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As a leading mobile banking app development company, iTechnolabs ensures that it builds secure, scalable, and streamlined banking app solutions that are easily navigable.

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Revolutionise Banking with iTechnolabs’ Mobile Banking Application Development

As a leading financial institution, you cannot survive without a highly efficient mobile banking app in today’s digitally advanced times. Every reputable financial organisation has taken the disruptive route of mobile banking applications to offer its services and augment the overall customer experience. 

Therefore, get started with the development of your very own mobile banking app by hiring iTechnolabs’ extensive mobile banking app development services. With a profound knowledge of the banking industry and advanced expertise, our developers will offer you groundbreaking app solutions that are going to instantly stand out. Talk to our consultants today!


Your banking app is bound to thrive with iTechnolabs

With the emerging digital banking space, it is the fact of the matter that mobile banking applications are going to play a significant role in the future, or if we are allowed to say, they are the future. Therefore, just stop thinking and kick start the development of a whole new and dynamic digital banking service for your customers and readily embrace the future.

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Data Management

Having their crucial banking data easily available at their fingertips is what must be the dream of every consumer. With our mobile banking application development, we take care that your banking app is simplified and user-friendly, so that your consumers can use their cards or check their bank balance as and when they want.

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Day in day out services

With the popular chatbot services in the picture, you can easily integrate customer services into your mobile banking platform and offer 24/7 effective support to your customers. In addition to it, with AI-enabled chatbots, you can make your customer services extremely cost-effective.

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Rapid banking

Whether your customer wants to make an instant payment to a supplier, or accept payments from a buyer, all can be made possible via the medium of NFC and UPI. iTechnolabs ensures that all the trending and secure technologies are perfectly integrated into your mobile banking app.

Stellar Features of Mobile Banking App

When it comes to determining the features of your mobile banking app, there is no one better than the professionals of iTechnolabs who can offer you the right guidance. Our tech squad will pay a complete attention to your requirements and accordingly suggest you the versatile features for your digital banking space. 

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Account Management

Your customers will be able to receive crucial banking information via the mobile banking app and manage their cards and bank balances.

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Scheduling Payments

Through your mobile banking app, you can allow your customers to plan the future payments and make their banking experience efficient.

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Customisable Alerts

Through your mobile banking application, you can send custom notifications to your customers which can benefit them and prolong their stay on the app.

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Payment of Bills

Your customers can make use of the mobile banking app and can make easy payments of all sorts of utility or other bills from their mobile phones.

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Safe Authentication

In order to offer your customers a safe banking platform, we ensure that your mobile banking app has easy, fast, and secure authentication services in accordance with the stipulated government guidelines.

Opening New Account

Through your highly-efficient mobile banking app, you can offer an effective banking platform to your existing or potential customers where they can easily open a new bank account within no time.

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Chatbot Services

Our mobile banking app developers will make certain that your digital banking platform is equipped with chatbot customer services which your customer can avail 24/7 and get their banking worries solved in minutes.

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Instant Payments

A banking app will be next to useless if it does not allow its customers to make instant payments to anyone (business-related or otherwise) via the advanced technologies of UPI and NFC.

Real-Time Alerts

Through your mobile banking app, you can send instant real-time notifications to your customers with regard to payments, receipts, or any suspicious activity happening through your bank account.

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Encrypted Data -

Security builds trust. In order to maximise security, our mobile banking app developers use diverse encryption algorithms, such as TLS protocol, and make sure that a customer has a safe and secure banking experience.

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Multi-Factor Authentication -

The biggest drawback of a banking machinery is the accessibility and utilisation of your customers’ banking information by someone else without their consent. Through multi-factor authentication, you can ensure a secure banking platform.


Take the security of your mobile banking application a notch higher by using innovative biometric authentication and making sure that no one other than your customers have any access to their bank accounts.

Build an innovative digital banking space with iTechnolabs


As an elite mobile banking app development company, iTechnolabs has no match. Our mobile banking app development services are one of the most extensive, innovative, and affordable and have devised sophisticated and secure banking app solutions for many reputed organisations. We deliver banking apps that are simply extraordinary.

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Less Time to Market

It is undeniable that businesses that evolve faster, thrive better. Our skilled mobile banking app developers harness the power of agile development methodology and accelerate the digital transformation of your banking business. By doing so, iTechnolabs significantly reduces the time to market (TTM) and offers your banking app a much-needed edge.

