How MyFitnessPal Become Canada’s Most Popular Fitness App?

how myfitnesspal become canadas most popular fitness app itechnolabs

This random workout quote will likely inspire you when fitness is your goal, and a healthy and balanced diet is a fundamental element of your daily routine. However, these passages on the importance of regular exercising might not be enough for everyone. This is where diet and fitness management apps enter the picture.

  • For some, fitness is an issue of uncertainty, and others consider it an essential choice for their lifestyle. However, many diet and fitness platforms have gone far in helping people all over the world to consider their fitness seriously. A lot of apps have their users, however, MyFitnessPal is the most popular in terms of both popularity and reach.

In this article, we’ll look at MyFitnessPal as well as how its many features led to it earning the title of Canada’s most popular fitness application. We will also discuss the ways this workout and diet application has managed to gain huge user numbers across the world with the top tools for exercising and calorie control.

MyFitnessPal – How did it begin and Where Do We Stand?

myfitnesspal how did it begin and where do we stand itechnolabs

Available on both Android as well as iOS gadgets, MyFitnessPal was brought into the market in 2005 by the Lee brothers. It was initially created to monitor calories and the user’s activity. This is how the path was for one most widely used diet and fitness management mobile applications:

  • 2005 – Launch and creation of the company by Mike Lee & Albert Lee as a generic fitness platform.
  • 2015 acquisition of Under Armour. Lee brothers signed a contract of $475 million from sportswear company Under Armour. At the time the platform was already home to more than 80 million users. Following the acquisition, the new owner decided to add several more features and offer them as part of an upgrade to the Premium subscription.
  • 2017 – Lee brothers left this platform to focus on other projects that may have similar results to the audience.
  • 2018 – The year 2018 was a big one. MyFitnessPal became the talk of the town after 150 million accounts of users were compromised. It was reported that the incident was an initial breach of data but was an even more serious issue. The business overcame this negative notoriety and remained in the fame.
  • 2020 – The renowned fitness platform was purchased through Francisco Partners via a $345 million deal.
  • 2021 – After it was acquired through a private equity company that was a private equity firm, the fitness tracker app joined forces together with Sprouts Farmer Market. This collaboration helped the app to expand its reach in the area of healthy eating.

Alongside calorie consumption and exercise tracker, The app also provides access to healthy diet ideas as well as quick and easy recipes. At the end of 2022, MyFitnessPal had more than 200 million app users. If we focus on Android downloads alone the number is more than 100 million users around the world making use of the service.

Industry Stats that Support the Prestige of MyFitnessPal on the Market

industry stats that support the prestige of myfitnesspal on the market itechnolabs

People within Canada or those in the United States prefer MyFitnessPal over other platforms due to it having the largest database which simplifies the process of logging food. The mobile application is the leading edge in fitness trackers but that’s not the only reason behind its popularity.

Between 2015 and 2022, the platform built a massive collection of healthy recipes as well as the number of calories found in different foods. Users simply have to say the food’s name or scan a barcode to record what they eat. Certain statistics prove the rise of MyFitnessPal. Some of these figures are listed below:

  • There are more than 1,00,000 fitness and health apps available on the App Store along with Play Store. At present, the estimated market worth for this rapidly growing sector is greater than $96 billion and is predicted to increase by 2030.
  • The year 2020 witnessed a rapid increase in the number of fitness apps, bringing the total app market up to $1.1 billion. With an annual growth rate of 17.6 percent, it will continue to grow rapidly.
  • Some of the biggest newspapers in the world, such as Forbes as well as Time Magazine have stated that MyFitnessPal is the most efficient weight loss mobile app in the market.
  • The application is accessible in more than 15 languages, including Danish, Polish, Japanese, and Filipino. As of now, the application is being actively utilized by over around 200 million users on smartphones.
  • MyFitnessPal has been able to consistently generate a profit with an increase of 50-60% each year. In 2016, the app earned $51 million after introducing the premium subscription plan for its customers. In 2021, despite the data breach, the application prospered and generated $171 million in revenues.
  • Despite the existence of notable competitors such as Fitbit and Strava, MyFitnessPal has remained the most popular health as well as weight loss management mobile app in Canada as well as other countries.

Top features of MyFitnessPal

top features of myfitnesspal itechnolabs

1. Basic Features

  • After registration, the app will suggest an average daily net calorie target according to your weight loss target.
  • The app lets users record their food intake and exercise details within the app. Based on the information you provide the application determines the total calories left over for the day.
  • Based on your daily calorie consumption and exercise log It will inform you when you’ve achieved the weight loss goal.
  • The app will store the information about the food you enter. Therefore, you do not need to fill in this information over and over. The app will fetch the information based on previous submissions.
  • Additionally, fitness lovers can easily change their goals for nutrition via the mobile app and get advice.

2. Premium Features

  • Food analysis in depth: The thorough evaluation of calories consumed by the mobile app allows you to evaluate the appropriate food items while also highlighting foods that could negatively affect your fitness goals.
  • Macronutrients setup: The Macronutrient setup MyFitnessPal does not just allow you to record your food intake but also keeps an eye on macronutrients.
  • Goals customization: Goals customization is easy to modify the details of your weight loss and fitness goals using the mobile app when altering your food information.
  • Dashboard for the home screen: Premium MyFitnessPal users isn’t required to open the mobile app to view the number of calories and goals for exercise. The dashboard can be added to their home screen and review the data immediately.
  • Export of data export: MyFitnessPal is among those platforms that are responsive and compatible that allow you to connect to other apps and wearable devices without hassle.
  • Customized calorie goals: You can personalize the food log on this application. You can also set goals for each day, week, and month.
  • Health Plans: If you’ve got an upcoming event that you’ll need to stay fit, the app could provide a suitable fitness program that includes exercises.
  • Coaching for recipes: You can look into healthy recipes that aren’t loaded with the calories of traditional recipes and are made with just a few ingredients.
  • Barcode scanner for meals: Barcode scanning for food items MyFitnessPal users can make use of the barcode scanner that is integrated within the application to assess the number of calories contained in food products that are packaged.
  • Intermittent Fasting: It is also possible to adjust your intermittent fasting and monitor your progress over time.
  • Workout regimen: App users who have premium subscriptions can access workout content. This feature is only available to those who access the app within the English language.
  • Time stamps on food (Food timestamps): Android as well as iOS users can see on MyFitnessPal how their meals impact their energy levels as well as exercise impact.

You can get all the benefits of MyFitnessPal ads-free by purchasing an upgrade option to premium!

Create Your Fitness and Personal Care Brand with iTechnolabs

create your fitness and personal care brand with itechnolabs

Are you aware of what has made MyFitnessPal the most popular mobile application for fitness and nutrition in Canada and across the world? The idea was born out of the deliberate implementation of digital technology. The system Mike Lee built for his personal health goals morphed into a highly effective complete nutrition tracking system and physical fitness software.

If you’re considering an identical idea for an exercise business it is important to know that an app of this kind will require an approximate budget of between $20,000 and $80,000. Maintenance and scalability charges will depend on the agency you select to develop the app. Additionally, the array of features that are similar to those of MyFitnessPal may lead to additional integration or third-party customized charges.

It’s also possible to consider collaborating with iTechnolabs to provide personalized fitness, diet, and nutrition app development. Our tech experts with previous experience in this field can create a budget estimation for your health mobile application. We can also aid you in selecting the best mobile app designs, including native and cross-platform apps.

We not only create an open design and development roadmap for applications and we also guarantee the creation of an application that will be distinguished by its flawless performance. For more information and get in touch with the iTechnolabs team now!

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