The Innovation Trends in the Mobile Application Industry

Innovation Trends in the Mobile Application Industry

An overview

Have you ever wonder how quickly the mobile application development industry has evolved and still evolving. These apps accompanied the ease and security to operate and transact money for individuals and companies, respectively. In the last decade, we have seen important development in portable innovation. Many reasons lead to the advancement in the mobile application including innovation in technology, rising consumer demands, and the numerous scopes of varied components. There are numerous applications available in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The resellers of the mobile app are focused on getting up to date in this emerging trend to serve their clients better. This also applies to content creators and producers, who are focused on taking their brand name to a new level while utilizing the mobile application.

The emerging curiosity on the usage and advantages of mobile applications helped in its advancement, especially among independent developers and entrepreneurs. The mobile application industry is one of the sectors that is evolving at a fast pace. According to Statista, the revenue of worldwide mobile application forecasts to rise to $935.20 in 2023.

Mobile application trends of 2021

mobile application trends of 2021 itechnolabs

The development in technology and growing preferences of consumers help in fuelling the speed of technological advancement. Health crises worldwide and increased dependence on mobile phone applications from tip to toe urged the rapid growth in these trends. The factors like the launch 5G spectrum, foldable phones, wearables with an inbuilt fitness app, and a lot more lead to the growth of applications to another level. During this pandemic situation, we have also seen the changes in money transactions and education medium that changed from classroom teaching to online teaching. All these necessities and changing situations lead to growth in application trends. In this blog, you learn more about 15 mobile app development trends for 2021.

Beacon Mobile App Technology

In the mobile application trends, the most important advancement that you can see is the advancement of beacon technology. This technology is one of the primary mobile application patterns utilized by galleries, museums, and other industries. But before discussing where it is used, you must know what Beacons are. Beacons are little, remote transmitters that use low-vitality Bluetooth technology to communicate the signs with nearby gadgets including iOS and smart devices.

Beacons utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. When the beacon mobile app detects a phone in its range, it instantly takes the signal and gives relevant notifications and guidance. When converged with the Internet of Things, Beacons help in the development of applications in the retail industry.

beacon mobile app technology itechnolabs

The Beacon Technology applications include:

  • AI-enabled chips
  • Beacons mobile payments
  • Automatic machine learning

Applications for foldable devices

Applications for foldable devices itechnolabs

We all have seen a dramatic change in the development of mobile phones, supporting iOS and Android operating systems. It comes in different categories, along with one that supports a foldable mechanism. Samsung launched the foldable OLED display, with an operating system to use the technology that improves smartphone experience. Samsung announced Galaxy Fold, which uses popular Android apps compatible with watching Amazon Prime Video, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, and Microsoft Office. The foldable devices provide big screens and offer more space for a detailed experience of consumers and multi-windows, allowing users to do various tasks at the same time. These devices are boon to video streaming and gaming applications, offering more control to the device screen.

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Internet of Things (IoT) supporting mobile applications

IoT is a network of interconnected smart gadgets connected to the Internet to offer convenience and automated control to patrons. The perfect example of IoT and mobile app development is the development of smart home technology. Brands including Amazon and Google, have utilized this technology and strengthened their competition in the market with the launch of the Amazon Alexa Echo smart speakers’ line and Google Home Voice Controller.

internet of things supporting mobile applications itechnolabs

The mobile apps are used to fine-tune the thermostat in a house, lock or unlock a front door, and connect to home security systems from remote locations.

IoT-enabled apps are growing in the market with the rising demand for IoT gadgets and systems. If you have any idea to build IoT application, you should hire IoT developers from iTechnolabs.

Future trends Where IoT are used

future trends where iot are used itechnolabs

  • Smart homes and mobile cities
  • Driverless and autonomous vehicles
  • IoT devices being powered by AI
  • Healthcare with IoT technology

The upcoming 5G Technology

the upcoming 5g technology itechnolabs

The launch of 5G technology will redefine the whole concept of Internet speed in mobile applications. 5G technology is expected to launch in 2021, and this will help in doubling the connections by year-end. The iPhone 12 from Apple has included a 5G connection network connection, making it the most advanced application trend. 5G is anticipated to be super-fast, like 100 times faster. Five technology will bring revolutionary changes in streaming services without buffering and wider bandwidth, managing VR & AR 3D gadgets.

