How to Hire Mobile App Developers in Dubai

how to hire mobile app developers in dubai itechnolabs

If you are here, we are cent percent sure that you must be keen to kick off the development process for your business app. We do not need Sherlock Holmes’ special powers to deduce that. Otherwise, why would you be reading a blog called ‘How to Hire Mobile App Developers in Dubai’?

Obviously, you must be very conscious of the universality of mobile apps in the contemporary era and the abundant money that businesses and mobile app development companies are making. Knowing that, we will still state the obvious for you – 

  • Considering the current trend, Statista has estimated that the mobile apps in all 21 segments will show stupendous growth by the year 2027.
  • In 2022, mobile apps altogether generated revenue of approximately $ 475 billion. Statista predicted that this figure will shoot up to a whopping $ 732 billion.
  • Each segment of the mobile will show a linear growth, particularly the gaming industry which will generate a revenue of $ 352 billion in the year 2027.

Now, there is no doubt left that mobile apps are the present and future of your business and, for that sake, any business. Therefore, if you are looking to hire mobile app developers in Dubai (which we know that you are), you are up for a very promising future.

We would be no less delighted to contribute our small share in your promising future. Therefore, we have come up with this blog that will douse all your queries with regard to hiring mobile app developers in Dubai. Let’s get started.

Why Hire Mobile App Developers?

  • Stay within the Budget
  • Hire the Best
  • High-Quality Delivery
  • No Permanent Hiring
  • Tab on Project

why hire mobile app developers itechnolabs

We know that you know that building a stellar mobile application is what will steer the growth of your business. Who is going to develop your mobile app is what you now need to focus on. You have three options available before you –

  • Build an in-house team
  • Hire a freelance developer
  • Hire a remote mobile app developer

All three choices are suitable in distinct circumstances. However, hiring a mobile developer or a dedicated team of developers is always a preferable choice because of the reasons stated below –

  • Stay within the Budget –

No, you need not spend loads of money on buying technological paraphernalia for the development process of your app. Also, no need to expand your budget to accommodate the recruitment overhead costs for your development process.

You are not dreaming at all. This is all plausible when you hire app developers for the development process of your app. It will be the responsibility of your hired developers to get you your app within your budget. Such a scenario is not possible at all when you go for an in-house team.

  • Hire the Best –

When you can get gold, why go for copper for the same price? When you can get highly certified and competent developers, why go for less competent resources and pay the same or maybe a higher price?

Mobile app development companies possess brilliant resources so that they can deliver you an app that is beyond brilliance. Articulating your developer-related needs with clarity to the mobile app development company will help you hire personnel who are well-versed with the latest tech stack.

  • High-Quality Delivery –

The hired mobile app developers know what they are doing. Therefore, they will produce a scalable, sophisticated, and stirring app that duplicates your vision. Moreover, it will be disadvantageous for them to lose the goodwill that they have earned in the mobile app development arena.

Plus, you get to not worry over the development of your app which is critical for your business growth but is totally outside your professional purview.

  • No Permanent Hiring – 

Suppose you recruit some IT personnel for your in-house team for a minimum of one year. Luckily and unluckily, your app gets ready in seven months. Now, there is no need for that IT personnel, but you are legally bound to employ and pay them for another five months.

What will you do? First, you will abandon the whole idea of keeping an in-house team when you can get services of the same superior quality from the hired app developers at a price you pay to them for their work till the app is ready.

  • Tab on Project –

When you hire mobile app developers from outside, you not only get the guarantee that the app developed will be flawless, but you also get an assurance that you have absolute control over the direction and velocity of the progress of your project.

The power to control may vanish when you hire a freelancer. A freelancer may be unavailable to communicate for a long duration of time or may quit leaving the app development on a long hold.  A hired mobile app developer is very professional that way.

We know that you are absolutely positive about the option of hiring a mobile app developer for the development of your app. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the process straightaway. 

The process to Hire Mobile App Developers in Dubai

process to hire mobile app developers in dubai itechnolabs

Finding an ideal mobile app developer for your app can be as much as looking for a needle in a haystack if a systemized framework is not prepared and followed. Therefore, your first step now will be to craft a process in order to hire an apt mobile app developer in Dubai for your app development process.

Now, your work is half done as we have already set an efficient process for you to hire an app developer. All you need to do is to follow the procedure strictly and get ahead with the development process for your app.

  • Prepare a Thorough Draft –

If you are dead serious about your app, then this step is the one you cannot think to get away with. Of all the human beings in the world, it is you who must know what your mobile app stands for and what it should look like.

