iTechnolabs Developed A SaaS-based Solution For a US-based Automobile Title Management Agency

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iTechnolabs has been in collaboration with the client for its varied services since April 2021. It offers the development, testing, and maintenance of two SaaS platforms dedicated to insurance services and auto registration.

The Client

The client’s company is a renowned brand in the realm of title management. It operates in the automotive, financial, and insurance sectors.  

The client offers title management services through their SaaS platform. Using their digital platform, the client has digitized and simplified the traditional industry processes involved in managing titles for movable assets. To develop high-end SaaS-based solutions, the client partnered with iTechnolabs for its comprehensive software development services. The solutions were aimed at addressing the needs of the automotive, financial, and insurance services. iTechnolabs provided full-fledged assistance by adding specialized resources (through the staff augmentation model) to work on the client’s project. It ensured meeting the client’s requirements and was successfully implemented.  

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Configuration

Led by – 1 Project Manager 

Worked Upon By – 10 Engineers and 4 QA specialists (specialized in Java and Selenium)

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The Problem Statement

The client, being a funded scale-up company, wanted a global technology partner to join their existing software team and enhance its capabilities. The client was pretty specific about their requirements, including the need for an outsourcing team to scale their in-house software development team, commit to a long-term partnership, understand and address their specific needs, and offer development and support services for their SaaS platforms. 

Additionally, the client was specific about the engineering and tech stack to be used for SaaS platform development. They wanted to collaborate with an organization that could deploy and test novice SaaS platforms on specific hardware configurations.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was to adhere to the critical requirements of the client focused on capital management, a scalable partner for their IT team extension, and long-term collaboration.  

The client was looking for an IT partner that could:

The Solution

iTechnolabs, considering all the specifications, collaborated with the client to build their first SaaS product – title registration software. To achieve this, we designated a dedicated team to work solely on their first product. We set up another team to develop their second product, targeted toward their insurance service ecosystem.

Initially, we partnered with the client by designating a team of 8-9 tech professionals. Only after completing the early development phase of the first product, we transitioned our focus onto the second product. This strategy helped us ensure the stability of our first product. 

As of now, two separate teams from iTechnolabs are working for the client and are responsible for managing and supporting their day-to-day operations of the SaaS solutions built by us.

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Our Process

To build the exact SaaS solutions catering to the client’s definitive specifications, team iTechnolabs followed the following process:

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Team Engagement

We began by evaluating and understanding the client’s goals, their tech stack, and engineering requirements. After our careful consideration of their requirements, we sorted the ideal engineers to be a part of their team.

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Mapping & Vetting Developers

We followed a proper vetting and interviewing process to filter out ideal candidates as per the client’s requirements. These candidates were chosen to be dedicated resources for the client who worked from our global offices with an overlap of the US time zone.

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Aligning with the Client’s Processes

The client had their own established processes, methodologies, and technology stack. To ensure that our dedicated team followed the processes and systems, we introduced our team to the client’s requirements. Additionally, the engagement also comprised sprint planning, introduction to standard collaboration tools, and other activities aimed at aligning our team with the client’s work.

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Resource Management

We designated a skilled project manager and assigned them the tasks of managing the resources, client requirements, and everyday operations. Additionally, the project manager was also responsible for holding regular SCRUM meetings and managing the deliverables.

The Result

Being a funded company, the client wanted to establish a dedicated software team without investing much. iTechnolabs helped them define their processes objectively and provided them with SaaS solutions developed by a dedicated and autonomous team of experts. Additionally, our team also took responsibility for the client’s software products, which contributed to the growth of both platforms. 

We allocated a range of resources, which included senior and junior engineers, solution architects, a project manager, and support engineers to meet the changing requirements of our client. As a result of this robust and continuous collaboration, the client was able to scale their operations as desired. 

We stood by what we say, “our clients’ satisfaction is our triumph”. With our expertise, strategic approach and highly skilled and dedicated team, we were able to achieve major milestones for our client.

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