iTechnolabs Built And Scaled A Healthcare Android App For A Renowned Company

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A healthcare company hired iTechnolabs to enhance their Android platform by adding new features with a focus on user engagement.

The Company

The Rochester-based client offers healthcare solutions that focus on improving Medical decision-making through visual aids. They aimed to improve patient care, therapeutic decisions, diagnostic accuracy, and patient safety. 

The client wanted to expand into a medical intelligence platform that helps improve diagnosis for clinicians, improving healthcare outcomes. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led By – 1 Project Manager

Worked Upon By – 2 dedicated Android developers

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The Problem Statement

The current Android application of the client was being handled by their in-house team. However, the existing Android developer needed to be allocated another task within the organization. Hence, the client felt a dire need to find a replacement who could enhance the application by incorporating additional features and handling maintenance. 

Among the numerous things on the client’s list, they wanted to initially focus on upgrading the 3rd party frameworks and libraries. It was required to manage all version upgrades, and prevent their application becoming outdated. 

However, the project was time-critical as the client didn’t want to lose their customers due to tedious and less efficient code. 

The Challenge

In the healthcare industry, strict regulations require protecting patient information. To comply, the client worked on the application code in a remote setup instead of a local machine. This ensured data protection and compliance with regulations like HIPAA. 

The client and iTechnolabs chose Amazon WorkSpaces for development due to its compliance measures. This allowed developers to work on the application without data limitations. The platform ensured a secure environment, enabling focused development without concerns about data handling restrictions. 

This made the collaboration effective, showcasing iTechnolabs methodological expertise in handling data security and healthcare software solutions successfully.

The Solution

iTechnolabs understood the client’s requirements, assessed project scope, and identified required expertise and skills for the collaboration. 

Experienced developers were hired in phases for the Android app. In the first phase, the developer laid the foundation for the Android application while emphasizing version updates. In the second phase, the developer  worked on scaling the app by adding features and enhanced the code efficiency for faster time-to-market.

Both developers were chosen after careful consideration and assessment based on their expertise in Android development, ensuring they could build, scale, and maintain the app while preserving data integrity. 

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Our Process

Here’s the process that team iTechnolabs followed while working on the client’s project:

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Mapping & Identifying Appropriate Resources

The first task was to find skilled developers for the project, with expertise in the industry and data security. Senior resources were chosen after pre-vetting and interviews for their qualifications.

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Commencing Development

Once the developers were allocated, they started with the code assessment and documentation. The project manager and the developers defined the milestones and targets. They worked on the project as per the client’s expectations.

The Result

iTechnolabs provided the client with the required Android expertise and data security skills on-demand. Using Agile methodology, the team upgraded and launched projects quickly, enabling rapid scaling and customer base retention. 

A flexible engagement model tailored to the client’s project overcame hesitations about hiring remote resources. This approach ensured the client received the necessary skills and support, leading to successful project outcomes. 

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