Believe us when we say that having a coherent vision for your app is crucial because it will help you define the unique attributes of your app. Target audience, platform, features, functionalities, and size are a few of the factors that you ought to determine at this stage of app development.

  • Set the Budget – 

You may not be well-acquainted with every microscopic detail of your app. However, you have a broad idea of what your app will look like which is sufficient to devise a generalized financial blueprint for the development process of your app.

Having a basic idea of how much your app will cost is indispensable because the cost can act as a real dealbreaker for most of us. Try keeping the budget estimate broad because even though the cost is crucial, you should not let it compel you to drop important features of your app.

  • Start your search –

When you know what you want and at what price, there is nothing to wait for. Simply, begin your elaborate hunt for the best app developers in Dubai. For the said purpose, nothing can beat Google. Begin the research, make a list, read reviews, and frame an idea about the company or the developer.

Needless to say, you can extend your research to online forums and even job portals, such as Upwork, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. Many premier mobile app development companies have descriptive profiles on such portals. Research and make a list.

  • Shortlist –

We know that you must have prepared a very lengthy list of developers. Why would you not when there are plenty of competent contenders in the app development market? However, not all of them will come even close to being suitable for you. You need to narrow down the list. 

To do so, keep in mind the following variables –

  • While shortlisting, do not forget to take a nuanced look at the portfolio in order to determine whether the app development company has a strong background in your industry segment.
  • There is no harm in checking out their apps and reading out the users’ feedback.
  • Know the Company –

Done and dusted with the list already? The next step is to reach out to each and every app development company on your list and get to know them thoroughly. We have prepared an elaborate set of factors to look out for when getting to know the respective app development companies –

  • Get to thoroughly understand the app development process a company follows
  • Ask them about the tech stack and the programming languages they are currently using
  • A comprehensive understanding of the hiring models and the pricing structures will only do good
  • Do not forget to ask for the legal contracts signed with regard to the security of the code and intellectual property issues

Knowledge of the above-stated factors will assist you in trimming the list further. 

  • Test the Developers –

As the list has been further shortened, the next course of action before you are to wait and receive a list of developers from the app development company. The list has been prepared according to your app requirements. Just test the developers and go further with the development process.

It is not necessary for you to only interview them. In order to determine their suitability, you can conduct a variety of tests such as language proficiency assessment, intelligence assessment, etc. Conducting a panel interview can help you know their people skills and other personality traits and help you ascertain if they can prove to be an invaluable asset for the development of your app.

  • Seal the Deal –

Are you already aware of who you want to recruit for the development process of your app? If yes, then why wait? Discuss the mutually acceptable terms and conditions with regard to duration, cost, number of developers to be hired, confidentiality, communication channels, etc.

When you are satisfied with each and every aspect of the deal, do not overthink and seal the deal with your app development company. Now, all you have to do is sit back and relax and let the development process of your app unfurl.

How much will it cost to hire mobile app developers in Dubai?

  • Size of the app
  • Features and Functionalities
  • Native or Cross-Platform
  • Hiring Options

how much will it cost to hire mobile app developers in dubai itechnolabs

We cannot just give you an exact figure or even a broad cost range for the development of your app when you hire app developers in Dubai. The cost of hiring app developers relies on a range on a range of factors which are stated below –

  • Size of the app –

It is clear as the air that the cost of hiring app developers will be directly proportional to its size. Therefore, if your app size is small, then the number of app developers needed for the job of app development will be less and hence, the cost of hiring app developers will be less. However, the number of developers and hence the cost of hiring rises as the size of the app increases.

  • Features and Functionalities –

As you decide to add more features to your app, its complexity obviously rises. In order to develop an app with a higher level of sophistication and complex features, a greater level of competence and skill set is needed. The cost of hiring a more qualified developer will obviously raise the cost of the development of your application.

  • Native or Cross-Platform –

You will need less number of developers to frame a single codebase for the development of a cross-platform app. On the other hand, you will have to hire separate teams for the development of native apps for different platforms, which will ultimately increase the cost of hiring mobile app developers for you.

  • Hiring Options –

Most of app development companies have distinct hiring options for you to choose from. The hiring options affect the pricing of the development process for your app. The hiring options can be on the basis of monthly rate, hourly rate, or fixed cost-based. The choice of the hiring option also affects the cost of hiring mobile app developers for you. 

The aforementioned factors are a few of the many factors that affect the cost of hiring mobile app developers in Dubai. 

Looking to hire mobile app developers in Dubai?

looking to hire mobile app developers in dubai itechnolabs

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