IT Staff Augmentation – A Model to Extend Your Team

IT Staff augmentation, also known as contract-to-hire, is a model used for IT hiring where companies hire software developers on a contractual basis. Staff augmentation applies to both permanent and temporary positions. Staff augmentation brings the best of both worlds – it allows you to take advantage of an experienced team without having to make long-term commitments or significant upfront expenses. When you choose staff augmentation over hiring teams dedicated employees, your savings can be substantial. You do not need to pay non-compete agreements or sign agreements with any local recruitment agencies involved in the process.

Keep reading to find out what staff augmentation means, what are its benefits, and how to get the most out of augmenting your team.

  • What Is Staff Augmentation?
  • When Staff Augmentation Is for You
  • Staff Augmentation vs Other Models
  • Benefits of Staff Augmentation
  • How to Succeed with Team Augmentation
  • Why Augment Your Team with iTechnolabs

What Is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation is the practice of hiring skilled technical personnel on a contract basis to fill vacant positions in your team temporarily or permanently. It allows businesses to choose employees only if they satisfy your criteria, allowing you to disband or expand your enhanced staff as needed. Vendors that provide IT staff augmentation assist you in adding expert technological resources to your existing development team on either a short or long-term basis.

IT Staff augmentation is a form of personnel addition in which specialized IT specialists are brought in to supplement the capabilities and skills of existing staff. IT Staff augmentation is the use of an external service on a contract basis to complement the knowledge and abilities of an internal team. This method entails determining current employees’ strengths and defining what talents are required.

These resources are hired directly by the vendor, so the expense and liability of hiring new full-time workers are eliminated. However, remote developers hired through a staff augmentation firm are committed to one project at a time.

IT Staff Augmentation Is Right for You if:

  1. You already have engineers working on your product in the local office, but you’d want to expand your team and hire another group of web developers to work on another part of the project. You’ll need a team of 3-8 technology experts, but there aren’t enough skilled individuals available in your area. You recognize that recruiting locally would take far too.
  2. You’re creating a tech product with a team of developers, and now you need to add new programmers. But your nation’s pool of coders is limited, you want to expand your search to other locations for you to find someone suitable.
  3. You work with a project outsourcing firm to develop your product, but this model isn’t appropriate for you for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, you desire to be in touch with your team daily, and second, you want to be well-acquainted with your remote coders to ensure that they feel like members of your local

IT Staff Augmentation vs Other Models

it staff augmentation vs other model itechnolabs

IT Staff Augmentation

With the staff expansion approach, you have control over who you recruit and how you manage them. The vendor takes on all organizational and administrative concerns so that you may focus on your primary responsibilities while collaborating with your expanded team in the same way as with your in-house developers.

Managed Services

The project outsourcing firm takes care of all aspects of the development process, from structuring a team with its developers on hand to orchestrating all processes on their side. You won’t need any technical expertise or time to spend managing your remote development team. Customers frequently don’t know who’s working on their project, what developers are currently doing.

Offshore Development Center

If you want to hire at least 40 experts, you might set up your offshore development center in a country with a more favorable business climate and a greater technological talent pool. Establishing your offshore development center implies that you’ll have to deal with the country’s legal system, learn its cultural norms, and assume all of the dangers on your own.

What Are the Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation?

benefits of it staff augmentation itechnolabs

Productivity Level Over 97%

The staff augmentation enables a greater level of productivity since the developers are entirely focused on one project throughout the entire workday, in contrast to a project outsourcing team that may manage numerous projects at once. Working for one customer and supporting their grand ambitions also implies a higher degree of motivation and dedication.

You own the IP Rights

All IP rights are yours from the start of your collaboration with your dedicated developers.


You’ll become considerably more flexible on two sides:

  1. Large Pool of dedicated resources:– A broad range of IT professionals, ranging from UI/UX designers to front-end developers to Scrum masters and product owners, are ready for you.
  2. It’s much easier to replace a developer, given that there is a greater talent pool and that you won’t have to spend additional funds for the transition while working with a partner like iTechnolabs.

Cost Efficiency

The cost of employing is quite straightforward. You won’t have to worry about any administrative and organizational costs like office space, workstations, or other amenities since the vendor will take care of all that for you. All you have to pay for is the service, and the vendor takes care of everything else so you can focus on your business.

How to Succeed with Team Augmentation?

  1. Choose a supplier that will provide your remote developers with their own team offices, which will include all of the necessary amenities. For example, at iTechnolabs, our teams have rooms with the client’s corporate logo to help offshore team integration with in-house developers.
  2. Make sure that remote developers are aware of the benefits of being part of your local team. We have “windows to the client” installed at the request of several of our clients, which is a camera in the team’s room and a screen displaying what’s going on in the local office.
  3. Ask the firm whether they have personnel that can assist you to work more productively with your team. We have Client Managers at iTechnolabs who collaborate with your developers and help to avoid any potential misunderstandings throughout your relationship.

iTechnolabs IT Staff Augmentation Services

If you’re looking for a way to augment your team with top talent and increase the efficacy of your product development, we can help. We offer flexible solutions that will work well whether you need 1 or 100 developers or want to hire other tech professionals like QA engineers or project managers. Your developers will work dedicatedly full time on your project and have no simultaneous projects distracting them from their task at hand – they’ll be part of the core team.

Have questions about how our IT Staff augmentation services could benefit your company? Give us a call today!

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