How to Hire Dedicated Android Developer for Your Business?

how to hire dedicated android developer for your business itechnolabs

With mobile apps, companies conduct their business and market their products and services in a new way. There is no doubt that most companies are realizing the importance of mobile applications among their users and target audiences. To attain this they are looking for visually appealing, highly-functional, superior, and responsive mobile apps that perform exceptionally well, you should hire dedicated android developer for Your Business. In terms of usage, Android has cemented its position as one of the most popular mobile operating systems. It provides its users with some advantages over other operating systems. Almost 85% of all mobile sales are made via Android, according to the report. 

Having an android developer with years of experience and expertise in the domain is crucial when designing a mobile app for your business. You should be careful when you hire a rookie to work on your project since that could result in your project being jeopardized and a complete waste of time, money, and efforts. When you hire an expert, you can rest assured that things will go smoothly for you. Before you hire an Android developer, it is essential that you consider some aspects before hiring him.

The purpose of this article is to highlight some tips on how to hire dedicated android developer:

some tips on how to hire dedicated android developer itechnolabs

  • Hire Dedicated Android Developer who is experienced in Android: 

Checking the experience of an android developer is crucial when hiring one. Expert android developers with years of experience are a good choice because they know the latest trends in the market and can produce apps that will appeal to the market. You should always check the portfolio of an Android app development company before committing to one so you can be sure that the firm has handled several projects on the same platform.

  • One who is familiar with the behavior of products:

When you are looking for an android app developer, you are not just looking for a technical brain, you are also looking for someone who can contribute to the design of the product. Developers who are totally dependent on product managers when it comes to product design are at risk.

It isn’t fruitful. Professional android app developers must know about product design at least. Make sure to ask a prospective android app developer about his experience with product behavior.

As an example, a sign-up page would be fairly simple and straightforward to create. Initially, the sign-up page appears to consist of just a username and password, but in reality, it includes numerous factors such as an authentication method, validation checking, skipping the registration page on behalf of existing members, and other significant details.

When you hire dedicated android developer for the job, he or she should have an understanding of what you want and should be able to offer new ideas and suggestions about different pages of your application to make it more functional, robust, and attractive. Expert Android app developers must possess it as a primary quality.

  • Hire dedicated Android developer with material design and UI expertise

Apps with great graphics are preferred by users over those with poor graphics. As well as that, you should also know that user interfaces go beyond just graphics; there are many other factors involved. Ideal user interfaces include stunning visual design, superior color and texture selection, and a simple, intuitive interface.

In addition, a developer might need to adjust the UI based on new features or functionalities during the development process since the design and layout might change.

You might end up spending more if you hire designers every time something changes. Thanks to some superb libraries and tutorials, Android is a very user-friendly platform. Having adequate knowledge of these libraries and tutorials is the main condition of hiring a developer.

Google developed a few years ago the Material Design concept and this concept supports new smartphone devices. Developers can use these Material Design concepts to create apps that are far more sophisticated and look more professional. 

  • Hire dedicated android developer familiar with the Google Play Store

The main disadvantage of having a newbie on your team is they know nothing about deploying your app on Google Play Store. Play store app deployment isn’t like displaying books on the shelf. Several tasks must be completed in order for the app to be successfully deployed on the Play Store. You can simplify the process for yourself if you hire an app developer who has previously performed such deployments.

Proguard, for example, removes unnecessary libraries from the app and makes it more compact, fast, efficient, and safe by reducing the number of unnecessary classes. However, Proguard is not easy to implement and must be used by a developer with extensive experience. Newbie developers might have trouble completing the task.

Moreover, you must be able to prove ownership of the app when you sign a file containing a hash key. In order to update your software, you need this file. A professional developer who knows this will save the file in a secure location. A knowledgeable Android developer also makes things easy and streamlined when it comes to security and backups.

You can select the language for the app from the Google App Store, for example, which is an excellent feature. However, you will not be able to take advantage of these superior features if the android app developer is unaware of them. Hence, you should hire dedicated android developer whose expertise includes developing apps for the Play Store.

  • Hire dedicated android developer with at least one app in the Play Store

Before hiring an android app developer, you should check out his portfolio. In any case, make sure you check if the developer has at least one of his own apps on the Google Play store. Consider using it to make a final decision.

When you meet an ideal developer, they will proudly display their work. You should ask them to show you their work if they do not.

Apps on Google Play simply mean that the developer makes android apps as a profession. This does not only mean that he knows how to develop and deploy the app in the play store, but he also knows how to manage the app. Such developers would be a good fit for the project.

  • Work with a Full Stack Developer

Mobile apps rely on databases for a variety of functions, so database administration and maintenance is crucial. You will need to hire an additional database manager for your project if the developer you hired does not have knowledge of database management. This may raise your costs. If you want to hire a developer who has experience in a particular domain and also knows how to manage a database, you should hire full stack developer.

  • Hire dedicated android developer who keeps you informed about the process

Basically, it’s all your idea and you are the best person who knows it and you want to make sure that it’s incorporated into the app based on all your ideas and suggestions. A professional developer will understand this fact and will make sure that you always get periodic updates about the processes and operations in order to get your valuable input on the process. Unfortunately, some developers do not consider this practice important. Discard these developers immediately. You can simply switch to someone else if a developer fails you at this point, regardless of how experienced he is.

  • Developing Android apps with Java

Being one of the oldest programming languages, Java is also one of the most widely used. Introduced in 1995, it’s still in use today. Developers can create applications using Integrated Development Environment, Java Development Kit, and Java Runtime Environment.

Enterprise applications are increasingly developed in Java. The technology is used to build a variety of web applications, government apps, and big data technologies including Hadoop and Apache Storm. Java is unmatched when it comes to the development of high-quality apps and evolving technologies.

Why Hire Dedicated Android App Developers From iTechnolabs?

why hire dedicated android app developers from itechnolabs

Take advantage of iTechnolabs cost-effective android app development to establish your business ideas into profitable applications. The apps we develop meet the needs of a wide range of business ventures.

You can count on iTechnolabs if you are looking for mobile app development company you can trust. Get affordable solutions from IT experts by connecting with the best in the industry. Our Android developers offer the following benefits:

  • Dedicated Team

With us you hire dedicated Android developers with vast experience developing high-end software products using several frameworks and technologies.

  • Models of engagement that are flexible

We let our customers to choose from a variety of engagement and hiring models rather than working with rigid and strict parameters.

  • Time zone flexibility

Your country’s time zone is always available to us. Get the job done by our proficient dedicated android developers with your time zone.

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We deliver 95% of the projects on time due to our team of designers and developers using cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies.

  • Effective Cost-Reduction Measure

With cost-effective rates and excellent quality, we ensure our customers get the lowest prices in our segment.

  • Support & Maintenance

We provide you with reliable maintenance and support throughout the whole process of developing and delivering products.

Do You Want to Hire Android App Developers From iTechnolabs?

do you want to hire android app developers from itechnolabs


Hiring a dedicated android developer on board is crucial if you want the Android app development project to run smoothly and get completed without any problems. You will probably not have any problems during app development if you follow the above tips before hiring android developers. You should hire dedicated android developer whose track record is proven and whose portfolio speaks for itself.

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