How to Develop a GPS Navigation App Like Waze?

how to develop a gps navigation app like waze itechnolabs

The trend of getting every solution through well-developed mobile apps is prevalent in today’s modern world. And, in such a scenario, getting directions and reaching your destination safely with the help of an app is no surprise. You must have heard the names of Waze and google maps, like GPS navigation apps

GPS navigation apps can help tourists as well as residents in their home countries as well as in countries or destinations they go for vacation, business meetings, or to hang out! This also ensures their safety and makes them feel confident in unknown places! 

But, there are challenges! Believe it or not, when you develop a GPS navigation app, there’ll be challenges. And, one of the prominent ones is getting GPS navigation apps developed right so they don’t hassle the end user. 

Though GPS navigation technology is prominent in today’s time and almost every user leverages it to reach safely and navigate precisely on unknown streets, there are loopholes in this system. To understand this, let’s comprehend what is a GPS navigation system and how does it work? 

GPS Navigation System 

A GPS navigation system is an amalgamation of video and audio elements along with a GPS receiver. It is a global navigation satellite system that helps with location, velocity, and time synchronization. Through these apps, users can get the map detailed video with audio or even video directions to reach their chosen destination. Along with this, GPS navigation apps also help with ETA, alternate routes, traffic information, and so forth!

These days, these are embedded in mobile apps, smart watches, tablets, and whatnot! So, if you are a business that wants to develop a GPS navigation app, this is for you! To begin with, it is always advised to get an idea of potential market size! 

According to stats, it is shown that around 77% of users leverage navigation apps on their smartphones!

Around 25% of smartphone users said they prefer navigation apps because they believe it helps get precise directions! 

And, this explains how promising the market for GPS navigation apps is! And, this number is expected to increase as end customers become more and more habitual in using such apps. This is pushing more and more business owners to invest in developing a GPS navigation app. But, merely thinking of releasing a GPS navigation app is not enough. There’s a lot that needs to be taken care of!

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There’s a Lot Before You Develop a GPS Navigation App!

theres a lot before you develop a gps navigation app itechnolabs

Before actually starting to develop a GPS navigation app like Waze, or google maps, there are other important steps. We’ve listed some for you-

1. Know the Workings of a GPS Navigation Apps

It is advised that before getting your GPS navigation app ready for launching in the market, understanding how these apps work can significantly help. This can help you troubleshoot, resolve bugs, decide on features, and also know the hows and whys of your app’s functionality. 

For this, get yourself familiar with GNSS or Global navigation satellite system network utility and principles. This would give you an idea of a GPS navigation app working! 

2. Decide the Features

To develop a GPS navigation app that works precisely and meets the needs of end users precisely, it is paramount that you spend a reasonable time listing down the features of your app! 

Some of the features can be Authorization, push notifications, synchronization with calendars and calling apps, ride-sharing, rerouting, voice and audio navigation, and so forth. Along with this, also decide a bit about one of two updates after the product launch. This would help you plan your product so that it resonates right with your target customer. 

3. Figure Out UI & UX! 

When it comes to mobile apps, the UI and UX can be the real game changers for the success of the app! This is why it is suggested to invest a sheer amount of time while deciding and planning the UI & UX of your GPS navigation app! 

List down the menu, widgets, and navigation of the app. Try to keep the interface as clean and as simple as possible. This would help ensure that users get no distractions and hovering icons while navigating directions. Along with this, also keep accessing and functionality easy. Don’t make it difficult for users to search the destination, open maps, audio directions, estimated time of arrival, route details, traffic views, and so forth! Considering and ideating this during the initial steps would make your following steps of developing a GPS navigation app smooth and seamless! 

4. Customers’ End! 

There are elements of apps that are considered end customers’ real concerns. These are notification systems, alerts, warnings, and other formal information. And, because navigation apps access the user’s location and live movement, it is paramount to get the notifications, and alerts sorted beforehand! 

There can be different models of in-app notifications and alerts, push notifications and alerts, warnings, and so forth! But, whatever model you decide on while developing a GPS navigation app, work on this before starting the actual coding! 

5. Allowances and Integrations 

Every app needs some integrations and allowances to function properly. But, in this world of active web platforms, and scams too, customers are very skeptical about allowing and integrate apps with other platforms. This makes streamlining and optimizing allowances and integrations on your GPS navigation app considerable! 

To ensure customers’ concern gets heard, Make sure you ask their permission before integrating the app and granting allowances. These can allow integration to location apps, calling, camera view, and so forth! For this, ask for permission from the customer. Submit their consent! And only if they allow, integrate the app with other platforms. This would also help you build trust among your customers. 

6. Safety and Security

Ever since the trend of getting everything online has risen, security and safety have been parallel concerns. And, because GPS navigation apps access the location of the user, security is the foremost concern. To address this, make sure you get your app equipped with all security APIs and encryptions. 

Embed safety checks, data encryption tools, and Apps that can help make your app more stable and secure for end customers. Also, run thorough testing. This would help you leave no loopholes and deliver rich UX which would make your customers choose your app GPS navigation over and over again! 

7. Revenue Model 

To develop a GPS navigation app, the revenue model needs your attention! As these types of apps do not provide any direct service to customers for which they are bound to pay, deciding a revenue model that can sound beneficial to customers, as well as app owners, is critical! 

For this, research on revenue models. Consider options like in-app ads, the premium version of the app, sign-up fees to get access to complete maps, and other special features! 

8. Competitors

One of the main factors that decide the failure or success of your GPS navigation apps is; your competitors! Therefore, it should be on your to-do list to get familiar with your competitors! 

Know what is their strategy? Features, UI, and UX elements? How are they winning customers? What are the loopholes of their GPS navigation app? And also, understand their revenue model! All this would help you get an idea of how you should ideate and develop a GPS navigation app! This would also help you win over your competitors and outperform their GPS navigation app! 

9. Testing and Launching

No app works perfectly in the first go. And, this makes testing an essential step before launching. 

For this, you can hire a professional software tester, or leverage any testing tools available. There is a range of free as well as paid software testing tools available to choose from. But, throughout the testing, remember to test the app in real conditions. And, on the right operating systems, functionality features, and so forth! This would also help you manage your GPS navigation app after launching.

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Are You ready to Develop a GPS Navigation App Like Waze?

are you ready to develop a gps navigation app like waze itechnolabs

Once you’ve brainstormed and done research on all the above-mentioned factors, you are ready to start coding and developing a GPS navigation app. But, wait? Do you know coding and app development? Are you a mobile app development expert? Because, to develop a GPS navigation app, thorough industry experience, and exposure is required! 

If you are a novice, we are here to help you develop a GPS navigation app! 

iTechnolabs: an expert mobile app development company with teams having years and years of renowned industry experience and renowned exposure. If you hire mobile app developers from iTechnolabs, you can ensure expert guidance, the right development, and assistance during ideating, planning, and development of your GPS navigation app. Further, we also help you with customized mobile apps, web apps, and whatnot! That too with in-built security and safety, ensures you never lose your customers’ trust and deliver an encrypted, safe, secure, and reliable GPS navigation app! 

To get developed a GPS navigation app that meets your expectations, and the market’s demands contact our experts today!

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