Entrepreneurs Guide on Software Development for Startups

entrepreneurs guide on software development for startups itechnolabs

If you’re searching for an online development company for startup software development, take a look at iTechnolabs here. If you’re interested in learning how to effectively work with a software development firm read on. Below is our tried-and-tested method for creating Software Development for Startups in partnership with an agency.

As founders, you’re an expert in your field. You’ve experienced the “lightbulb moment”, the idea that could change your business or at least some of it by using technology.

You’ve heard of The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Perhaps you’ve decided that you want to create the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

However, as the marketing guru, Neil Patel says “There is no such thing as a solo entrepreneur.”

Like many founders, you likely began looking to find a tech-savvy co-founder to make your dream team of experts in product development and top-of-the-line developers.

There’s only one issue: it’s difficult to find top talent with just an idea written on napkins.

It’s a common problem. Finding the best talent, even with the smallest budget to make your idea an effective product before your competition beats your idea to market.

This is the reason that so many entrepreneurs are looking to software development firms to assist them in turning their business concepts into reality.

That’s exactly what we do at iTechnolabs

iTechnolabs has a proven and tested Software Development for Startups method to ensure our custom software development services are the right fit for your company.

In this blog, we will describe our entire process in depth. After that, we will provide tips to help you get the most value you can for any Software Development firm.

Customized Product and Software Development for Startups by iTechnolabs

We follow a methodical strategy, based on the lean approach, to move your idea from a business concept to a tangible product that allows you to test the market, gain some traction, and ultimately get funding for scaling.

The process starts with our experts in product development working together with you to simplify the first design of your software, known as the MVP, and to the most essential characteristics.

Our UX/UI and development teams for custom software assist you in the design and develop your MVP.

This allows you to start your product as swiftly as possible while focusing on the end customer and the fundamental assumption behind your business.

Step-by-step procedure to Software Development for Startups

step by step procedure to software development for startups itechnolabs

1. Product Scope

Product Scope is an intensive process that provides everything you require to create the first prototype of the product to be used in the development phase.

It’s proved to be valuable to the entrepreneurs we collaborate with – as you’ll read from the comments we receive from them.

2. Scope Preparation

In this stage, we will sit down with you to dive into the vision of your product.

We must understand your concept from beginning to end so we can write a detailed description of your idea.

When preparing the scope we collect all the necessary research for the project to proceed. This includes figures in the marketplace, benchmarks of competitors as well as any other relevant information.

Once we’ve developed a detailed description of your product we can begin the interactive session.

3. Immersive Session

In the course during the immersive session, we will use all the research and details from the detailed outline to design your

  • Unique Value Proposition which describes the value your product can offer, the audience it’s targeted, and why it’s superior to the current offerings
  • List of the Main Assumptions to Validate A breakdown of each assumption that must be verified. It could be confirmed through research or the inclusion of a feature in your MVP.

After we’ve reached an agreement on these points Our team will create your first user stories.

These stories will allow us to assess your feature list for the next phase of the Product Scope, and the product reason for it.

3. Product Rationale

With all the details from the scope preparation and the immersive session, We’ll be able to design your

  • MVP feature list
  • Final user stories

These aspects are essential to the development phase. Focusing on the user’s journey will allow you to create an application that solves their needs.

In addition, a pre-defined feature list will allow you to make your product as lean as possible and allows you to stay clear of features that are not needed and to only develop features that confirm your core assumption.

We will then create the main screens for your MVP to give you an idea of the visual design of the final product will appear like.

If required at this point of this process, you could create an

  • Key BPMN (Business Process Model & Notation)
  • Tech Scope
  • Tech Spike
  • Business Model

We have found that not every project requires every one of those. So, we assess this on a case-by-case basis based on your particular requirements.

After the Product Scope is defined, we can then proceed to the development phase which is the next step in our process.

MVP Development Process for Startups

mvp development process for startups itechnolabs

  • All Screens

Utilizing the key screens that have been approved within the scope of the product our team develops the product fully.

They will then provide the complete UX/UI of the product, allowing you to imagine what your final product will appear like.

  • Development

After you’ve ratified the final concept of your product, you’re ready to begin the design stage.

In this stage, our team of top technical talents is progressively delivering components for your products.

This lets you begin testing the components of your product in the course of development.

Our teams are divided into two-week sprints and have structured goals both internally as well as in conjunction with our clients.

The two-week sprints consist of:

  • PM Synchronization: Team members should update the delivery plan if needed to include any changes, or simply check on the progress
  • Team Review of Backlog: This team checks that the requirements are prepared for implementation, and then decides on what next steps to take.
  • Plan the sprint: The team will define the objectives for the coming weeks to clarify product issues and plan to implement
  • Point of Situations with Client: The client must meet at least once a week to discuss developments and plans for the next sprint.
  • Test & Launch

After our team for custom-designed software design has developed your product, we move into an evaluation phase.

In this stage, we’re constantly in contact with you to resolve any major bugs or issues to make sure that your product is in good shape to launch.

After we’ve sorted out any problems, you’re now ready to launch your app and start collecting feedback from your customers.

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Post MVP Development

Once you’ve launched and begun collecting feedback from your customers You’ll probably want to make some modifications to the first version of your software.

