iTechnolabs Leveraged Their Software Engineering Expertise To Develop An HR Diversity Solution

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iTechnolabs worked with a human resource company to develop a solution, offering technical expertise to boost product adoption successfully.

The Client

The client, a New York based organization, focused on measuring inclusive behavior. They integrated concepts from cognitive behavior, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence to develop a new approach for assessing inclusivity.  

The organization collaborated with individuals and firms, focusing on data-driven inclusion. They conducted proprietary assessments and surveys, and offered engaging technology-based development programs. 

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The Tech Stack

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Tech Team Composition

Composed of – One full stack developer as part of the client’s team. Appointed to examine the structure and codebase to comprehend the complete solution. 

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The Problem Statement

The client had one developer who left, so they needed a dedicated full-stack developer. This resource was to quickly learn the platform, collaborate with the client’s subject matter experts, and manage feature creation and bug resolution. The new hire needed to be proficient in both front-end and back-end development.  

The developer had to understand the code without much help from the client. The client had limited resources and needed a quick solution to attract customers. The project had a tight deadline. 

The Challenge

The full-stack developer thoroughly studied, assessed, and mapped the code, including the tech stack and tools. They also learned new tech stacks, documented their work, and developed additional features to enhance the existing platform. 

Working exclusively on the project for 11 months, they participated in standup calls, subject matter sessions, and project iterations. 

Additionally, they managed feature additions, aligned with business goals to ensure code quality, all while navigating time zones differently. This demanding role required a diverse skill set and high dedication to successfully deliver the project. 

The Solution

iTechnolabs selected a full-stack developer from their team for a client project. The developer attended sessions with subject matter experts to learn about the client’s industry. They also studied the old codebase from the client’s former developer. 

The developer documented the code and described the workflow during the code assessment. This helped create a valuable asset for the client. The documentation could be improved and used for future reference. 

The developer collaborated with the client to create a project timeline. They considered future codebase growth when planning to deliver expected solutions.  

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Our Process

iTechnolabs followed the following process to fulfill the client’s requirements:

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Mapping & Finding The Right Resources

The first step in the process was to find a skilled developer. The client needed an experienced developer in Agile development due to the project’s complexity and unknown factors. A self-starting attitude was also crucial for the project.

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Initiating Development

In this step, the developers were assigned to assess code and document it. Milestones and targets were also set. Work aligned with client expectations was completed.

The Result

iTechnolabs took the ownership of the entire codebase. The client provided subject matter expertise, while a dedicated developer managed technical aspects. These included coding, features, bug fixing, and documentation, ensuring effective project execution and collaboration. 

iTechnolabs met a tight deadline to deliver a solution, ensuring a faster time to market and enabling the client to onboard customers quickly. 

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