How to Solve Homework Assignments with OpenAI’s ChatGPT 2024 [Updated]

how to solve homework assignments with openais chatgpt itechnolabs

OpenAI’s ChatGPT: The Chatbot is defined as a software application, which is designed to engage in human-like conversations based on user input. A company named OpenAI based in San Francisco made its creation, the ChatGPT chatbot. It was free to use for free public testing on 30th November, 2022.

It is a computer program that talks to human users, and it follows a structure that chooses words based on lessons learned from checking out multiple pieces of text all over the internet. This helps offer an immediate response. 

In the blog, you will learn how OpenAI’s ChatGPT can help solve various academic problems.

What is OpenAI’s ChatGPT?

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) research company known as OpenAI declared the invention of ChatGPT.  It is basically a prototype dialogue-based AI chatbot that has the ability to comprehend natural language and rightly respond in well-explained human-like written text.

The follow-up questions as well as answers are already there in the dialogue format. It can admit its mistakes, quickly challenge wrong premises, and discard unsuitable requests. Basically, its relationship with the user is completely conversational. Actually, it is the latest version of GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer), a family of text-generating AIs. 

The model name is GPT-3.5. It’s a language model that utilizes deep learning to generate human-like text. Whereas the older version i.e. GPT-3 model only accepts text prompts; AI ChatGPT is extremely engaging. The bot possesses a good memory which makes it remember past comments made at the time of conversation. It creates detailed text as well as writes poems.

Who Created the ChatGPT?

This incredible bot was developed by Elon Musk’s OpenAI Foundation, which is an independent research organization. Elon Must cofounded the startup along with various Silicon Valley investors, which includes technology venture capitalist named Sam Altman, in late 2015. According to one blog post, the research center would progress digitally in a manner that would be highly beneficial for humanity. So, it’s believed they worked on this blog post and tried to introduce ChatGPT as a digital tool to support humanity.

Working of OpenAI’s ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is made to provide answer questions via a conversational interface. It was designed with the goal of being flexible and simple to use. The dialogue format makes it feasible for this Chatbot to answer follow-up questions, confess its mistakes, challenge wrong premises, and ignore inappropriate requests.

Mr. Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, stated that the system is a clear illustration of what can be done easily, there will be supportive assistants that will connect with you, address your queries and also give advice. Apart from this, there will be a lot that goes off as well as performed tasks for you and also explore new knowledge for you.

Those who utilized the AI bot ChatGPT currently described the system as a secondary option and also better than Google because it can give answers, descriptions, and solutions to complicated questions, solve layout issues, steps to write code and easily optimize queries.

For real-world applications, it could develop content for sites, answer several customer inquiries, give recommendations as well as invent automated chatbots.

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Is ChatGPT Powerful than Humans?

is chatgpt powerful than humans itechnolabs

The ability of AI Bot ChatGPT to produce human-like written text has prompted plenty of recommendations that the technology could ultimately takes place of journalists. Also, it has been stated that professions that depend on content production could be actually outdated, from professors and playwrights to journalists and programmers.

Since its launch, academics have stated receiving responses to several exam queries, which they state can get the result in full marks if someone has used this tool to solve homework assignments. 

Presently, ChatGPT doesn’t hold the critical-thinking skills or any ethical decision-making skills that are required for effective journalism. It works at the knowledge rate of 2021, so it may not answer accurately a few searches. Also, it can present misinformation as fact, thus providing wrong answers.

As per OpenAI, this problem cannot be resolved now since there is no such source of truth in the data they utilize to create the model, and supervised training can even be misleading due to the main answer relying on what the model understands, instead what the human demonstrator knows.

Because of the reasons stated above, AI bots like ChatGPT cannot presently replace humans.

Is OpenAI’s ChatGPT Free?

For now, absolutely YES. But, as per the CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman, it will be monetized at some point specifically after much awareness has been clearly made.

Is OpenAI’s ChatGPT Better Than Google Search?

Asking questions and receiving answers from a computer is really nice, and the AI bot ChatGPT offers these services. But, Google also offers suggested answers to questions with links to sites. Now, it appears they are both rivals since they provide almost similar services though this chatbox offers several answers in comparison to what google will proffer.

However, it’s always good to verify information from the actual source before you rely on it, whether it is from Google, ChatGPT, Wikipedia, or others. However, for ChatGPT, vetting it may be tough since it only provides you with some raw text with no citations or links.