In the current stage of our business relationship, You have two options.

Alternative One: Continuous development by iTechnolabs

We can continue working together to improve and expand your product from an engineering perspective.

This commitment can be made by one of two methods:

  1. Time and Materials: The following is the cost per hour for each team member. You can scale the team’s size up or down following the requirements of your product at least 10 days in advance.
  2. A Dedicated Team: We set up the team located on our premises, and were hired by iTechnolabs. The dedicated team requires a minimum commitment of six months, however, it typically comes at an hourly rate that is lower compared to. that of the Time & Materials model.

In our experience, it is at this point that businesses naturally start to require an in-house team of technical experts.

We also provide another option, namely an exchange of knowledge.

Option Two: An In-House Team

With a product that is working in the marketplace, it’s much easier to join the technical experts to help you expand your company.

If you choose at this point to shift the responsibility to an internal team, which we believe that every founder should do eventually, we will assist you to ensure that the transfer is as smooth as it can be.

We can first help you locate and recruit the best technical personnel for your needs, including the sourcing process and selecting candidates that are most suitable for your team’s requirements.

We can also help get your technical team up to speed, regardless of whether we assist you in finding the issues or not.

Normally, at the time the business relationship is ended, an agency turns all technical documentation over to you and the newly formed technical staff.

Based on our experience, this isn’t the most efficient method to pass on the information.

This is why we created our proprietary process for knowledge transfer. It’s designed to make sure that the new technical team you’ve hired has an understanding of the product we created with you. 

The way we work is that our team works with your team for a pre-determined period. Our team will be focusing on transferring all the necessary information to help your team help them get up to speed. If both you and the team are content with the number of things they require, we’ll then let our team go out of the procedure.

For more information details about more about our Custom Software Development Process, including a complete description of all the products that we offer along with the tools we employ for development, click here.

The Secrets of working with a Software Development Company – iTechnolabs

the secrets of working with a software development company itechnolabs

As I stated at the start of this piece and also discussed the entire framework that we utilize at iTechnolabs. I’d also like to give some advice to help you maximize the value of working with a company that develops software.

Begin with the type of agency you’re seeking.

1. Knowledge & Hunger

If you are looking to bring an expert into your business, it is essential to hire passionate and driven people who have the skills your company isn’t equipped with. It doesn’t matter if it’s experience or UX/UI, technology, or product.

The same applies when you are looking to find a Product & Software Development Company.

Good, reliable Software Development Companies only hire only top professionals.

They become experts in the industries they help. Starting from Fintech up to Online Travel, Marketplaces, E-commerce, and so on.

The first step to establishing the development of a positive agency relationship is to perform your due diligence and identify an agency that is many years of experience and the desire to develop disruptive new products.

2. Learn From Those Who’ve Done It

Find articles written by successful entrepreneurs who have built their businesses using an organization for software development.

Get in touch with entrepreneurs and founders with worked with companies that develop software. If you’re already speaking to an agency and they’re not able to help, ask the agency to put you in touch with their past clients.

Also, make sure you conduct your research. This will provide you with an understanding of how the agency functions and can help you manage the relationship.

3. Protect Your Assets

Like any other business activity, you must safeguard your intellectual property. Consult with lawyers about the contracts you sign with the company that is aspiring to develop software.

In many instances, the code they use will comprise an extensive portion of the code belonging to them or open communities that are open (imagine the code used to create a login window or social media share buttons). In these instances, it is recommended that the agency offer a free perpetual license to allow the code to be used.

To ensure that everything is exclusive in your offering, you must discuss exclusive or shared rights to the intellectual property of your product.

4. Use Their Knowledge & Benefit From It

A high-end Software Development Company will have years of experience each of which is accessible to you and your startup. Don’t just request them to implement your concepts. Make sure you share your thoughts and seek their opinion. Ask them to answer questions strategically that can influence your business positively:

  1. Conversion enhancements
  2. Being able to anticipate the needs of the customer
  3. Traffic gaining
  4. Leaner tech strategies
  5. Resolving the customer’s problems
  6. Creating certain features
  7. Which are the most important aspects?
  8. The process of creating a plan to stay current and ahead of the technology.

On the other hand to the coin, you should be careful if they say yes to any of your ideas.

It could be an indication they’re looking to cash your check!

The best agencies provide you with an accomplished Project Manager and will never let you deal with an account manager who isn’t knowledgeable. Your PM, as well as your software engineers and product specialists, might challenge your thinking and look at things differently from you.

Be ready for different suggestions and honest advice about how your product can be more relevant to your target audience. Make the most of this because it shows that the company you’re working with is deeply concerned about the overall success of their initiatives which is the umbrella you currently belong to.

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Are You looking for a Software Development Company for Your Startups?

are you looking for a software development company for your startups itechnolabs

If you’re able to find an experienced, highly skilled tech co-founder and the development staff within your budget starting from the very beginning, you must take advantage of the opportunity.

Based on my experiences, however, there are a few founders who find themselves in this situation. It’s not a detraction, any of taking on board early poses a risk financially particularly if you have not yet been able to prove the viability of your product.

iTechnolabs offer software development services for startups that can assist you in launching your business faster, on a smaller budget, and with less risk. It is just a matter of ensuring you’ve done your homework and selected the best company.

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