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Micro-Service Architecture

We make use of micro-service architecture in the mobile banking apps we deliver. Micro-service architecture divides the app into small modules of services that are integrated via APIs. by deploying such architecture, we make sure that banking app is secure, scalable, and easier to deploy.

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Adaptable to customer needs

We build banking applications that are flexible enough to accommodate the evolving customer needs. By embracing the modern agile approach, we are able to act upon the changing needs of the customers, whether it is related to platform or features. By doing so, we make sure that we deliver one-of-a-kind customer experiences.

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Optimal Cybersecurity

Security is of utmost importance in a banking application. Therefore, we deploy regulations-recommended end-to-end encryption algorithms to make sure that your account and related information is inaccessible to any other person. We strictly adhere to all the security measures recommended by the legal guidelines.

Our Exceptional Mobile Banking App Development Services

You instantly choose iTechnolabs’ as your mobile banking app development company if you are aspiring to build a cutting edge banking app with a customised and competent customer experience. 

Data Analytics & Reporting

By using the mystical powers of data science, we can make your mobile banking app smart and personalised. The app will analyse all the activities of your customers’ digital banking account, exhibit their overall financial health, and provide them suggestions to improve.

Strong Architecture

Our mobile app development services will be spot-on and will majorly focus upon building a banking app architecture that is safe and faultless. We would deploy ultra-modern technologies to not let even a single loophole in the app architecture security.

Efficient Chatbot

Our skilled mobile banking app developers possess long experience of building chatbot services that are well-versed in financial terminologies and related concerns, so as to offer valuable and efficient customer support services with regard to anything that is bank related.

Affordable Development

Our very affordable hiring models allow our customers to get very premier mobile banking app solutions at a price that fits perfectly within their budgetary expectations. We endeavour to deliver valuable technological solutions at a very affordable price.

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Cost Estimation of Mobile Banking Application Development

The cost of mobile banking application development comes out to be between $ 12000 to $ 300000. However, this is just an estimation and depend upon the diverse factors given below 

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If your mobile banking app requires the latest technological tools for the purpose of development, you would have to pay additional costs.

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Third-Party Integration

The more the number of third-party integrations your mobile banking app requires, the more the app development cost you would have to bear.

Group 53989
App Design

The more sophisticated the frontend and the backend design of the mobile banking app is, the more would be the cost to develop it and vice-versa.

Group 53993
App Platform

Your choice of app development platform - iOS, android, native, cross-platform - will determine the mobile banking app development cost.

Group 53990

The more the number and complexity of the features and functionalities of the mobile banking app, the more its development cost and vice-versa.

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Banking App Type

The category of the mobile banking application you chose to build will significantly affect the cost of the development of the mobile banking application.

Crafting Excellence!

Our range of mobile banking app development services always endeavour to reach new top-notch levels of excellence in building pioneering solutions.

Our Premier Mobile Banking App Development Process

iTechnolabs has a very simplified and streamlined mobile banking app development process that has created scalable mobile banking applications.

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To kickstart your mobile banking application development, we begin with detailed analysis.

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UI/UX Design

Our mobile app designers get into the UI/UX designing process of the app

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Our mobile banking app developers begin with agile coding and development.

Group 53929

Quality assurance is taken care of by multiple manual and automated testing.

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We will offer regular maintenance and support services of your banking app.

Mobile Banking App Development Services

iTechnolabs’ mobile banking app developers have a profound experience and expertise in developing priceless banking applications that can transform the customer experience and can take your business to newer heights. Reach out to our consultants today and get started.

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Answers to Your FAQs About Mobile Banking App Development

The reasons for mobile banking app development are rather very obvious and are stated as under – 

  • Improved Customer Experience – 

With a banking application at disposal, your clients do not need to visit the banks or stand in long queues at the ATM booth when they can easily execute almost any and every of their banking transactions from their smartphones. Nothing can beat this top-notch level of customer experience. 

  • Augmented Brand Value – 

In order to survive and thrive in the cut-throat competition, every business has to modernise. The same applies to a banking institution, which has to have a dynamic and feature-rich fintech application if it wishes to portray itself as a futuristic brand. 

  • Safe Platforms – 

By harnessing the in-built security features of smartphones, banking institutions endeavour to create and augment the security of their mobile banking platforms. They make use of the latest technologies such as biometric and multiple-factor authentication to make their applications fraud-free.  

  • Higher Returns – 

When you offer your customers a sense of security, trust, transparency, and comfort via your fintech app, you increase the engagement of your existing customers on your fintech app, expand your customer base, and invite higher returns for yourself. 

