How to Make a Chat App Like Discord Social Platform?

how to make a chat app like discord social platform itechnolabs

Discord is a popular way for people to talk to each other. It was first made for gamers, but now people from K-pop fans to teachers and doctors use it. During the coronavirus lockdown, it became more popular than ever, and by 2020, it had reached 100 million monthly active users. Also, Discord made $130 million in revenue in 2020, a 188 percent increase from the year before. Also, as of September 2021, there were about 150 million monthly active users of Discord around the world, which was 50 million more than in June 2020.

For people inspired by the success of Discord, we put together this helpful guide. In it, we explain how it has changed over time and look at its technology stack, features, and way of making money. In this article, you will learn how to Make a Chat App Like Discord Social Platform.

How does Discord work, and what is it?

how does discord work and what is it itechnolabs

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app Discord is like a mix of Slack and Reddit. It lets you send text, voice, and video messages.

The best thing about Discord is that there are no limits on how many people can use it, and all of the other limitations are also high enough to make it easy to use. Want to support 5000 synchronized server relations? Just call customer service, and Discord will switch your server to one that uses hardware.

At first, it was made to bring gamers together and give them ways to find each other, set up games, and talk to each other while they were playing.

But now, along with the games, it has been relaunched as a free-to-use app with a simple text or voice chat interface. It is made up of servers that offer chat rooms with specific topics where people who like the same things can talk about them. Because of this, businesses want to know how to craft an app-like argument.

1. Server-side

When developing apps like Discord, remember that the server-side is essential to any VoIP app. Discord users can choose from several servers to talk about specific topics. In this case, the app needs a top-notch backend that must be made with Ruby, Python, Elixir, and C++. If you don’t want to reach many people, you can hire web developers specializing in Node.js.

2. Client-Side

On the client-side, the app has to work on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows desktop, iOS, Android, and macOS, In this case, it would make more sense to go with a web browser version and app development services for iOS and Android. Also, it would help if you thought about what devices your audience uses.

For apps for Android, you can use Java or Kotlin. For apps for iOS, you can use Objective-C or Swift. Ultimately, it depends on which one your chosen developer knows best.

3. Protecting your data

When you make a voice talk app like Discord, data protection and encryption are the two most important things to look for. When there are many people in a chat, keeping your messages safe is essential because they could be anything from personal information to business secrets. End-to-end encryption with TLS protocols can be used for this.

Let’s discuss now how to Make a Chat App Like Discord Social Platform

How to Make an App Like Discord: Key Things to Include

how to make an app like discord key things to include itechnolabs

Discord has become more prevalent in a short amount of time because it has added new and exciting features. It is now a rising star among voice chat and communication apps.

1. Servers and networks

There are thousands of servers on Discord that cover almost every possible topic. You can make your own if you can’t find one that works. The app even lets you change your settings for joining. Server admins can set the level of verification. That is, to keep spammers and bots away.

2. Permissions and roles

On the Discord server, roles and resolutions can be set up for all channels or each channel separately. In customary set chat apps, you can give one of two roles: chat administrator or chat moderator. While Discord gives you about 30 permission options, you can mix and match them differently.

3. Talking

The app can be used for voice and video chats, and it also has dedicated voice channels that don’t let you send messages. People can connect to these channels with just a few clicks and start talking or listening immediately. You’ll need good sound to do a voice chat service. WebRTC is used to make the voice and video chat features of Discord.

4. File sharing

All popular messaging apps have this feature, so it would be a mistake to leave it out. You must determine what your users want to choose a reasonable file size limit.

5. Share your screen

It’s valuable to instant messaging programs, but few have it. Business customers will find it helpful to be able to share their screen with other people, which will make it easier to get their message across.

6. Get notified

Notifications are a part of every messaging tool. At the same time, a modern chat app should let users turn off notifications wholly or partially. You don’t want your phone to constantly ring or buzz with messages at school, in a meeting, at work, or on a date.

7. A record of messages

If you’re making a business Discord clone, you might want to offer unlimited storage. When it comes to business, it’s hard to overstate how vital messages from months ago are. Also, if your storage history is long or unlimited, you should add a search function. It will make things easier for the user.

8. Integration

You don’t have to let your chat app connect to third-party accounts and services, but it can be a good addition. That makes it possible for people to link their social media accounts. If you’re making a chat room for gamers, being able to connect to Twitch and Steam will be a great feature. For businesses, you can offer integration with apps and networks in the same field.

How to make a chat app like Discord social platform, Step by Step

how to make a chat app like discord social platform step by step itechnolabs

First, try to learn as much as you can about your audience. You’ll be better able to give them what they want.

Step 1: Study the market

Knowing about market trends, customer needs, problems that come up, etc., you will better understand your future solution. You can also get an idea of how much Discord costs if you do a lot of research and analysis. This market research can be split into two parts: the demographics and the trends in how people act.

Step 2: Professionals who make apps

It is the second thing that needs to be done. After you do market research, you will know what you need to make an app like Discord. To finish the whole process of making a mobile app, you will need different professionals for each step. You need to hire a mobile app development team that knows how to use cutting-edge technologies to get good app development services.

Step 3: Building the app

Design is one of the most important things to consider when learning how to make an app like Discord. To offer mobile app design services like app diagrams, wireframe creation, and a full design model, you need to be skilled and have a lot of experience. The design should be appealing, easy to use, and responsive enough to the target audience’s interests to leave a remarkable impression. Apps for both Android and iOS must be made in a way that works well.

Step 4: Phase of making the app

In this modern age, people always look for the easiest way to meet their needs and get their desired services. So, to make an app with advanced features like Discord, you must use the most up-to-date development tools and tech stack. Choosing the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies will help the app run for a long time.

The cost of making a Discord-like app can go up if you want to use the latest technologies, but it will be worth it if you want your app to stand out from the rest.

Step 5: Test the app and launch it

Before an app can be put on a broad platform, it has to undergo further testing to see how well it works and what it can do. If the app passes all phases, it can go on the market. However, this process will continue until the app is perfect in every way (performance, speed, ease of use, etc.). When it’s time to launch your app, the mobile app development company you choose will help you put it on the platforms you want. Before you tackle the project for your target audience, starting a marketing campaign to spread the word about the app would be good.

Do You want to make a chat app like Discord Social Platform?

do you want to make a chat app like discord social platform

In conclusion, making a VoIP app is difficult because it involves many different things, such as strong and secure servers, data protection, solid backends, valuable features, etc.

Also, the field of VoIP applications is still young and changing, so the audience welcomes any great ideas for making new apps. Prepare to get your slice of cake today.

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