The upcoming trends where 5G is used are

  • Wireless healthcare services with high-speed Internet
  • Cloud computing
  • Driverless vehicle technology with inbuilt geolocation app

Mobile Wallets in Phones

The innovation of wallets in smartphones makes money transactions more mobile and hassle-free. The apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet have driven the purchasing capability of users and it is continuously developing in 2021. The demand for mobile wallet apps will rise in the upcoming years.

mobile wallets in phones itechnolabs

Mobile brands like Samsung, Apple, and Google offer a secure and feasible platform for bill payment and money transactions through mobile wallets.

The upcoming trends in mobile wallets are:

  • The audio-based mobile wallets including Tez and Google Pay
  • Payments focused on NFC (near field communication)
  • RFID based (Radio-frequency identification payments)
  • Secure payments without online theft

Applications in wearable devices

Wearables are the most innovative trend in 2021. People are already using wearables like a smartwatch, smart Jewellery, and display devices like Google Glass and many more. The most exciting concept of these is users can communicate and control these devices through mobile apps. The integration of IoT made it accessible from remote locations using the internet.

Applications in wearable devices itechnolabs

Fitness wearables can analyse body movements, heartbeats, walking steps, blood oxygen levels, and so on. Therefore, from a healthcare, fitness, and sports perspective, these devices offer high profits.
The future wearables trends will include glasses with sensors, a contact lens with a virtual assistant, virtual keyboards, and clothes with smart technology.

E-commerce through Mobile Phones

E-commerce through mobile phones itechnolabs

In 2021, leveraging mobile apps by consumers to increase revenue is becoming more popular, from large retailers to personal brands and content creators. The mobile e-commerce functionality is the
Mobile e-commerce functionality among clients is one of the top priorities of app sellers. We can see the launch of business every day to improve the sales. The online sales include real estate, gadgets, groceries, designers’ clothes, and accessories. In this competitive era, all business segments are using mobile apps to grow business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

artificial intelligence and machine learning itechnolabs

AI and ML are two segments where mobile application development plays a crucial role. Popular mobile apps like Replica, Cortana, and Google Assistant attained great success in the competitive race. The concept of Deep Learning is utilized with ML in various mobile app development projects by offering crucial data and real-time analytics. An excellent example of AI in the Facebook application, which allows people to talk and chat with each other.

Some examples of AI in the mobile application are:

Recognition of Image in mobile phones
Face detection
Text and image classification
Sentiment classification and recognition
Speech recognition
Predictive maintenance

Augmented Reality (AR) in mobile application

Augmented Reality in mobile application itechnolabs

The technological innovation tycoon companies including Apple Inc. and Google.com, have already taken a step forward in showcasing AR in mobile applications. Google is focused on introducing the AR feature for Google Maps, allowing people to find directions from their camera phones in real-time. It is one of the most important trends among mobile phone users.

Future trends of AR are:
  • AR-related virtual user manual
  • Virtual reality (VR) based virtual training simulations
  • VR based survey activities
  • VR based live music festivals and concerts
  • AR-based navigation
  • VR and AR-focused visual learning

The Evolution of Chatbots

the evolution of chatbots itechnolabs

2021 will see the advanced evolution of chatbots. The rising demand of consumers leads to the development of chatbots on websites. It is becoming the latest standard of customer service. As there are different apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, some applications use chatbots. But this trend will change in 2021. The chatbots are driven by AI technology, where the feedback is identical to human-like. It is expected that in upcoming years customer service tech interactions will be facilitated by virtual assistants. For this process, the integration of chatbots into the mobile app development market is essential. Chatbots, allow you to connect to your application using Google Assistant. The businesses are utilizing the Chatbot for improving customer relationships with the management.

The usage of Predictive Analytics in Mobile Phones

usage of predictive analytics in mobile phones itechnolabs

Predictive analytics can forecast the events through data by leveraging technology for machine learning, AI, data mining, and data modeling. Many technology companies are focused on leveraging predictive analytics for several years. A simple example of predictive Analysis is Netflix, a platform that offers television (TV) shows and movie recommendations based on previous watching preferences of consumers. In 2021, predictive analytics will be forecasted to be developed on a mainstream level with various mobile apps. The basic goal of predictive will be to improve the UI/UX with an application. Predictive analysis will get more popularity in 2021, along with machine learning and data mining. This trend will use statistics, AI and ML, and data mining to predict the upcoming events and this will also help predict the customer experience. In the future predictive analysis will be used in banks to address the needs of customers and in medical care to offer an improved diagnosis.

