How to Build a Transportation App Like Moovit?

how to build a transportation app like moovit itechnolabs

“App Market is expected to reach a revenue of around US $614.40bn by 2026!”

It is no surprise the app market is on the journey of elevation. Be it mobile apps, web apps, or hybrid apps, apps are the modern world’s go-to tools for users. Not only for users, launching your app and delivering your services and products to customers through well-developed apps is a business’ winning bet for scaling, and growth! 

And this is so prevalent now that everything, we repeat Everything is available through apps. From medical services to banking, e-commerce stores, booking cabs, and advanced transportation operations, everything and anything can be and is managed through apps today. 

We will discuss the advent of transportation apps today! Why should you build a transportation app? What is all to keep in mind while looking for a transportation app? And how to build a transportation app? Let’s begin! 

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What is a Transportation App? 

The transportation app is a dedicated app that can help manage a range of transport services, operations, and even supply chain mechanisms. It should be noted that these are different from on-demand cab booking apps! Transportation apps can further have categories. 

Some can be used to manage logistics, some can handle in-house operations like allotting drivers, managing operations, and so forth. Depending on the type of transportation app, you have to design, plan, ideate, and build a transportation app. 

Don’t feel confused. We can help! By the end of this article, you will know how you can also build a transportation app for your business! But, first, let’s understand why you should invest in building transportation apps! 

Why Build a Transportation App? 

The transportation market is increasing. With increasing e-commerce business and a need to establish balanced and well-integrated supply chain operations, transportation management systems are now in need. 

“With a market size of around US $110.53 billion, the transportation market is expected to reach US $285.12 billion!”

And, this expanding market has potential for a lot of businesses. To gain benefits, high revenues, and to deliver a software product, it is evident with numbers how building a transportation app can help you acquire a bigger market size. But, don’t take things lightly! 

To build a transportation app, you have to pull up your socks and do some research. Feature, ideation, and development, all need to be planned well. Let’s further our discussion!

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Plans to Build a Transportation App For Your Business

plans to build a transportation app for your business itechnolabs

Before hiring a team for developing your transportation app, there are a lot of steps to get it done right. Let’s discuss each one of these factors- 

1. Invest in a Research

To get all benefits from your transportation app, it is paramount you invest a sheer amount of time in research. In this step, research market size, customer levels of understanding of apps, and so forth on this step only, decide what type of transportation app will you build! Will it be a master transportation management system? Or will it cater to the needs of supply chain operations?

Your decisions on this step will help you in the further process to build a transportation app!

2. Select Modules of Your Transportation App

Transportation apps generally have different modules. Admin panels, drivers’ panels, user panels, or supervisor panels. Depending on the type of module, the features, interface, and even integrations can differ therefore it should be well comprehended beforehand to finalize a module. 

During this, you can also work on internal integrations . i.e. If you want to connect the supervisor and drivers’ panels. In this way, you can picture your transportation app. This can help you ease the later stages of the development process. 

3. List Down Features

The features of your transportation app would decide the fate of your transportation app in the real market. This makes this an essential step. 

When deciding on features, carefully keep in mind the modules. And, depending on the modules, make a list of features. For instance, for the admin panel, you can add a leads dashboard, stats, graphs, and other pictorial features, but for drivers, you can add features like pickup schedules, already delivered orders, pending orders, progress, etc. Listing down features on the basis of modules can help you keep your transportation app precisely segmented and right for all segments of audiences. 

You can also work on adding features like fleet management, inventory details, administration of operations, etc. 

4. Integrations 

Once you have worked on the features to build a transportation app, your next step should be to streamline integrations. These are largely influenced by the features you decide on. 

For instance, if you decide to give a driver’s module a calling feature, the app should get a calling app as an integration. And, likewise, if you have decided to provide a feature for clicking pictures, and updating them in-app library, the camera feature should be integrated. This way, the features set of an app would decide integrations. Furthermore, some basic integrations to make apps secure, safe, and compliant with app stores and other platforms have to be integrated too.

5. Revenue Model

Transportation apps can have many revenue models. But, one of the most beneficial is selling the whole software as a product. You can also sell on the basis of modules. This is one of the smartest ways to sell your transportation app. 

You can target the transportation business on the basis of your app’s level. If you have an advanced-level app that can handle complex transportation operations, you can sell your product to big businesses. But, if your app is in its initial stages and has features ideal for small and mid-level businesses, you can approach businesses dealing at similar levels of transportation services. You can also decide on monthly, or annual prices at this stage. Further, you can also provide customization at this step. This can help you acquire a bigger market size through your transportation app. 

6. Service & Support 

Launching your transportation app is critical. As this industry is high in demand and needs regular management, integrations, and supervision, it is of utmost importance to establish proper support and service for your app. So that businesses leveraging your transportation app never hit a roadblock! 

To ensure this, work on this beforehand and get answers to some questions. Will you be leveraging chatbots or automated bots to provide support to your clients? Will you be establishing an in-house client support and service team? All this needs to be sorted before moving on to build a transportation app!  

7. Hire a Team of Professionals! 

As we discussed earlier here, to build a transportation app, you have to build different modules. And, for this professional experience and expertise are preferred! That is where the challenge of finding a perfect team to get your transportation app emerges! iTechnolabs can be your ideal pick. Here are the reasons why- 

  • We Do it All! 

If you hire app developers from iTechnolabs, you just need to sit back and relax. We’ll take care of everything. From ideating to planning, and getting your UI & UX together, we help you through all and deliver your optimally developed transportation app to you!  

  • Experience and Expertise

By choosing us to build a transportation app, you are choosing experience and expertise. We have industry professionals with sound and varied industry experience to help you through the thick and thin of the app development process

  • Wide Range of Technologies to Choose From

When we said we can be your best pick, we mean it! 

We deal in basic to advanced technologies. This expands the expertise of our professional app development team. To begin with, we serve in Java, full-stack, React JS, specified android, and iOS apps, and so forth. You name it, and we can help you! 

  • Value For Money solutions

We charge you for what we deliver. And, we ensure we justify every penny invested in your app development! From ideating to launching an app, we never compromise the quality of our services. This makes us one of the best app development agencies available! 

All these were the steps to build a transportation app before hiring an app development agency. And, once you have brainstormed all these factors, you can progress to the final step!

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Do You Want to Build a Transportation App Like Moovit?

do you want to build a transportation app like moovit itechnolabs

The final and significant step in the process of getting your transportation app like Moovit is hiring an expert team to do it! If you are not an expert in this (and even if you are), hiring a software development team can be a smart decision. This can help you onboard experts who know the industry from proximity. From designing to launching, getting expert assistance throughout can save you money, effort, and probable failures. This can also ensure you don’t hit a roadblock and conquer all challenges that come your way! 

If you are also looking for a team to build a transportation app for you, get in touch with the experts of iTechnolabs today and get all your queries sorted!

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