company clone app with advanced options, including video calls in-app and analytics capabilities, the development cost could be more than $70,000.

What Factors Will Impact The Cost Of Urban Company Clone App Development?

The end price of developing mobile apps will be influenced by a number of variables like the platform used for development, the app type, additional features, and the technology stack you choose.

Additionally, the price for Urban Company like a mobile application on Android as well as iPhone with basic functions will also be contingent on the location as well as the hourly rate of mobile app developers that you employ. Based on the developer’s knowledge, custom mobile app development firms all over the world could cost from $20/hour up to $200 per hour. All it depends on is their efficiency in their work as well as the size of their teams.

Are you interested in Developing an Urban Like App?

are you interested in developing an urban like app itechnolabs

Urban Company and UrbanClap mobile apps are being increasingly adopted by users throughout the USA, India, UAE, and many other countries. They have a place within the heart of millions thanks to their easy, clean, and friendly service.

iTechnolabs is the best mobile app development firm located in the USA. Our footprint also extends within India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Being among the leading mobile app development firms in Texas, USA, our team of developers will design stunning, unique engaging Android and iPhone apps that have a distinct range of features and functions that you require.

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