On-Demand App Development Ideas for Startups to Launch

on-demand app development ideas for startups to launch in 2022 itechnolabs

Covid-19 is still not completely vanished even after being double vaccinated. Everyone and everything is changing. For now, we still didn’t find 100% safety guarantee against Covid-19, it is affecting everyone in a different way. Some are going through diverse challenges, some of them are having second thoughts over their existence, etc. This is all because they have nothing to do to earn their living. In this critical situation, IT Industry hugely Impacted to save the economical and healthcare conditions with latest technology. Plenty of on-demand app development ideas for startups played vital role to boost the business, and make the life easier.

How On-Demand App Development Ideas for Startups help?

Considering the overall situation now, there is still one sector that is very much in demand even in this critical crisis i.e., online service apps/software.

Service apps are just shining bright in the sky even in this cloudy weather.

On-demand Service Apps and their Popularity

on-demand service apps and their popularity itechnolabs

Knowing that Covid-19 is the 99% the reason behind the increased use of on-demand service apps, this will stay for long. Moving further everyone now will choose digital shopping and online grocery purchasing over visiting stores.

Yes, that’s absolutely right!! Because of this situation, the IT industry is growing, and every other company is planning and developing their web and mobile app with some unique profitable professions. On-demand services are hence gaining a strong grip globally with growing popularity. On-demand supplies services to a broad spectrum of enterprises, both directly and indirectly. That being the case, every employee is waiting for such opportunities where they can share their ideas, knowledge, resources to on-demand service applications.

What is the Main Objective behind an On-demand Service Start-up?

main objective behind an on-demand service start-up itechnolabs

On-demand service apps are ahead of all. It is heading popularity because people are getting things easily and ON ONE CLICK.

What the providers need to do is deliver the best service to their users and in return receive the necessary feedback and payments. And this applies to every service that users are looking for.


  • Want an urgent plumber service?
  • Wish to get a haircut done?
  • Craving for some delicious food?
  • Want a dry-cleaning service?
  • Essential Pest Control service at home?

Don’t you think if on-demand service apps weren’t available, how difficult it would become to get these services to benefit from home? Isn’t it?

On-demand service apps are like Aladdin’s genie. All your wishes are pleased and fulfils your urgent requirements. And people are being more and more dependent on it from now on. So, you can say that this is the right time to get into the on-demand service app business industry.

Now, let us investigate some of the most renowned on-demand service app ideas that will boost your business in the year 2022.

Ideas for On-demand Business App Start-ups

ideas for on-demand business app start-ups itechnolabs

There are several on-demand app development ideas for startups available, but few of them are written below:-

1. UPI Pay Apps

UPI, also known as Unified Payments Interface-based payment is an app that is quite a in demand to maintain social distancing and avoid contact with other public.

upi pay apps itechnolabs

It is an inter-bank payment technique which runs on real-time and permits transferring and demanding funds. Numerous bank accounts can be linked to a single app and money can be sent/requested using your UPI id, QR Scan, account number or IFSC code, mobile number, etc.

Once you register with such apps, your UPI id and QR scan code are generated automatically. So, you can use it to receive any payments and transfer money to anyone from anywhere. 

2. Medicine Order, Delivery App

online medicine order delivery app itechnolabs

Whatever is the situation around, the public always avoids visiting medical stores to purchase medicines. They are always everything and are afraid to reach out to someone who has been diagnosed with covid-19 or any other transferable disease or infection.

Medicine ordering and delivery start-ups were created to meet all of these demands. All the user needs to do is –

  1. Search for the medicine they wish to purchase
  2. Add the number of medicine strips they require
  • Upload their prescriptions

All this should be done through your on-demand medicine delivery apps, and the drugstore owner will review whether the medicine is available. Meanwhile, the allotted doctor will approve the prescription. For this, you may also receive a verification call. And then you will receive your medicine at your doorstep within 24hours.

3. All-Inclusive Apps

all-inclusive apps itechnolabs

Everyone around is busy the whole day, and then they do not have much time to spend on rest other things. To overcome this, developing an on-demand mobile app where the users find everything in one place can be a great idea.

For example, applications like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal provide almost anything and everything. And the greatest thing is that – they are all available to everyone through a mobile app as well. And the demand for such apps is also high because of their valuable features.

The all-inclusive mobile apps will be an online version of shops where you find everything. It will be easy to use, cost-effective, and a significant start-up on-demand mobile app concept for 2022.

4. Taxi/Cab Booking App

taxi cab booking app itechnolabs

Due to this covid-19 pandemic, individuals have sidestepped and are avoiding making use of the public transport systems. This is directly being pro aspect for on-demand cab apps like Uber, Ola, etc. But you may think that – this pandemic isn’t going to last eternally. But don’t you think people now and in the future will find more comfort and safety using these cabs or taxis. So if you want to invest your money in any on-demand business idea, then this is one of the best options to go for.