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How OpenAI’s ChatGPT is Helpful for Students?

This chatbot artificial intelligence has plenty of benefits for students when it comes to solving homework assignments. Here is the list of some benefits:

  • It can assist in writing a research paper or an engaging essay by only providing the model with a thesis statement and a few important points, and ChatGPT will provide relevant ideas on the basis of your input.
  • It can be utilized to generate practice questions for exams so you can test your knowledge as well as prepare for new evaluations.
  • Also, they can use it to receive feedback on written assignments and it can offer recommendations on where improvement is required.

Impact of OpenAI Bot ChatGPT on Education

impact of openai bot chatgpt on education itechnolabs

Presently, students have quick access to anything they can ask an AI for progressively accurate results. The AI chatbot can solve several problems for such students, but what about critical thinking?

With the creation of the AI bot ChatGPT, the education sector has to realize that students will now require thinking skills to test their skills, not rote memorization abilities. Thus, administrators to mainly focus on critical thinking other than rote memorization or normal tests that can be manipulated – this will result in the development of lifelong learners.

Many influential people in any discipline are extremely critical thinkers with a good mindset who deeply engage in lifelong learning as well as personal development. Rote memorization has never been the ideal alternative in any good industry.

AI bot ChatGPT can be beneficial for students if it is taught in an ethical manner. They can understand how to interact with, evaluate for accuracy, and utilize the vast and open world that technology is bringing forward.

How to Use OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Write an Essay?

To utilize this chatbot to compose an essay, you have to go through such steps:

  • Sign up for ChatGPT to get your homework done.
  • After that, you need to confirm your email address as well as enter your phone number.
  • Return to ChatGPT.
  • Login as well as request that the bot answers your questions. 

It will bring up the right answer to your questions on your selected topic in a few seconds. The model is presently free to use. It is in its beta stage. OpenAI is utilizing this period to receive feedback so they can get better at their weaknesses.

Limitations of OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Apart from that, this chatbox has plenty of abilities embedded in it, but there are still a few limitations. The model can provide wrong answers to some of the problems such as algebraic issues and because it has been commended to be accurate, several people can be misled into believing they received accurate answers.

The owners of these chatbots know these shortcomings and even noted them down on their blog that this bot sometimes writes plausible-sounding but non-sensical or wrong answers. Resolving this problem is challenging, as:

  • At the time of RL training, there’s presently no source of truth
  • Training the model to be very cautious results in declining questions that it can answer accurately
  • Supervised training often misleads the model. The perfect answer depends on what the model actually knows, instead of what the human demonstrator understands.

Yet, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is way more engaging and interactive.

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are you looking for chatgpt integration services from itechnolabs

The ChatGPT is an effective AI bot that has become the challenging one to beat some new upcoming ones from Google and several other tech companies. They are meant to generate human-like text, but due to their advancement, the utilization of essay-based evaluation will not be quite effective as it can now be manipulated.

Therefore, it is crucial for educators to introduce the latest forms of assessment that are not as vulnerable to manipulation by an AI chatbot. Such forms involve the utilization of critical thinking abilities, complicated problem-solving skills and others.

Frequently Asked Questions For ChatGPT

  1. How to use ChatGPT for assignment?

You can always take ChatGPT’s little assistance in order to perform well in an assignment. However, you must refrain from using it for your entire assignment as it can stain your academic credibility. 

Follow the following steps in order to make use of ChatGPT for your assignment –

  • Before you start, keep in mind that ChatGPT works well when you provide it with precise and concise keywords
  • Get well-defined research questions from ChatGPT by giving a glimpse of your research problem
  • Do you not know what all to include in your research paper? Do not worry. With your research question, you can get to know what all should be included in your research paper
  • You can always ask for suggestions for the literary sources you must use for the purpose of writing an efficient literature review
  • You may encounter a problem presenting your idea in a coherent manner. Take ChatGPT’s assistance and get multiple options to write your opinion vividly

2. How can you automate your work with ChatGPT?

  • If you want to automate your work with an effective use of ChatGPT, you have to first list all the tasks that come under your job description
  • Now, analyse which of the listed tasks can be automated with ChatGPT
  • Start using ChatGPT for the shortlisted tasks and look for any errors that would not have been there if the tasks have been performed manually
  • Make sure that the shortlisted tasks do not contain an access to confidentiality of your data
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