A Complete Step by Step Guide To iOS App Development For Beginners

a complete step by step guide to ios app development for beginners itechnolabs

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Recent data from Apple, show that there are twenty million developers registered on iOS however, they aren’t “active” developers. More accurate numbers indicate that there exist 1.6 million registered Objective-C developers as well as 2.1 million Swift developers, which are the two major languages used in iOS development.

Is there the capacity to add more iOS developers


Mobile development is being cited among the top areas for businesses that could be impacted by a shortage of skilled workers.

How difficult is it to create an iOS application? In this iOS tutorial on app development, we look forward to an overview of iOS application development basics and top practices to build an iOS app starting from scratch.

How to perform iOS App Development?

how to perform ios app development itechnolabs

If you have an idea for an iOS mobile app in your mind, The next step is developing. Learning how you can become an iOS developer is one possibility however, there are three ways to bring an iOS application to market:

1. iOS app builders

Utilizing no-code app builders like AppyPie can allow you to get your ideas in the Apple Store fast. Even those who do not have coding experience, however, often produce subpar outcomes.

2. Learn iOS App development

If you’re looking to develop an iOS application on your own or want tips on how to build iOS apps to be a competitive software developer, you could spend a few weeks or even months to be proficient enough to create an application. But it is important to note that the iOS development process can take time, which can hinder an idea from being created quickly and in a manner that is consistent with the most effective methods.

3. Look for an iOS developer

In a highly competitive industry creating an app quickly can make the difference between being noticed or failing. Sometimes, the best choice to create the iOS application is to outsource it to a smartphone app creation firm (team of skilled app developers as well as UX services from an agency like iTechnolabs) specifically with skilled iOS programmers or a freelancer (solo designer). A team typically has greater experience and flexibility, and reliability to achieve your business objectives.

If you’re interested in learning iOS development, this iOS tutorial on development is the perfect starting point.

Learn How to Become an iOS App Developer

learn how to become an ios app developer itechnolabs

The iOS mobile app tutorial for development can be simplified by the following:

Step 1: Choose an iOS Language

For this iOS mobile app development course, There are two major iOS programming languages: Swift and Objective-C. Swift was made an official Apple programming language back in 2014. It, despite being a newer language, has a large base of supporters.

The iOS development curve of learning depends extensively on previous experience in development, current understanding of programming languages, the ability of the user as well as the amount of time studying. In general, it is possible to expect Swift to be much easier to master.

Step 2: Locate the iOS App Development tutorial that is the best fit for your learning Method

There are numerous great resources to learn to program in Swift and Objective-C. Check out the iOS app development tutorial that works according to your knowledge level and work style.

Below are some options you have to consider when trying to get started with iOS apps development

  • Official Apple website for Swift sources that can be used for videos and documentation, an even more rigid course as well as the interactivity Swift Playgrounds
  • Apple Documentation on Objective-C
  • Academies online, such as Apple Swift, the only officially authorized Apple Swift courses, JetBrains, CodeAcademy, Udemy, Coursera, PluralSight, and many others.
  • Classes and books

Step 3: Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

Before one can start learning iOS development or develop an application, one has to first sign up for the Apple Developer Program either as an individual or an organization. There are additional requirements for organizations than for an individual. It is important to note that, while there is a no-cost login to access Apple tools to create and test iOS applications, there is an annual fee for membership to submit apps on Apple App Store. 

Step 4: Download Xcode

Xcode is the integrated development environment (IDE) designed for macOS that is used for the creation of iOS, macOS, iPadOS watchOS, tvOS, and other applications. Xcode isn’t limited to Swift programmers, it allows for multiple programming languages like Objective-C C, C++, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby, and more.

Xcode contains an iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as compilers, tools, and frameworks required to design and develop an iOS application. It’s important to remember that Xcode can only be used on Mac OS X.

Step 5: Design & Build the App

Without the guidance of experts in design and user experience (UX) (UI), the application may appear unprofessional. Yet, Apple does try to eliminate the guesswork of UI design using SwiftUI which is its toolkit for user interfaces. SwiftUI makes use of declarative programming, which describes how the UI will appear visually by using Xcode to produce the code or the possibility of creating code using a live UI preview.

To begin this part of the iOS tutorial on development:

  • Create a New Project and create an appropriate name for it. Choose SwiftUI if you intend to use it for your interface. Begin with a Single View app to make it easier for your initial project.
  • Start by opening The “project name” group in the navigator for the project. The project will start with a screen of Hello World that you can erase or preview (click “Resume” in Editor and Canvas mode). It’s an opportunity to demonstrate how SwiftUI operates.
  • Make sure to code your application

SwiftUI allows you to quickly create and translate views for different platforms by automating adjustments to containers’ sizes as well as padding, spacing, and colors for every platform.

Although SwiftUI is extremely powerful it could also produce complex mistakes that aren’t supported by documentation as well as a less established community for assistance. Larger brands may want to consider using UX experts to design and test and then implement an improved solution that is more custom. It is recommended that both development and design are iterative processes that seek out and incorporate feedback to make sure that the application is in line with the goals of the business.

Step 6: Test & Deploy

The next step of the iOS tutorial for app development using Swift is to continue with testing. In the process of building, Xcode provides a simulation application that allows users to test the app’s appearance and performance on different devices. However, more extensive testing requires making use of both of the devices (XCTest framework and iOS Unit tests) in addition to real testing with real users on different iPhones or versions of iOS.

When the app is at an amount that is stable and is receiving positive reviews, it is uploaded into the Apple App Store for review. Be aware of the changing App Store submission rules and requirements.

Notification: All apps must give users the option to erase their accounts within the app. This is an additional requirement that should be taken into consideration during the development phase.

Once the application is submitted, it will take approximately two days to receive acceptance or rejection. If the application is rejected, that’s acceptable – it’s just an opportunity to make modifications and then attempt again.

Reduce the iOS Development Learning Curve by Consistently Practicing

reduce the ios development learning curve by consistently practicing itechnolabs

The most important thing to learn how to create an iOS application is to implement it.

1. Start Small

If you decide to master iOS application development, then the initial step is to learn the iOS fundamentals of app development. Develop apps with only one purpose, which is to test these features and functions until the concepts are fully grasped. Apple offers many examples of projects to get started. As this iOS tutorial on mobile app development suggests, it’s crucial to test a variety of applications that perform various things to build the skills to understand how you need to code for each feature, and how.

2. Always Test

It is simple to simulate the iOS application within Xcode and test the application on a device that is emulated like an actual device. Regular simulations can take into account different screen sizes, different versions of iOS, and the usability of various components. Other testing tools can be utilized to detect performance or bug problems.

3. Learn at the right speed

If a novice programmer is working 2-4 hours per day, plan for at least six months to master the iOS language they are studying. But, due to the iOS development process, it will take at most 3 to 9 months to create the app.

4. Be Patient

Based on your amount of experience as a developer, the initial app(s) developed could not be what was meant to be or could be full of mistakes or issues. Keep working! The average app can take between 3 to 9 months to develop for developers with experience.

5. Keep Learning

Excellent iOS applications aren’t created in a day – and even the most popular apps require constant focus to keep up-to-date with evolving technological trends, requirements, and designs. Be sure to keep an eye on websites, blogs, forums, podcasts, as well as the Official Apple Developer News.

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If you are a beginner and want to learn more about iOS App Development, you can always reach out to iTechnolabs for assistance. Also, if you are interested in creating a new project, then your ideas and our skills matched together can surely create wonders.

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