Case Study - How iTechnolabs Developed A Resident Portal For A Real-estate Company In Record-breaking Time?



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iTechnolabs, a long-term partner, helped develop an app for the real estate company. The collaboration created a standout solution, scalable and unique, setting the client’s company apart from competitors in app development.

The Client

The client is a lifestyle and technology firm in Maryland, offering services to residents in DC Metro Area community associations. They enhance lives with personalized services and innovative tech solutions. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Led By- 1 Project Manager

Worked Upon By – several full-stack developers & 3 mobile app developers 

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The Problem Statement

The client was looking for a development partner experienced in app design, development and API integration that could build a seamless and functional application. They spend 8 months planning their project launch and wanted to outsources their requirement to a dedicated partner for 24*7 support, continuous communication, regular updates, and daily standups. 

Also, the client was looking for a partner who valued commitment and close involvement in their project’s progress and success. 

The project followed a process of continuous improvements and Agile testing to meet the tight deadlines. Consistent availability, ability to complete the tasks, and effective communication were key requirements for the project’s success. 

At last, after thorough research, the real estate company chose iTechnolabs for developing their mobile app. iTechnolabs adaptable approach and clear methodology instilled the most confidence among various firms considered. 

The Challenge

The client established their company a couple of years ago and aimed to gain a competitive edge in real estate by developing cutting-edge, scalable applications. These apps were unique, functional, and intended to redefine their competitive stance in the industry. 

The goal is to create an app that gives a clear advantage over competitors, becoming a regular tool for consumers by providing easy access anytime, anywhere. 

The company’s CTO (Chief Technical Officer) sought app developers with transparent delivery methods to avoid redoing work. After researching and consulting with various firms, the client chose iTechnolabs for their app development. This decision emphasized the importance of a transparent process to save time, effort, and money. The CTO’s focus on quality and efficiency led to the selection of iTechnolabs’ services and software team.

The Solution

iTechnolabs took a hands-on approach, dividing app development into steps for effective project management. This ensured thorough and efficient completion.  

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Our Process

We followed a comprehensive process which comprised various stages: 

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Mapping & Vetting Resource

On finalizing the project scope, iTechnolabs assigned a project manager as the SPOC for the client. The manager managed the project, while developers handled app development based on the agreed requirements.

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iTechnolabs’ team, led by the project manager, followed Agile methodology. They held regular standup meetings for updates and worked together in development sprints. Their work was based on requirements, feedback, and carefully crafted architecture.

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As the project progressed and expanded, more developers joined to handle feature development, QC, and regular software releases. Despite a tight deadline, the team prioritized shipping features quickly and optimizing them later. This flexible scaling allowed iTechnolabs to shorten the time to market significantly, providing a crucial business advantage for the client’s operations.

The Result

iTechnolabs app for the client propelled the company ahead in its market. Developed in just 8 months, the app’s launch spurred tremendous growth for the real-estate company. This showcased iTechnolabs’ impact and efficiency in app development. 

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