The increased demand for on-demand mobile applications

increased demand for on-demand mobile applications

The increasing demand for on-demand mobile app development is the upcoming trend in 2021. The on-demand app is a platform that suffices the user-generated demand of customers on mobile devices. It is an all-in-one solution that can be deployed for all purposes including taxi booking to delivery of meals. It allows businesses to get new customers with on-demand mobile solutions for iOS and Android supported devices. Apps including Airbnb and Uber are already on the hit list that uses on-demand apps.

The on-demand economy attracts millions of consumers annually with average spending of billions of dollars. These services include freelance services, transportation, health services, and home services.

Some of the examples of various segments where these on-demand apps are utilized including:

  • Laundry service
  • Food delivery
  • House cleaning
  • Online teaching
  • On-demand doctors
  • Veterinary care
  • Beauty Services
  • House cleaning

Not only this, these opportunities are endless. This application is more profitable from the point of view of mobile application resellers to widen the customer base. By leveraging the capabilities of on-demand, the clients can include advanced functionality to their apps, which will inflate profits at every level.

Biometric Authentication in Mobile Phones

biometric authentication in mobile phones itechnolabs

Biometrics is one of the unavoidable parts of smartphones to increase security concepts. It has been used to unlock phones in earlier times, but in today’s scenarios, it is used to log in to your bank accounts and download mobile apps. Even it is used in office login. The most important factor that affects the mobile app development trend is the ease of its operation. The formal ways of typing and drawing patterns are not required. The only thing that is required is fingerprint or face recognition. With the rise in this trend, it is mandatory to consider the security issues that emerge with various innovations. The mobile apps developed in 2021 must integrate Touch ID or Face ID recognition for ease in working. Biometric authentication could also include iris and voice recognition, hand geometry, or characteristics in behavior. The most important part that makes it highly secure is that it is not replicable and remains as it is even after years in fingerprints, and the risk of forgetting this is null. We can predict bio-metric authentication applications in upcoming years in immigration services, bio-metric solutions in cloud-based format and online banking and mobile payments.

Integration of cloud computing in mobile application

Integration of cloud computing in mobile application itechnolabs

The concept of cloud computing technology is not new, but its integration into the mobile app industry is under process and yet to be fully utilized. Cloud computing has a wide range of possibilities for mobile development, which will be presented in 2021.
The concept of cloud storage technology can progress the performance of mobile apps from the user’s point of view. The apps can help store data and carry difficult tasks in the cloud operation compared to storing information in the device of users. Cloud computing not only streamlines the development process but also is a cost-effective method of development solutions. It is predicted that maximum workloads will be stored in the cloud. If your company is developing business applications or internal workforce apps, you can focus on cloud computing methods.

Mobile applications based on Geo-Location

Mobile applications based on Geo-Location itechnolabs

Geolocation-based app development has been evolving for several years, and it is predicted to grow in upcoming years. It is one of the critical elements that allows mobile apps to offer personalized services to customers. The applications use the location tracking method to collect information on users’ demographics, offer location-based services, and better target marketing campaigns. Several mobile application development companies are using location data to know about user patterns and visualize the correlation between the behavior of users and locations. This also helps customers by offering important information and customized solutions. This personalized solution approach aggregates the whole user experience and improves user satisfaction.

The future trends related to geo-location related apps are:

  • Augmented reality application being used in geography and astronomy industry
  • Utilization in gaming apps
  • Recommendation apps

Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) in mobile development app.

The APM and EMM are part of the venture portable application development process.

The APM is the application checking instrument and manages to demonstrate utilization on a platform and has been incorporated into Google since 2016. The APM has been used to remove the problems in the application execution. APM helps improve the general execution and APM has become an important instrument of value confirmation analyzers related to the application testing process.


Mobile app development is always changing with the changes in consumer demands. If you are developing an app by utilizing the information from previous years, then you won’t be able to stand the competition. A general understanding of market shifts and competition helps you in standing top in the competition. This will also help in improving the marketing of the app for upcoming years.

At iTechnolabs, we have years of experience in mobile app development and we are updated with the ever-changing market trends. If you need more information on the mobile app development trends, connect with us now! We will be happy to serve you.

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