How to create Virtual Meeting Platform Using Agora

how to create virtual meeting platform using agora itechnolabs

The world was on the brink of a revolution when the Virtual Meeting Platform was launched to the public in 1999. Many early adopters began seeing the advantages of incorporating virtual meetings into their operating framework, even if most businesses at that time had not yet accepted the gradually increasing notion. 

How has the Virtual Meeting Platform transformed our lives?

Online meetings offered a future where productivity and efficiency extended beyond the confines of an office building, from the flexibility of remote work to cross-departmental cooperation for multi-site enterprises. 

Online meetings started to connect coworkers, partners, shareholders, board members, and even consumers as the idea gained traction, breaking down geographical barriers and ultimately streamlining corporate operations. From then on, the currently widely used method of collaboration swept the globe.

Some claim that face-to-face meetings have become obsolete because of need. Others might argue that millennials now comprise about 50% of the workforce and have introduced new professional and social standards. The next group is the small fraction that won’t acknowledge that virtual conferencing is in and the conventional round-table meeting is gone.

Boomers had best get used to the fact that by 2028, it is believed that the millennial generation is expected to account for 71.6% of the working population. Then there are the ground-breaking Gen Z, or “Zoomers,” as they prefer to be referred to, and it is predicted that once they join the workforce, there will be an even more significant move toward virtual forces.

As we observe it causing changes in meeting dynamics and giving a much-needed tool to enhance workplace inclusion, diversity, and work-life balance, the shift to meetings via Virtual Meeting Platform as a corporate standard is an exciting trend that is presumably here to stay.

The enhanced closeness of loved ones and acquaintances with video conference platforms and apps is one of the main things observed with the expanding number of individuals utilizing video calling applications. Family and friends were not the primary target market for this technology, but as time went on, they became one.

It is a powerful approach to communicating face-to-face with dear ones who aren’t able to be present in person. It has been a blessing for couples, colleagues, and family and friends separated by distance to communicate, play routinely, and connect.

The fundamental human activity of social connection has been maintained with technology throughout the genuinely challenging periods when individuals lacked social support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Benefits of Virtual Meeting Platform Using Agora

benefits of virtual meeting platform using agora itechnolabs

Virtual meetings have changed the way communication is perceived. It has broadened the horizons for connection and growth in both business and personal lives. Virtual Meeting Platform have a lot to offer. Let’s see the advantages of virtual meetings in depth.

1. Better Decision Making 

Virtual meetings are typically more productive since it is understood that nobody wants to be online for longer than necessary. The itinerary is pre-decided and distributed in advance in a virtual meeting setup. All the attendees are expected to do their homework before joining in. 

While in-person meetings tend to go out of hand quickly, with everyone talking, virtual meetings eliminate this possibility. Anyone who wishes to speak has to raise his/her hand. This results in better communication and problem-solving. In these meetings, a person is assigned to keep everyone on the course. 

2. Everyone Is Invited

Before COVID, many companies had get-togethers or activities intended to bring colleagues together after work, typically in urban settings, and at times that didn’t suit many individuals. Sadly, individuals with caregiving obligations, persons with prior commitments, people with impairments, and people who don’t live nearby are frequently excluded from these gatherings. 

But virtual meeting platforms are much more inviting. Everyone invited to the virtual meeting can participate in activities, brainstorming sessions, and networking opportunities. The online revolution has seriously refuted the conventional wisdom that socializing can only occur in person.

3. Improved cooperation

Video conferencing improves teamwork within a business and highlights individual strengths. With the help of this technology, individuals can function from any location, whether they are relaxing at home or traveling. To be more effective in real-time, team members can request one other for a brief video session rather than communicating with each other through emails.

4. Boom in productivity 

As noted above, video conversations save travel expenses and boost corporate productivity. New and creative features are added to video conferencing due to new technology. These fantastic characteristics provide improved quality, dependability, efficient presentation and communication, and a faster rate of product creation.

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Guide to creating a Virtual Meeting Platform Using Agora

guide to creating a virtual meeting platform using agora itechnolabs

1. Getting Started

Sharing a particular link is the simplest way for visitors to your website to participate in a video call. This article will demonstrate how Web UIKit can get query parameters from one URL. We’ll also discuss how to create distinctive connections for your live streams and video chats.

We suggest utilising the React package if your website was created using React. Using the web-component release, you may utilise the Web UIKit with specific other frameworks (or just plain JavaScript).

2. Setup

A free Agora developer account is also required; sign up for one here. React and JavaScript has finished projects that may be found on GitHub.

On your computer, make a folder just for this project. Name anything you like.

After creating this project structure, launch Visual Studio Code and choose the folder.

This will be a straightforward JavaScript lesson without the use of any frameworks. An SCSS file will be transformed into a CSS file using a SASS compiler.

3. HTML Organization

To get started, let’s build up your HTML in index.html. In this instance, we are designing a simple interface where the users will see a display with the user stream from the remote in the middle.

After completing the HTML part, you can style it by resetting the margins and padding the header.

Now, include start and stop buttons. Because of the design, the video is given room to breathe, and the video elements are arranged appropriately. 

4. Time to connect to Agora

Connecting to Agora now. To do this, we need to make a few changes to our script.js file.

First, we will construct some variables. To retain our appID and token, we will require a few parameters. We’ll also provide our channel right here.

Then, adding front-end elements and creating joint functions is required to connect to the server.

5. Video Conference Creation

Connecting the buttons is required to run the application and schedule a video call. 

Click on the ‘Join’ button to initiate the basic call function. This function will ensure that we start our audio and video, execute the join method, and connect to the stream. 

We execute the join code, and the start audio and video routines are called on the callback. Then, as we prepare for the second user to join, we connect to that same stream. We refresh the specific stream so that reception may begin if they connect.

The parameter of remote, which refers to the ID of the div; this should render on, is taken by the remoteVideoTrack.play() method.

The join button is hidden at the last step, but the left button is displayed.

To start the Video function add the linking class; this will demonstrate to the user that action is being taken. The localVideoTrack was then updated with an Agora-linked video track using the rtc variable that was established before. The linking class is then removed before publishing this track. 

We instruct the div with ID “me” to play this user’s local stream by using rtc.localVideoTrack.play(“me”). And to end, we give our camera button the active class. 

The identical procedure is used for the start audio function. However, AgoraRTC.createMicrophoneAudioTrack is used instead.

We will execute the appropriate start or stop techniques relying on the type of description for the sound or the video. 

Let’s add additional tests using Agora RTC to ensure that the chat is between two people and that no other persons may join our channel.

We will count the clients’ subscribers after they join this channel. The user attempting should be deleted if this number is more significant than 1 since it should be invalid.

Get the files via GitHub to test the program. Open the script.js file, and then enter your client information. The index.html file can then be opened in one browser window and copied into another tab.

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Do You Want to Create a Virtual Meeting Platform Using Agora?

do you want to create a virtual meeting platform using agora itechnolabs

You must integrate new technology into your daily operations if you want your business and personal life to thrive in the twenty-first century. You also must pave the way for the upcoming generation of digital workspaces. Companies may use Virtual Meeting Platforms such as Agora to schedule video calls and conferencing to gain a competitive edge, increase profits, reduce travel costs, save time and resources, and improve client collaboration to create high-quality goods and achieve true growth.

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