How to Build an App Like 9Goal? Brief Overview 2024 [Updated]

how to build an app like 9goal a complete overview itechnolabs

Building a successful mobile application can be an incredibly exciting and fulfilling journey. With millions of apps available on the app store, it’s crucial to have a unique and captivating idea that sets you apart from the competition. One such remarkable app is 9Goal, which has gained immense popularity and a dedicated user base due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, as well as its innovative and cutting-edge features that provide an unparalleled user experience.

If you’re aspiring to develop an app like 9Goal, there are several key steps that you should keep in mind during the development process. These steps include thorough market research to identify gaps and opportunities, meticulous planning and prototyping to bring your idea to life, rigorous testing to ensure a seamless user experience, and a robust marketing strategy to reach and engage your target audience effectively.

By paying attention to these essential steps and incorporating your unique vision and creativity, you can increase your chances of building a mobile application that not only stands out from the crowd but also resonates with users and achieves remarkable success in the highly competitive app market. So, roll up your sleeves, dive into the world of mobile app development, and let your imagination soar as you embark on this exciting journey of creating your very own remarkable app.

What is the 9Goal App?

For those who are unfamiliar, 9Goal is not just any popular mobile application, but a revolutionary tool that empowers users to set and track their goals with utmost ease and efficiency. Whether it’s personal aspirations, professional milestones, or fitness targets, 9Goal provides a seamless platform that not only allows users to define their objectives but also helps them monitor their progress every step of the way.

With 9Goal, users can create custom goal categories that perfectly align with their unique aspirations. From daily habits to long-term ambitions, this application enables individuals to set reminders for important tasks, ensuring that they stay on track and never miss a beat. Moreover, users can record their achievements and celebrate their successes, fueling their motivation and propelling them towards even greater accomplishments.

But that’s not all! 9Goal goes beyond being a mere goal tracking app. It takes pride in offering a holistic approach to goal attainment by delivering motivational messages and valuable tips to users. These uplifting messages serve as a constant reminder of their potential and keep them motivated throughout their journey.

So, whether you’re aiming to crush your personal records, climb the corporate ladder, or achieve optimum fitness, look no further than 9Goal. It’s the ultimate companion that will guide you on your path to success and help you make every goal a reality.

Live Sports Streaming Market Overview

The ever-increasing popularity of live sports streaming has paved the way for a plethora of mobile applications in recent years. With millions of users tuning in to watch their favorite games and events, these apps have become an integral part of people’s lives.

However, amidst this fierce competition, 9Goal stands out with its unique features and user-friendly interface. Its unparalleled success has sparked an interest in entrepreneurs and businesses looking to replicate its success. So, if you’re wondering how to build an app like 9Goal, keep reading!

Steps to Build an App Like 9Goal


  • Define Your App’s Purpose and Features: To build a successful app like 9Goal, you must first define its purpose. Are you targeting a specific audience? Will it focus on a particular sport or cater to multiple interests? Once you have a clear vision, start listing down the features that will set your app apart and attract users.
  • Market Research Conduct thorough market research to identify your target audience, analyze competitors, and understand the current trends in live sports streaming apps. This will help you make informed decisions and give you an edge over others.
  • Designing the User Interface The user interface of 9Goal is simple yet engaging, making it easy for users to navigate and access information. Aim for a clean and intuitive design that enhances the user experience.
  • Create the app Once you have a clear idea of your app’s purpose and features, it’s time to start building it. Hire a skilled team of developers who can bring your vision to life.
  • Data Integration The success of an app like 9Goal depends on seamless data integration. Ensure that your app is capable of handling a large amount of data and providing real-time updates to users.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance Before launching your app, make sure to thoroughly test it for any bugs or glitches. Conduct comprehensive quality assurance to ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Launch and marketing Once your app is ready, it’s time to launch it on the app stores. Use effective marketing strategies like social media and influencer collaborations to create buzz and attract users.

Key Features To Build an App Like 9Goal

iTechnolabs-key features to build an app like 9goal

To build an app like 9Goal, it’s crucial to incorporate a set of key features that enhance the user experience and keep sports enthusiasts engaged. Here are essential features you should consider when building a football streaming app:

1. Real-time Score Updates

One of the key features of 9Goal is its ability to provide real-time updates on football matches. Users can stay updated with live scores, match schedules, and team standings, making it a must-have feature for your app.

2. Match the Schedules

Another essential feature is a match schedule that allows users to plan and set reminders for upcoming matches. The schedule should also include information on previous matches, including scores and highlights.

3. Live Streaming

Live streaming is the core feature of an app like 9Goal. It provides users with access to live football matches, making it a top priority for your app.

4. Team and Player Profiles

Users can also stay updated with their favorite teams and players through profiles that provide detailed information on team and player statistics, performance history, and upcoming matches.

5. News and Updates

In addition to live scores and streaming, users also prefer an app that provides news and updates on the latest football events, transfers, and player injuries. Adding a news section to your app is essential for keeping users engaged.