  • Pioneering Analysis – 

Mobile banking applications leverage the powers of data science to delve into the multifarious banking activities of their customers, analyse them fully, and get valuable insights to bring the performance of their applications at par with the expectations of their customers. 

After we’ve come to an agreement iTechnolabs iPhone app development services start when you present an idea or a business requirement for an application. iTechnolabs will help you transform your dream into reality. 

We follow an extensive and streamlined process for mobile banking app development – 

  • Research – 

You have a raw but groundbreaking banking app idea, but it is futile if it is not refined with and backed by properly conducted research. You may explore the current market conditions, performance of competitors’ applications, and prevalent consumer behaviour. 

  • Strategy – 

You know in and out about the mobile banking app market. The next step obviously is to take crucial decisions with regard to essential features that would make up your app, the technology stack required, and the timeline for mobile app development. 

  • Prototype – 

Before jumping into the banking app development process straightaway, it is prudent to first build a fundamental prototype that aptly reflects your mobile banking app aspirations. Once you approve it, only then will we move forward with the mobile app development process. 

  • UI/UX Design – 

The key to the success of any mobile application is its design. In the case of a mobile banking app, we take care that we keep the design simple and navigable. It is important that the design should be such that the customers can easily explore the multiple features of the app without facing any problem. 

  • Development –

Using the agile development approach, we take care that our mobile banking app developers code your mobile banking app via smaller modules and achieve the development of your mobile banking app on time. We build robust architecture and secure and scalable applications using the latest technologies. 

  • Test & Deploy – 

After getting your app tested multiple times through manual and automated testing sessions, we deploy your mobile banking application on to the chosen app development platform. We make sure that your app is adhering to all the essential guidelines of the chosen platforms. 

  • Maintain & Update – 

We need not even mention that it would be on us to maintain and update your mobile banking app from time to time. We would make sure that we update your app and release its newest versions so as to augment customer experience. 

The cost of mobile banking app development services may range between $ 30000 to $ 300000. However, the range is just an estimation and the cost of mobile banking app development may be affected by the factors given below – 


  • Number and Complexity of Features – 

The more complex the features and functionalities of a mobile banking app, the more cost has to be incurred to develop it. 

  • Design – 

The design of the mobile banking app, which has to be simple, streamlined, and engaging, also affects the cost of its development. 

  • Size and Location of the Team – 

The cost of the development of your mobile banking app also depends upon the number of professionals required on your development team and workforce prices at the place your team is located. 

  • API Integrations – 

The more the number of third-party integrations your mobile banking app requires for a better user experience, the more will be the cost of developing it. 

  • App Platform – 

Whether you choose native development for one or more platforms or cross-platform app development for multiple platforms, the cost of your mobile banking app development will be accordingly affected. 

On the basis of the complexity of the mobile banking app, the development cost has been stated below – 

  • Basic App – $ 30000 to $ 75000
  • Moderately Complex App – $ 75000 to $ 145000
  • Highly Complex App – $ 145000 to $ 300000

The top five future technological trends to look for in the arena of mobile banking app development are as under – 


  • Biometric Security – 

For the purpose of making mobile banking apps completely safe to use, the dynamic biometric technology has been put to use. Fingerprint, eye scan, and face scan have been used to ensure full-proof security. 

  • Voice-Enabled Payment –

By leveraging the groundbreaking voice interfaces, mobile banking apps have become utterly dynamic, allowing their users to give voice commands to their banking apps to make the requisite payments. 

  • Blockchain – 

With the efficient use of blockchain technology, you can easily make your customers’ mobile banking app experience holistic. They can easily and safely make payments with their credential banking data completely safe with blockchain. 

  • AI-Enabled Chatbots – 

AI-enabled chatbots have taken the customer support service of banks and their mobile banking apps to a notch higher. Such chatbot services resolve the multiple grievances of customers at a lightning speed, strengthening their satisfaction. 

  • Cardless Transactions – 

With the advent of online payment gateways, there has been a significant fall in the usage of cards by the customers for making payments. People prefer the effortless and cardless UPI payments instead of the hassles of making transactions using cards. 

After much needed research, we have compiled the list of the best mobile banking app development companies across the globe. The list is as under – 

  • Intellectsoft
  • Brainhub
  • Miquido
  • Sombra
  • DXC Technology
  • Code Brew Labs
  • Diceus
  • Experion Technologies

Make sure that you give yourself time to dig into the experience, expertise, and portfolio of the above-stated mobile banking app developers before choosing the one for the development of your mobile banking application.