iTechnolabs Hired As The Dedication Mobile Application Development Team For A Client’s CRM.

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iTechnolabs developed iOS, Android and React Native apps for the client, improving field operations and service. The apps enhanced efficiency and customer service quality.

The Client

Based in Tel Aviv, the client specializes in service transformation and customer experience improvement. They offer a service intelligence platform that aids decision-making, provides service insights, and supports tech service providers like agents and technicians. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Composed 1 Java, 1 Android, and 1 iOS developer. Later the team was scaled to add 2 react native developers, 2 QAs, and 1 salesforce developer. 

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The Problem Statement

The development team of the client comprising several architects set up the product’s base (Android, iOS, Java Backend). The client had already developed the MVP and PoC. As they had the basic product version ready, they required experts to scale their base product on iOS, Android and Java. They were looking for experienced developers to enhance the UI/UX and functionality. 

The client sought a comprehensive engineering solution with a Salesforce developer and QA/QC resources to ensure quality and fix bugs and glitches early in the project. 

The Salesforce developer was crucial as the client was developing a product for the Salesforce as well. The aim was to offer after-market services to a specific industry vertical. They aimed to offer field-level CRM services to monitor, evaluate, and resolve end-customer problems, while working closely with in-house teams. 

The Challenge

The major challenge was integrating new code into an existing system built by in-house developers. Limited time for knowledge transfer made understanding the codebase difficult, despite the developer being available. 

The team needed to understand the codebase and architecture before defining tasks and functionality. They worked with an overlap in the PST timezone, standup meetings, scheduling tasks, and collaboration efforts to ensure consistent interaction and milestone updates. 

The Solution

The iTechnolabs’ team collaborated with the client’s in-house team and project coordinator. They self-debugged the codebase to understand its functionality and features. 

The client’s team creates user stories in JIRA, detailing functions, designs, and API structures. iTechnolabs reviewed these stories, formulating queries for standup calls to discuss with the client. This ensured clarity and alignment on project goals and requirements, facilitating effective collaboration between the client and the development team. 

After a week of discussions, iTechnolabs team gathered data to start daily sprints. They aim to deliver the product in increments, address client queries, track progress, and update on standup calls to advance the project pipeline efficiently. 

Besides, iTechnolabs team also hired a React Native developer to create a mobile app for a client’s field operations solutions. The goal was to expand their product line with a new offering for remote work management.

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Our Process

We followed a strategic process to help the client achieve their app development goals. 

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Allocating The Right Resources

The initial step involved assigning skilled team members to review the code and improve it based on the client’s requirements and existing architecture.

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Initiating Development

Once the resources were allocated, the mobile development team began to debug the existing MVP, started daily standups, set milestones, and created a plan based on client feedback. Automation QC were also used for quality checks.

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Team Engagement

The project coordinator monitored progress and iterations, managing feedback loops from a tenet application. A React Native developer was also assigned to work on a separate issue set in a different product line for the client, ensuring parallel progress on multiple fronts.

The Result

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