iTechnolabs Was Hired By A Mexican Company To Develop Their Data Engine

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iTechnolabs helped an E-commerce client transform data from an old, outdated system to a new one. This new data format was used for detailed analysis. The analysis aimed to provide strategic business ideas to the client, giving them an edge in the market.

The Client

The client is a Mexican-based company and partners with E-commerce businesses across Latin America. They invest millions of dollars in working capital and provide access to experts and technology. Their goal is to help businesses grow and become more profitable by offering strategic guidance and specialized tools. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led By –  1 Project Coordinator

Worked By – 2 Python Developers with machine learning expertise. 

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The Problem Statement

The client needed a partner for software development focusing on data, including data analysis services requiring ML Python skills. 

The client wanted to hire iTechnolabs because it could access various portals to source data. They needed more support and experienced resources to manage data analytics tasks. 

Additionally, the client also wanted iTechnolabs to write the algorithms crucial to processing and analyzing data. The goal was to produce a report that offered meaningful insights for analytical purposes. 

The Challenge

The client wanted highly skilled developers who could suggest changes to data structures to improve analytics and reporting processes. This was needed to make data structures smoother and more efficient.  

Analyzing and finding data collection points was another big challenge due to complex systems and unclear documentation.

Additionally, there was a necessity to analyze the existing portals, as each of them was built differently. Developers had to study the unique datasets used by each portal to understand how they were accessed and presented. This analysis was necessary to apply transformations to the data and ensure compatibility with each portal’s structure and compatibility. 

The client, after receiving funding, wanted a clear profit from working with iTechnolabs. 

The Solution

iTechnolabs kickstarted the project by appointing two developers who also served as the project coordinator. 

The project coordinator began reviewing the different portals needed for the data transformation process. The team reviewed several online portals and their data, including endpoint APIs, and then started documenting how to fetch data from each portal. 

The team started building a framework to transform data. It was intended to work with different datasets from various API endpoints. 

Each API was programmed to complete a data transformation engine, enabling data processing based on specified requirements. 

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Our Process

Itechnolabs followed the following process to complete the project successfully: 

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Team Engagement

After picking the team, iTechnolabs checked what the client needed and understood their technology stack and engineering needs.

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Mapping And Vetting Developers

The project started by finding experienced team members. iTechnolabs assigned a coordinator to manage collaboration due to the project’s complex skill needs, ensuring smooth teamwork.

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Client Interviews

After selecting developers, they were introduced to the client for further evaluation and interviews. This process helped developers understand the client’s needs, processes, and methodologies for the project.

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Scaling Project

Experienced team members led the project to transform and combine multiple datasets and sources after initial planning and assessment.

The Result

iTechnolabs, by leveraging its tech expertise and strategies achieved the primary goals of this project:

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