How to Build Pet Care App like Rover

how to build pet care app like rover itechnolabs

Pet care apps on demand that offer alternatives for pet walking and boarding or even home visits are trending at the moment. With market share expected to grow to $5.14 billion in 2030, pet care apps have been making it simple for owners of pets to take their pets for a vacation or enjoy the day off guilt-free.

There was a time when people were able to pay neighbors’ children to let their dogs for walks, today, the pet-sitting business model has evolved to become profitable driven by aggregators. One of the applications’ that is gaining popularity in this field is the Rover Walker application. Through this application, pet owners can reserve various services to

  • Boarding
  • House Sitting
  • Day Care
  • Dog Walking
  • Drop-in visits
  • Virtual dog training.

With the ease of use and market shares it has carved out for itself thanks to its technology, developing an app that is similar to Rover is now a lucrative opportunity for Pet care apps on demand that offer alternatives for pet walking and boarding or even home visits are trending at the moment. With market share expected to grow to $5.14 billion in 2030, pet care apps have been making it simple for owners of pets to take their pets for a vacation or enjoy the day off guilt-free. entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

One of the first questions entrepreneurs frequently ask during the pre-development phase is what will be the Rover app development price. Although the price can vary from $15,000 to $30,000 to $30,000, knowing the exact figure requires you to be aware of the features, the UI/UX design intricateness, and the development complex. That’s exactly what we’ll examine in this article.

The main factor that plays into determining the cost of development and its effectiveness is the features it provides.

Must-have these features to build Pet Care App like Rover

must have these features to build pet care app like rover itechnolabs

While some options can be helpful to get to a good start in the pet-care area, there are a few enhancements that you can add that will directly compete with Rover enthusiasm.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

1. Virtual dog training

One of the most important features of Rover like customized pet care apps is in the provision of the virtual training of dogs through individual video consultations with professionals.

2. Rover guarantee

The specific feature of Rover gives insurance to pet owners in the event of any injury to their pet. Each booking made through the app is covered by $25000 of vet treatment that can be claimed upon submitting an appropriate claim.

3. Extended care

In the event that the pet sitter or pet walker needs to extend their visit or services beyond the time specified, Rover charges pet owners additional fees for extended hours.

4. Verification

Another important feature to think about when developing an app such as Rover could be the confirmation of your service. Rover runs thorough background checks on pet sitters and walkers by checking their records and also running virtual KYC. This feature has a huge impact on the price to develop an app similar to Rover.

5. Rover card

The app informs pet owners of the duties carried out by the service providers by means that are available on Rover cards. With this feature, pet walkers and pet sitters can add information to the card, such as:

  • Bathroom breaks
  • Water and food activity
  • At least one photograph and an optional message
  • A walking map that shows the total distance

6. eCommerce store

Rover application includes an eCommerce store where customers can purchase items for their pets, including food and toys. The development of an on-demand marketplace application similar to Rover could be a dependable source of revenue for users.

We’ve now examined the features aspect that makes an app similar to Rover. Now let’s dive down to the other components that determine the pet-care mobile app’s development cost.

Considerations for design in an app similar to Rover mobile app

What distinguishes a favorite user application from one that’s been removed over the years is the user experience it offers to users. Beyond the features, the design of the application is also of major importance in determining its value.

The thing that works in favor of Rover is the simple design structure it uses. It follows a simple design that makes the actions of users in the app almost natural with a minimal learning process. Additionally, it is an underlying design model that is based on media. This provides enough space for users to work within the app and not feel overwhelmed, or overwhelmed.

The creation of an immersive experience such as Rover requires wireframes with an area that is dedicated to each occasion and also features that encourage natural movements within the app.

Rover walker app development – Build Pet Care App like Rover

rover walker app development - build pet care app like rover itechnolabs

After features and the design of the app the next thing that will determine the Rover app’s development costs is the process of development.

The development process is comprised of stages like –

1. Ideation of the application 

It involves customer research, competitor studies, the finalization of features, etc. This establishes the basis for the application.

2. UI/UX design

 Design for UI/UX where the layout of an application has been set together with specific brand design elements and user actions.

3. Technology finalization 

At this point, the technology you plan to include such as blockchain AI, APIs from third parties, etc. are finalized and integrated into the application.

4. Features integration

Here, features are integrated into the app to help make it more engaging and user-friendly.

5. Quality assurance  

At this point of application is safe from hacks and glitches through strict quality assurance procedures.

MVP launch: After the whole process is completed after which it is then possible to launch the prototype version made available to the market.

While the above-mentioned process shows the steps involved to create an app similar to Rover, however, the price to create an app similar to Rover is also contingent on the structure of the development team.

The hourly development cost that is associated with employing this structure of a team greatly impacts the total pet care app cost. For instance, this team structure as well as the above features together will cost you between $80-100 per hour when working with an India-based pet-care service provider for app development, and it will go up to $120-140 when you partner with a USA or UK app development company based in the UK or USA.

All of this brings an overall Rover app development cost between $15k and $30k – which can rise or decrease according to the specific requirements of your business.

Although knowing about what Rover app development costs is essential for entrepreneurs, equally important is knowing how to get the investment back. Here are some ways to make money.

  • In-app advertisement
  • Charges for connecting pet owners to service providers
  • Surcharge during peak hours
  • Create an in-app eCommerce platform.

These are a few high-level models for monetization that can be used in your particular version of Rover similar to the application. There are plenty of other options you could consider to generate revenue from your application based on the model of business you decide to use.

We have now examined the specifics of how you can build an app similar to Rover and earn money from it. But, it’s important to keep in mind that your success with the app is entirely dependent on the firm that develops apps on demand you choose to work with.

Do You Want to Build Pet Care App like Rover From iTechnolabs

do you want to build pet care app like rover from itechnolabs

At iTechnolabs we have a group of technology experts on demand who are experts in the development of immediate business models. We have collaborated with numerous businesses and startups on developing apps that can provide services in real-time quickly.

What makes us a reliable name in the field of on-demand is our ability to transform market research and customer studies into a well-planned application that is designed to be successful. What do we get? A mobile app that is prepared for the competition in the digital market. Get in touch with us today and discover the iTechnolabs impact when you use our Pet Care app design project.

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