6. Customization and Notifications

To enhance the user experience, your app should provide customization options such as choosing a favorite team or player. The app should also send push notifications for upcoming matches and news related to the user’s preferences.

7. In-depth Statistic

9Goal is known for its detailed statistics on players, teams, and matches. Having a feature that provides in-depth statistics can make your app stand out from the rest.

8. Social Sharing

Social media integration allows users to share their favorite moments and updates with friends and followers. This feature can also help increase the app’s visibility and attract more users.

9. Betting and Fantasy Sports Integration

Including a betting or fantasy sports feature in your app can attract users who enjoy these activities. It also provides an additional source of revenue for your app.

10. User Interaction

Finally, an essential aspect of building an app like 9Goal is to focus on user interaction. Your app should have a user-friendly interface and provide features such as chat rooms or forums for users to engage with each other and discuss their favorite teams and players.

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Top 5 Apps like 9Goal

While 9Goal may be the go-to app for many football fans, there are other apps in the market that offer similar features and experiences. Here are five popular apps like 9Goal:

1. ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter is a sports app that covers a variety of sports, including football. It provides live scores, news, and highlights for matches from various leagues worldwide. Users can also customize the app to receive notifications for their favorite teams.

2. SuperSport


SuperSport is another popular app that offers live scores, news, and highlights for football matches. It also has a feature called “Match Tracker” that provides real-time updates on selected matches. Additionally, SuperSport offers video highlights and analysis after each match.

3. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is a comprehensive app that covers all football leagues and tournaments globally. It provides live scores, news, and match schedules for users to keep track of their favorite teams. The app also offers live streaming options for selected matches.

4. CBS Sports App

CBS Sports App

The CBS Sports App is a one-stop-shop for all sports news, scores, and highlights. It covers football matches from different leagues worldwide and also offers live streaming options. Users can customize their app to receive personalized notifications and alerts.

5. NFL App


While the name may suggest that it’s only for American football fans, the NFL App also covers international football matches. It offers live scores, news, and highlights for various leagues and tournaments globally. Users can also access exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.

These apps provide similar features to 9Goal, but each has its unique offerings and user base. Some may be more popular in certain regions or cater to specific football leagues. Building an app like 9Goal would require extensive research and targeted marketing strategies to attract and retain users.

How to Monetize An App like 9Goal?

Monetize An App like 9Goal - iTechnolabs

There are various ways to monetize a sports app like 9Goal. Here are some common strategies used by similar apps:

1. In-App Advertising

Most sports apps generate revenue through in-app advertising. This can include banner ads or short video ads that appear during live streams or when users navigate through the app.

2. Premium Subscription Model

Another popular monetization method is offering a premium subscription option. This can give users access to exclusive content, ad-free experience, and additional features such as personalized notifications and live streaming of all matches.

3. Freemium Model

This model offers a basic version of the app for free, with limited features and advertisements. However, users can upgrade to a paid version to access all features and remove ads. This approach allows for a larger user base while still generating revenue from premium users.

4. In-App Purchases

Some sports apps offer in-app purchases for virtual goods or services. For example, users can purchase virtual items such as team jerseys or participate in online betting for matches.

5. Partnerships and Sponsorships

Successful sports apps often have partnerships and sponsorships with various brands. This can include promoting products or services within the app, collaborating on special events, or using branded content.

6. Data Licensing Services and API Services

Sports apps with a large user base can also generate revenue by offering data licensing services or API services for third-party developers. This allows other companies to access the app’s data and integrate it into their own platforms, generating income for the app owner.

What is the cost procedure of the 9goal app?

The cost procedure for developing an app like 9Goal will depend on various factors such as the features, platform compatibility, and development team rates. However, a ballpark estimate can be around $25,000 – $100,000 or more. It is important to carefully consider the budget and prioritize essential features when planning the development of an app like 9Goal. Working with a reliable and experienced development team can also help streamline the process and ensure quality results. Overall, investing in the development of an app like 9Goal can have potential for high returns and success in the sports industry.

The cost procedure for building an app like 9Goal can be broken down into several steps:

1. Define the App’s Features

The first step involves defining the core features of your app. The more complex the features, the higher the development cost will be. Some essential features for a sports app like 9Goal might include live score updates, match schedules, team information, and social media integration.

2. Choose the Platform

Next, determine which platform(s) to develop your app for. Developing an app for multiple platforms (i.e., iOS, Android, Web) can significantly increase the development cost.

3. Design the User Interface

The design of your app’s user interface also influences the total cost. A more sophisticated and intricate design requires more time and resources, which would result in higher costs.

4. Development and Testing

The actual development and testing of the app is a significant portion of the cost. Factors influencing this cost include the development team’s hourly rates and the complexity of the app.

5. Maintenance and Updates

Post-launch, your app will require regular maintenance and updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features. This ongoing cost should be factored into the initial budget.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App like 9goal?

