Sunmi POS V2 Machine: A Point of Sale Device for Billing System

sunmi pos v2 machine a point of sale device for billing system itechnolabs

POS Machine or Point of sale machine is the device that can help you execute a purchase or billing operation with ease. It is a device with an interactive interface where one can calculate the amount according to purchased items, can add taxes, and can also execute the final purchase. This can work up to a range of diverse payment methods. This can be of use for businesses of all scales. 

While there are a range of POS systems available, if you want to get the best for your business, consider Sunmi POS V2 Machine. It is built with the right features to make your billing process seamless, and hassle-free. Not only this, but it also has features that make capturing, and printing a level easy. Here is everything you need to know about the Sunmi POS V2 Machine

Sunmi POS V2 Machine: Handheld POS Machine

sunmi pos v2 machine handheld pos machine itechnolabs

Sunmi POS V2 is a handheld POS machine with limitless features, and utility functions. It is an advanced, as well as reliable machine, and helps you overcome all your payment, billing, and beyond concerns related to printing, updating prices, and so forth. It also mitigates the need for any heavy apparatus or computer systems as it has everything in compact, and lightweight handheld model design. It lets you execute a range of tasks in just a few clicks, and never poses any limitations, or functionality glitches. 

Sunmi POS V2 Machine is built with frosted material and a non-skid back cover. This makes it ideal for daily use at business sites. The machine has an ergonomic design with well-crafted curves and persistent perfection throughout its body. 

  • It has a 5.99” HD+ screen for a superior experience, and a seamless payment, and billing executing experience. 
  • With an 18:9 aspect ratio, the Sunmi POS V2 machine is ideal for your daily business operations. This also gives it a 100% screen-to-body ratio making its design excellent, and superior. Also, the comfort it provides while using is unrivaled. 

Here are some of the other features of the Sunmi POS V2 Machine that will help you decide why you should choose it for your business. These features also ensure your POS machine can work centrally for your billing, purchase, as well as inventory process. 

01. Design That Speaks 

With its slender shape and perfect design, this machine has a design that just catches everyone’s attention. It is so thin that it’s almost 13mm only. This makes it easy to carry as it is lightweight. It can also go with you in your pocket or carrycot’s belt! 

The POS V2’s body is surrounded by a robust rubber that not only gives you a firm grip over the machine but also keeps it gentle to touch, and handle. It also makes its body reliable, and less prone to damage and therefore can be said to be impact-resistant. Further, it has a slope-shaped paper path that makes sure no papers get jammed or inhibit your daily operations. So, say hi to limitless billing all day long with Sunmi POS Machine

02. Performance Oriented Print Engine

Sunmi POS V2 machine is built with a strong, swift, and smooth print engine. It has a Seiko printhead that helps in printing seamlessly and allows free switching between label printing, and receipt printing modes. This helps in handling printing work with ease, even at the most busy hours of the day. It has a 58mm print head with 70mm/s print speed! 

Further, it makes operating printing instructions a click’s game so that your customers never need to wait. The print engine also shows no compromise on performance and lets you leverage its robust printing feature with utmost ease. 

03. Camera, Scanner, and Flashlight 

To let you recognize the need, and activate options rapidly, the machine is equipped with a camera, scanner, and flashlight. That too of superior, and pronounced quality. 

  • Camera: Sunmi POS V2 Machine has a 5 MP AF camera. This can save you from putting extra effort while aiming for barcodes. The superior quality camera lets you identify barcodes instantly, and precisely. You can also leverage the camera feature for clicking essential pictures other than barcode scanning. 
  • Scanner: This POS machine has a professional 2D barcode scanner. It can scan barcodes in all conditions. No matter if the barcode gets damaged, scratched, or stained, Sunmi POS V2 can scan it for you. 
  • Flashlight: Poorly-lit conditions can pose a challenge for barcode scanners. But, not the Sunmi POS V2. It has a flashlight that ensures you can continue barcode scanning even when there is low or no light. 

04. NFC Mode on Check! 

Want to change prices instantly, but are you rethinking as your POS machine is not embedded with NFC mode? 

Another reason for choosing Sunmi POS V2 Machine. It has an NFC module embedded. This helps in changing prices instantly, and easily. This also allows you to enable more applications seamlessly. This POS machine also supports a PSAM card. This can keep your gas, electricity, and water bills in check. 

These were the features of the advanced Sunmi POS V2 machine. Some other features are supported for e-sim, dual band wifi compatibility, 4G connectivity, quad-core processor, and so forth. But, what can you do with these features? Let’s discuss! 

Sunmi POS V2 Utility 

sunmi pos v2 utility itechnolabs

This is one of the best POS machines available for a reason. It can help you with a range of utility functions. From making your billing process easier to letting you print, and capture pictures in just a click, POS V2 is imbibed with all the right features, and utilities. Here are some of its worth talking utility functions- 

01. Handheld Ordering 

POS machines are made to fasten up the process of handheld ordering. These not only make ordering faster, but also makes bill calculations, and tax additions a click’s game. Sunmi POS V2 machines can be ideal for your restaurant business, supermarket settings, and also small business shops.

02. Mobile Payment

The world is towards digitalization. And, everyone is moving towards paying through easy mobile payment options. Therefore, to cater to such a customer base, it is essential you keep devices that support mobile payments. 

Sunmi POS V2 machine then becomes ideal. It can seamlessly support mobile payments, and also provides smooth operation and rapid execution of payments for your business. 

03. Online Order Receiving

Ecommerce is the new face of today’s tech-savvy world. Customers who are addicted to getting everything at their fingertips. For such a customer, online ordering is the chief go-to. 

To match up, having an online order receiving facility is a must. And, think about which customer will buy from you if you do not have an apparatus or facility for receiving orders online. POS machines with such facilities then become saviors for businesses. Sunmi POS V2 machine has a clean, and interactive interface that allows you required integrations. This makes it right for receiving orders online.

04. Queue Management 

If you want to manage a high load of customers in a quick, and easy way, Sunmi POS V2 is right for you. It has amenities that allow you to easily print tickets, bills, and receipts. So, no queue gets long waiting hours. 

And, as the machine is equipped with a superior quality printer, it does not get jammed. So, ensure continuous operation, and limitless service to your customers. 

05. Label Printing 

Label printing can be risky. As labels play an important part in product tagging, deciding costs, and whatnot, it is essential that label printing is done precisely. Labels get printed rightly, and clearly. Without any stain marks, or blurry quality. 

Sunmi POS V2 machine’s printer can assure you of this!

06. Item Management  

For businesses who add new items every now, and then, or for businesses whose items in stock change every day, item management becomes a hassle. What if we tell you the right POS machine can save you some time, as well as effort? 

Do item management, price changing, and inventory updates in a click. And, reduce your team’s workload by half. 

Do You Want Assistance for Sunmi POS V2 Machine?

do you want assistance for sunmi pos v2 machine itechnolabs

No matter what type of business you are into, whether it is customer dealing every day, or serving your services online, the Sunmi POS V2 machine can take care of it. It has a premium quality printer, camera, and flashlight features that make it ideal for your business. It can help you meet all your billing, and purchase operation needs.  

With an in-built printer, it takes your billing process a step further. Further, the machine has Wifi compatibility and allows you 4G connectivity. This increases the reliability factor of this machine. This also makes it easy for businesses that scale or have planning to scale in the coming few years. 

If you also want to have a Sunmi POS V2 machine for your business, consider getting it today. Best quality, and a set of best features to lead your business towards the best billing, and purchase operations.  

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