5. Online Counselling Therapy

online counselling therapy itechnolabs

Online counseling therapy directs to psychotherapy services performed with the help of the internet. They understand the patience concern, listen to their problems and help them to overcome them through sessions. And there are many people that find themself left out, want someone to share their emotions, or facing inner problems. And they need to take up this therapy. Hence, many of them are looking for some of these therapies to connect and share their sorrows. So that they can find the right way out of it with correct guidance and the right advice.

While all counselors furnish professional guidance, there are two varieties of counsel firms:

  • Strategy therapy – support businesses with straightforward requests about their pathway
  • Management therapy – often specialize in a certain field

Initially, you can start this business by your means and then expand it according to the requirement. Get more clients and then hire more therapists to guide them right. Grow your business this way!

6. Most Suitable holiday hangout finder app

Most suitable holiday hangout finder app itechnolabs

These kinds of holiday hangout finder apps let you enter your favoured sight, time of the vacation, desired activity. With this, it also helps you with the packages description/selection with respect to number of days. Let’s you know about your budget and other variables to show you the top 10 places where you should spend your holidays.

And people love traveling, exploring places in the time of vacations. So, creating such apps will keep your business on-demand.

7. Resume Editor and Updater App

resume editor and updater app itechnolabs

Everyone here go through a phase where you have to search for relevant jobs, new jobs, or just start your career. In any situation people are never confident if they have covered all the points in their resume, is it very lengthy? Is it attractive and not that complicated? And more.

So, to avoid such questions and develop the best version of your resume, such applications are useful. And believe it or not, everyone when in the above situation tries to find such on-demand service apps. So, starting your business by developing a resume editor and updater app is also a great choice.

8. Beauty Treatment Apps

beauty treatment apps itechnolabs

Everyone earns for their living and they always look for how handsome or beautiful they will look when communicating/hanging with others.

Instead of finding a beauty parlor, making an appointment and getting the treatment done, wouldn’t it be nice getting a salon at home?

Clients of beauty care services are increasingly pivoting to online platforms. Hairdressers, skin treatments, cosmetologists, etc. are using mobile apps to sell their services. So, if you are from the same industry but wish to start online as well, then why wait?

9. Online Doctor Consultation Apps

online doctor consultation apps itechnolabs

This app lets you consult doctors or physicians that are registered with the app. You can ask them all and every type of question and get replies from relevant doctors.

You can also select the doctor according to the fees they offer. So, creating these apps is going to help a lot of people.

10. New Start-up idea/tips Apps

new start-up idea tips apps itechnolabs

In this next-gen people, every young pass out student wants to start a business of their own, instead of working for some third person. They find putting energy, idea, and time for own business is more satisfying than letting others’ businesses grow by being an employee there.

And there they come across finding apps that will assist with some impressive start-up thoughts or pointers which they must recognize before starting their personal enterprise and being an entrepreneur. So, growing such apps can also be an awesome concept.

11. Food Delivery Apps

food delivery apps itechnolabs

The evolution of food delivery apps has been exposed, catering to the demands of the starving public. The on-demand food delivery app has a combination of coffee shops, lunchrooms, hotels, eateries, and more. The App provides gauged delivery periods to its buyers using a real-time tracking system. Explore, select the food, confirm the order by payment and receive the food to your doorstep.

This is one of the most wanted and used apps by all and will be the most in-demand service app even in the coming future.

12. Bill Payment Reminder Apps

bill payment reminder apps itechnolabs

In the busy day-to-day life, people always tend to forget to pay their electricity bill, society maintenance, TV recharge, etc. on time. And then result in paying some additional amount as last fees. So, such bill payment reminder apps will help the audience to mark the last bill payment dates and accordingly get a reminder beforehand to avoid the last fees. And developing such bill payment reminder apps is one of the on-demand service apps used by 90% of the public around.

13. Clean-up Your Device Apps

clean-up your device apps itechnolabs

Everyone has a smartphone and is crazy about clicking pictures or exploring social platforms. This indeed occupies a lot of space in your device and once the remaining space is less the mobile starts acting weird. It will restart in between, hang, will take a long to load apps/pages. So, to avoid such situations public look for clean-up applications where their waste data gets deleted and does harm your mobile. Developing such apps is a great start too.

14. Laundry App Services

laundry app services itechnolabs

The laundry business using an online app can do phenomena way to start your business. This can be done by providing three services:

  1. Dry Cleaning
  2. Laundry Service
  3. Pick-up/Delivery Service

You can create an app where people can check and add their requirements about their service with the number of clothes and their address. Once done, your delivery agent can go collect the clothes confirm the order and then deliver it back to them after the service is done successfully. You can also add payment options to the app like pay on delivery, online payment, card, etc.

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The on-demand app development ideas for startups are diverse and can be started by anyone as all of them are on-demand, serviceable and useful. So, choose the one that best-fits you. And with superior capabilities, and proper execution of any on-demand provider app idea, get equipped to carve the niche and make super income.

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