Cost to make an 9goal like app, a platform known for its seamless integration of live scores, player stats, and real-time notifications, requires meticulous planning, design, and development. The cost to develop an app of such caliber can be influenced by various factors including feature complexity, platform choice (iOS, Android, or cross-platform), design uniqueness, and backend infrastructure. Generally, the cost to create an app similar to 9goal can range from $20,000 to $60,000 for a basic version. However, for an application with advanced features and customizations, the cost to build can escalate to $100,000 or more. It’s important to consult with experienced developers to get a precise estimate for your specific requirements.

Platform Design
Basic iOS/Android Standard Included $20,000 – $60,000
Intermediate Cross-platform Custom Advanced $60,000 – $100,000
Advanced iOS and Android (Separate builds) High-end Custom Highly Scalable Over $100,000

Note: Cost is just for estimation

How can iTechnolabs can help you to build an app like 9goal?

At iTechnolabs, our experienced team of developers and designers can assist you in building a high-quality app like 9Goal. We offer custom solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our expertise in mobile app development, UI/UX design, and project management ensures efficient and successful delivery of your app.

We understand the importance of developing a feature-rich and user-friendly app to attract and retain users. Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life through a well-designed, robust, and scalable app.

Moreover, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services after the launch of your app to ensure its smooth functioning and keep up with changing market trends.

Steps to Build an App like 9Goal with iTechnolabs

  • Understanding Your Vision: Our first step is to understand your unique vision and requirements for an app-like-9goal. We achieve this through comprehensive discussions with you, allowing us to comprehend the features and functionality you envision in your app.
  • Planning and Strategy: Based on your inputs, our team formulates a strategic plan outlining the design and development phases. This includes the project timeline, key milestones, and the allocation of tasks within our team.
  • Design: Utilizing our expertise in UI/UX design, we create an intuitive and engaging user interface that mirrors the sleek design of 9Goal. We prioritize user-friendly navigation and an appealing aesthetic to ensure a positive user experience.
  • Development: The development phase involves translating the design into a functional app. Our developers leverage their knowledge and experience to build a robust and scalable app that performs seamlessly across various devices.
  • Testing: Before the app launch, we conduct rigorous testing to identify and fix any bugs. This ensures the app’s smooth performance post-launch.
  • Launch: With all checks in place, we assist in launching your app on the appropriate platforms.
  • Maintenance and Updates: Following the launch, iTechnolabs provides ongoing support and regular updates in response to user feedback and market trends. This dedication to post-launch care ensures your app remains current and continues to deliver a high-quality user experience.

Are you trying to build an app like 9Goal?

are you trying to build an app like 9goal itechnolabs

iTechnolabs understands the power of strategic partnerships and sponsorships in propelling an app like 9Goal to new heights. By aligning with relevant partners, such as sports organizations, athletes, or influential figures in the field, your app gains credibility and increased visibility. Sponsorships, on the other hand, provide avenues for promotional events, advertisements, and unique user features. These collaborations not only enhance the app’s public image but also open up potential revenue streams. Furthermore, partnerships and sponsorships often lead to valuable feedback and insights, which can be instrumental in refining and improving the app over time. Through these combined efforts, iTechnolabs helps to position your app at the forefront of the market, ensuring it stands out in the competitive landscape.

iTechnolabs takes a systematic approach to identify and understand the target audience for your app-like-9goal.

  • Market Research: We conduct extensive market research to understand the demographics, preferences, and behavior of potential users. This helps in tailoring the app to meet the specific needs and expectations of the target audience.
  • User Personas: Based on the market research, we create user personas representing different user categories. These personas guide the app’s design and development, ensuring it caters to its intended audience.
  • Competitor Analysis: We analyze successful competitors in the market to understand what works for the target audience. This insight guides us in designing unique features that set your app apart.
  • Feedback Channels: We establish channels for user feedback, allowing us to continually refine the app based on the target audience’s experiences and suggestions.
  • User Retention Strategies: We devise strategies to retain users, such as providing regular updates, user-friendly interfaces, and unique features that make the app indispensable to the target audience.

By understanding and catering to the target audience, iTechnolabs helps ensure your app-like-9goal is well-received and widely adopted by its intended users. With our expertise and experience in building successful apps, we can help you bring your vision to life and achieve success in the competitive app market. 

Conclusion :

Building an app-like-9goal requires a thorough understanding of the target audience. iTechnolabs has the expertise to conduct market research, create user personas, and devise strategies to retain users, ensuring your app caters to its intended audience. With our help, you can bring your vision to life and achieve success in the competitive app market.


What should I do if I have an idea for an app?

If you have an idea for an app, the first step is to conduct thorough market research to identify your target user base and examine the competition. Next, protect your idea with the appropriate intellectual property rights, such as patents or trademarks. Then, create a detailed business plan that includes your app’s concept, marketing strategy, revenue model, and a timeline for development. It’s important to design a wireframe or prototype of your app to visualize its functionality and layout. Finally, explore options for app development, whether by learning to code, hiring a developer or a app development company, or using app-building platforms. Remember to test your app extensively and gather user feedback for continuous improvement. Once your app is ready, launch it on the appropriate app stores and implement a robust marketing strategy to promote it.

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