Product development: A Right Approach To Build Minimum viable product

product development a right approach to build minimum viable product itechnolabs

Being an entrepreneur you may be sparked by an amazing idea to come up with something. But what will the market’s reaction be to your idea? How will you be able to tell whether a large number of people will buy your product? Well, iTechnolabs here has jotted down some points on the right approach to build a minimum viable product.

The solution lies in proving your concept through your minimum viable product (MVP) development process. It helps create as well as test and delivery the final product. Businesses need to avoid certain traps in the process of launching the development of an MVP for a website or mobile application.

So, it is vital to have a solid understanding of this notion. Because iTechnolabs specialists have been working in startups for many years We have decided to share our knowledge in the creation of an MVP starting from the ground up.

In this blog, we will provide five steps to create an MVP Based on our experiences. Remember that the method you choose to use will differ based on your particular product and business.

So, let’s start!

What is an MVP?

An MVP is a minimal model of an app. This is why the MVP development process is a method through which a new application is designed with the core functionality. The purpose of the MVP is to determine the reaction of the audience that will be using it. Following this, the actual product with all the features is created.

Furthermore, MVP is an important part of a lean startup model. This method states that there are numerous repeated cycles of improvement throughout your IT production process. How do they work?

Here’s the way Eric Ries, the author of Lean StartUp, defines the MVP: “The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.”

The reason for making an MVP

An MVP is an item that has just enough features to be able to be used by early users. The aim to create An MVP does not mean to provide an entirely functional product, but rather to examine the validity of assumptions and collect feedback from customers.

At times, an MVP could be just a simple landing page that has a sign-up form. It was this way with Dropbox made use of a simple site to measure users’ desires before launching the other features of the service. In other instances the case, an MVP could be a fully functional service with a limited set of capabilities. This was the case with Twitter it was the first to launch with a minimal list of features. It slowly added more features over time.

Making an MVP is an excellent method to get your product up and running without putting in a lot of effort or money in development. It’s crucial to remember that not all products are appropriate to be an MVP. In certain situations, the launch of a full-fledged product could be more appropriate.

What is the right or wrong time to create an MVP

Every startup is unique and so is every product. However, there are general guidelines to follow to determine which MVP is best for your company.

  • Are you working on a complicated product?
  • Are your products novel or unique?
  • Are you targeting a niche market?
  • Do you have a limited amount of resources?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of these questions then an MVP may be a viable option for you. However, it’s a good idea to consider an easy product that doesn’t need creativity or you’re targeting the mass market in which case an MVP might not be required.

The creation of an MVP product can be an excellent method of getting your product on the market quickly and effectively. However, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re doing it for the right purpose. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money and time on something that’s not ultimately likely to succeed.

Conduct some research and think about the possibility of an MVP being the right choice for you and your company before you leap. It can reduce time and effort in the long run.

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The five steps that are essential to building an MVP

the five steps that are essential to building an mvp itechnolabs

1. Conduct market research

Though the ideas might be great they need to be able to withstand the harsh environment of the marketplace. Before you present your innovative concept, determine the customer’s requirements. Gather the most information you can. Keep the eye on your competition also. The goal will be to help your concept stand out.

Think about who is my ideal customer. What makes my concept unique? Make use of real-time data. The flimsy nature of wishful thinking isn’t helping here.

2. Choose the problem you wish to resolve

What is the value of your product? What benefits can customers get from your service? These important questions should be at the forefront of your thoughts. It is essential to communicate your thoughts. Also, you must be in your estimations of the fundamentals for your item. MVP means introducing something valuable to customers.

3. Check out the features of the product.

It is essential to decide the most important features and which aren’t. It might be beneficial to use a scale of 1-10 to indicate the importance increasing of attributes. It could also be beneficial to provide information about the difficulty of implementing the product. In particular in what ways are they beneficial to the users? These are the questions to be addressed.

4. Create your MVP

Once you have a clear understanding of the key features and the needs of your market and wants, you can build your MVP (or employ a trustworthy team to create it). The MVP must be of high quality, user-friendly, engaging, and relevant to the potential customers you might be able to attract.

5. Measure, build, and study

In the beginning, the amount of work needed to be established, and then the product is now ready for the process of development. Once your MVP model of the product is created and tested, it must be checked. Quality Assurance (QA) engineers begin the first set of tests.

Once your MVP is released, conduct an in-depth review (i.e. take note of the feedback of your customers before releasing). The reaction of your customers can help you determine if your product is well-liked by the market and is competitive against other products.

It is essential to understand that your customers are your best colleagues. They will inform you of the ways you can enhance your product. Certain features might not be required. Equally, your product could be missing a crucial feature.

Be attentive to what they are saying to you. After you have gathered enough information from them, you can begin to improve the product concept. Test again, gain knowledge from your testing results, and repeat the tests. This process must be repeated until the final product is finished.


  • Hold onto every word your users say to you
  • You’re creating products not to benefit you as such, but rather for the benefit of users.
  • Be aware and ask your users what they would like to hear.

Assessing the effectiveness of your MVP

assessing the effectiveness of your mvp itechnolabs

A few common metrics you may be interested in tracking are the engagement levels of your users (e.g. the amount of time spent on the site or pages viewed, etc. ) as well as conversion rates and levels of customer satisfaction. It can also be helpful to create an A/B testing system to evaluate the effectiveness that you have achieved with your MVP against the performance of a control group (i.e. people who did not receive your MVP). Here are some general suggestions to help you determine whether or whether your MVP has the intended results.

(1) Verbal communication  

Interviews can be conducted with prospective customers. Start by thinking about the problems a potential customer could confront and ask their opinions.

(2) Sign-up  

Sign-ups can be a direct method to gauge the level of interest.

(3) Better client evaluations in light of feedback  

If your application is regularly downloaded and launched and launched, then your customers are looking for your app.

(4) Amount of people who have active accounts  

Monitoring the rate of downloads and launches is essential. But, you can determine the success of your MVP by studying the user’s behavior. Make sure to monitor the ratings of your active users often.

(5) The rate of churn  

Displays the number of users who quit using your app or removed it from their devices. Churn is the number of customers at the start of the month or week/Number of churns in a month or week.

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Want some advice regarding your MVP?

want some advice regarding your mvp itechnolabs

An MVP could be compared to a test balloon. It aids in predicting the technical and commercial potential of your product’s vision as well as its delivery. It allows you to make decisions in the business and technical realms that are based on facts instead of merely speculations. This is why the main goal of iTechnolabs in creating a profitable MVP is to incorporate the notion of testing the idea or product on the marketplace.

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