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iTechnolabs aided a leading pricing analytics company whom they were serving since October 2022. Started initially with 20 data analysts, iTechnolabs soon expanded to 60 data analysts, assisting with product data matching. The data they provided powered the client’s marketplace pricing code, helping them make better pricing decisions and respond quickly to changes in competitor prices.

The Client

The client runs a B2B data intelligence and solutions company that leverages data analytics to generate  revenue for service and retail industries. Their retail data platform provided businesses with a holistic view of product pricing, insights into consumer behavior, and tools to optimize profitability through effective consumer engagement. 

The client’s goal was to develop and enhance its software for large E-commerce marketplaces, enabling them to manage pricing and promotions across multiple channels and customer touch points effectively. 

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Tech Team Composition

Led by – 1 Senior Project Manager

Worked upon by – 60 data analysts, 2 team leader

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The Problem Statement

The client, an ASX-listed company, sought a global KPO partner to enhance their Product Data Matching Teams in Southeast Asia. They had secured major B2C e-commerce marketplaces as customers and needed assistance matching prices and product data for over 200,000 unique branded products across 100+ websites. The client’s requirements were carefully and precise, requiring a high level of accuracy. 

iTechnolabs assembled a remote team of 60+ data analysts for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The team was tasked with providing detailed insights on product pricing and availability across online marketplaces, enabling strategic price reductions on the client’s websites as needed. 

iTechnolabs analyzed data to improve client’s product pricing insights, facilitating automated and strategic price reductions on end customer websites for enhanced competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

iTechnolabs’ data analysts faced a daunting task, reviewing 200,000+ products daily. Their goal was to manually match pricing and availability with competitor websites, requiring meticulous analysis and comparison.

The project involved data entering data into a complex in-house software provider by the customer. This included multiple layers and fields for segregating, duplicate products, categories, package sizes, and sale conditions. The software also managed products that were out-of-stock, logging them, and waiting for their return to ensure successful product comparison. 

iTechnolabs faced the challenge of training 60 data analysts on multiple products and maintaining a 95% output data quality standard daily. iTechnolabs had to meet submission deadlines measured in days or weeks, requiring careful management and oversight. 

The Solution

iTechnolabs managed the project with end-customer website projects, ensuring daily meetings between the senior Project Manager and the client team. Working six days a week, they created individual Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each project, using the client’s in-house tool extensively. 

SOPs included detailed procedures for Base Product creation, quality check techniques, and roles of proficient analysts as Quality Assurance (QA). They also developed training modules as a living document to match the client’s expected proficiency speed over time. 

This approach reflected iTechnolabs’ commitment to close client collaboration, adherence to schedules, use of client tools, detailed SOPs, continuous training, and quality assurance.   

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Our Process

iTechnolabs’ followed a comprehensive process to fulfill the requirements of the client: 

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Mapping & Identifying Appropriate Resources

The job placed a requirement for fast typing, proficiency in English language, mindful web scraping, eye for detail, and resilience for database work. The company interviewed over 90 internal candidates to match their skills to the job.

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Consistent Client Feedback

Leveraging time zone differences and shift scheduling, iTechnolabs gathered daily client feedback. This approach facilitated improvements in product data matching attributes and software-driven data input, ensuring continuous enhancement based on real-time client input.

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Team Engagement & Continuous Training

The team underwent a 1-week training before starting working in the production environment. Quality Control (QC) provided daily feedback, leading to continuous updates in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training modules to improve performance.

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Managed Scale Up of Teams

iTechnolabs efficiently built a team of 60 data analysts in a month by training and deploying them in squads. The first squad of 20 analysts underwent a week of training in September 2022 and worked for a month. Subsequently, the next two squads were trained in October 2022, each for a week, and joined the workforce. This sequential approach ensured a manageable scale-up, with Squad 2 and Squad 3 benefitting from the learnings of Squad 1, minimizing performance issues. The strategy also provided a predictable training curve for the later squads, facilitating a seamless team-building process.

The Result

iTechnolabs achieved the following results while working on the project:

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