iTechnolabs Revamps A Health & Safety Management Application Software From Its Existing Codebase

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iTechnolabs collaborated with the client to address issues with their existing desktop software and enhance its capabilities by adding new features that would work well with the iOS ecosystem.

The Client

The Rochester-based client is a renowned health and safety software services provider that has been in the industry for over 25 years. 

The client’s company offers information management solutions that allow customers to address safety and environmental issues effectively. The client serves a wide customer base, from private industry to government agencies, and educational institutions – at all levels.

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Configuration

Led By – 1 Project Coordinator

Worked Upon By – 2 iOS Developers, and 1 Manual QC.

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The Problem Statement

The client had an existing solution that they used to inspect Nuclear Power Plants. The solution comprised both a desktop application and an iPad app. While the client already had a development team to manage their desktop application, they lacked skills in working with iPad applications. 

The Challenge

The client wanted to employ developers with expertise in iOS development along with experienced professionals who could identify and address critical issues. However, the challenge here was that the client was seeking resources who could independently understand the existing codebase without requiring a detailed knowledge transfer. These developers were expected to quickly start fixing and making enhancements to the existing code. 

Besides, the client also wanted the resources to run the desktop application and compare its workflow to that of the iPad application. The reason behind this comparison was to identify the gaps and address them using their iOS expertise.

The Solution

Considering the client’s specifications, iTechnolabs introduced a project coordinator and a senior iOS developer to the existing team. They were responsible for identifying the requirements and building a preliminary to-do list. Later in the second week, we introduced another iOS developer and a manual QC to the team.

Our experts began working on the project by discussing the to-do list with the client. Simultaneously, the developers started with the code review to understand the existing applications. 

The manual QC also started reviewing both application versions to secure the application and ensure fluid functionality.

We appointed the project manager as the SPoC (single point of contact) for the project who ensured milestone-based engagement and flexibility in resource allocation throughout the entire project.

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Our Process

Team iTechnolabs followed a strategic process to meet the client’s requirements: 

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Mapping & Identifying Suitable Resources

The first step was to find skilled resources to work on the project as per the client’s specifications. Since the project was highly complex in terms of skills and expertise required, the resources were allocated dedicatedly to accomplish the project successfully.

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Initializing Development

After finalizing and appointing the resources, they began with their respective responsibilities. The developers worked on the critical issue, while the Manual QC defined the benchmarks, fixed bugs, and errors, and crafted a better application.

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Team Collaboration

The project coordinator regularly monitored the project’s advancement and iterations. They also handled feedback loops that occurred on any tenet application.

The Result

With our expertise and strategic approach, we were able to achieve the following outcomes: 

The team iTechnolabs took control of the entire codebase of the project and its tasks independently. It had a significant level of responsibility and autonomy in this collaboration. The client was only able to provide backed developer resources. Hence, the team iTechnolabs had to handle everything related to the frontend development, API definition, and overall project functionality on their own. 

iTechnolabs also successfully maintained a frequent release schedule for iPad application updates. This helped the client retain customers, i.e., the inspection auditors.

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