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Finding a space for your online business seems difficult, right? Not anymore! Thankfully Laravel, the PHP-based web development platform is going to make your job easier. Laravel is the newest baby on the block. It has gained immense momentum and popularity in no time. This is why Laravel has received much more popularity in the business market than its competitors.

Why should you Switch to Laravel?

The development of custom Laravel turns easier with Laravel Framework. Laravel’s is the ground of thousands of Entertainment, News, Media, Technology, Business, Vehicles, Shopping. The question remains the same: why did Laravel get the sudden rise?

Benefits of Laravel Framework

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There are multiple reasons to choose the Laravel framework over any other framework to build a website. The framework is packed with a lot of whistles and bells being the reason for its popularity worldwide. According to the stats, we can identify that the businesses are more benefited after the introduction of Laravel Development Framework for PHP. We have worked with multiple Laravel websites and accomplished in providing them with a good volume of visitors. 

  • Authentication & Authorization Systems

An approachable stance is taken by Laravel to implement authentication & authorization. Whatever is needed virtually is configured out-of-the-box. Even with Laravel, an easy way to provide safe access to the resources and authorization logic is established. 

  • Mail Services

Laravel supports a neat, simple API over the famous Swift Mailer library having the below-given drivers.

⦁ Mailgun,
⦁ Mandrill,
Amazon SES,
⦁ SparkPost,
⦁ “sendmail”
⦁ PHP’s “mail” function

These drivers enable Laravel to develop a web app to send emails through cloud service or local service immediately. Also, notification is sent by Laravel on multiple delivery channels, including SMS and Slack via Nexmo.

  • Technical Vulnerabilities Protection

The web application created with Laravel is much secured against common but serious risks, such as cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting and SQL injection. You can trust Laravel on the security thing. According to experts, the source code is fanatically guarded and a few people have vetted the code.

  • ‘Cached’ Web applications

Unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel is already a step ahead with the cache backend support: Memcached & Redis. Laravel uses the file cache driver & stores cached items in its default settings, although in-memory cache and mission-critical applications, like APC or Memcached, are better suited. Luckily, the framework Larvel can configure several cache configurations simultaneously.

  • Error & Exception Handling

Without any argument, error & exception handling is the most important part of any new Laravel framework project. Above all, Laravel has a confined integration Monolog logging library connected to strong log handlers.

  • URL Routing Configuration

The routes of Laravel are well-defined in the format of app/Http/routes.php file that keeps on loading by it continually. The most major Laravel routes accept a Closure and a URI and offer a simplistic, expressive technique of representing routes.

  • Testing Work Automation

The Laravel framework has superior testing tools blended. Testing support with PHP Unit is a major part, setting up a phpunit.xml file for the purpose. For web application testing, Laravel comes with proper guidance procedures. It gives simple methods to affect the fundamental behavior of users.

  • Scheduling Tasks Management & Configuration

Previously, developers used to get annoyed to fill the entry for each task that needs to be scheduled. These types of tasks were inapplicable to the control of the source; developers have to SSH into the server to get the Cron entries. With the help of the Laravel framework, the job for the developer becomes easier. The job becomes smoother with the communicative application of the command schedule in the Laravel environment itself. Also, a single entry is needed on the server. 

  • Message Queue System

The queue service of Laravel offers a combined API beyond an amalgamation of different queue backends. For asynchronous web requests, queues make way. You can easily comply with the long task with the help of Queue, such as relying on an email, till a later time, which should pace up web applications to your web app.

Why Should PHP Developers Consider Laravel an Effective Web Platform

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  • Uncomplicated APIs Development

As skilled developers, we build API generator Laravel packages to deliver uncomplicated solutions to interact with third-party customers to reach a wide majority of audiences.

  • Extension Development

We build a dynamic Laravel extension fulfilling all the needs of the business and a successful product launch. Our experts are versatile in understanding the 2021 business development needs and requirements, for instance, Payment, eCommerce, and much more. 

  • E-Commerce App Development

The development of the Laravel framework is on our priority bucket list and we own the expertise in it. We believe in using the best dev process and designs, assuring the best open-source benefits of the platform. We also help your business to create a buzz in the global market. 

  • Laravel CRM Development

With the Laravel web development framework, our primary goal is to target the local and global market using web development that defines business uniquely.

Why is Laravel the best solution for web development?

php developers consider laravel-web-platform itechnolabs

  • Open Source

The Laravel framework is open source. The construction of complex and large websites becomes easy without any extra cost. To get started with the process, you only need PHP and a text editor. 

  • Fast Loads

To enhance the performance of the website, the integration of caching in the backend is one of the important steps taken. The fast your website loads, the more is revenue generated. 

  • High-Security Standards

With Laravel, you stay free in terms of the security of your website. It offers high security to your website. To get things on the right page, you only need to use the right components of the framework. The framework has in-built security features that include its Authentication system & protection against Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), SQL injections and Cross-site Scripting (XSS).

  • Price of Laravel Website

You won’t be charged anything to develop the website on the Laravel framework. It is an open-source framework, letting you operate your business online without any extra investment. But, if you don’t know about the XYZ of coding, you must plan to hire a web development team rather than rely on your guts. This framework is much easier to use than the CMS. This is the reason for Laravel site-building at a comparatively low price.

  • Time to Build a Laravel Website

The building of the website on Laravel does not take much time, so it is the solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Also, Laravel is easier to operate than CMS or other platforms. 

  • Laravel Design

There are many libraries offered in Laravel Framework to start your website from scratch. Built-in templates, vue.js, and blade, provide an opportunity for most any design solution. 

  • Out-of-the-box User Model

After the installation or at the time of installation, the Laravel framework offers you the complete kit of out-of-the-box tools. Among them, these are a few:
controllers & migrations
a completely working user registration & login system
a functionality of “forgot password.” 
The premade user model enables you to take your projects up & running quickly.

Wrapping Up

You can learn about more features, benefits and applications of the Laravel framework. A few features of the framework are foundation function, Truehosts Middleware, rebinding method, and default URLs in Routing. For example, Truehosts Middleware allows you to build logic in bulk. Coding errors can also be fixed easily with default URLs in routing and rebinding errors. 

The framework is perfect for the developer and business looking for low-cost or no-cost investment and fast implication. The benefits and features of the platform are immeasurable. So, to get the best framework, Lavarel is what you can look for in 2021. 

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