Top 10 Proven Tips to Hire Mobile App Developers for Startups

top 10 proven tips to hire mobile app developers for startups itechnolabs

Want to grow in the market? Are you planning to hire mobile app developers for your project? Here is a quick guide that can make it easy peasy. 

We are a part of the mobile-driven world that allows us to get everything by tapping a few times on our screens. We can do everything from grocery to cabs, connecting with everyone to uploading pictures within a few seconds.

This fast-driven world has made it essential for businesses to stay on their phones with some powerful marketing strategies. However, every business owner has expectations regarding look, design, application type, better results, marketing, and features. 

It is not easy to get practical help with the help of top developers to avoid any pitfalls. Companies usually hire talented, knowledgeable, and experienced mobile developers. Several top-in-class developers are available in the market that one can opt for to get the best mobile apps. 

But before you start with the tips to hire mobile app developers, it is best to deep dive into other aspects.

Why Mobile Apps are the go-to solutions for Startups?

why mobile apps are the go-to solutions for startups itechnolabs

Mobile apps are becoming the need of time, with everyone using them for their basic requirements. It helps to cater to the business requirements and grow effectively with marketing strategies. If one has a good idea and new technologies, it is best to include them in a mobile app that can help them thrive in the business realm. 

Companies can start by developing feature-rich applications that can showcase their product or services in the market. The aim is to acquire customers using the right strategies and new opportunities available. Several applications are available in the market for all the major domains such as Uber, Swiggy, Facebook, etc. It offers several benefits like:

  • Expanding customer base
  • Helping businesses reach other customers in seconds
  • Budget-friendly mobile apps
  • Flexible and result-driven solutions
  • Reinforce brand value
  • Immense capability to handle emergencies

Tips for hiring mobile app developers

tips for hiring mobile app developers itechnolabs

Undoubtedly, a web presence is not enough to grow in the market and establish a market value. One needs to think smartly to grow their business and thrive in the market irrespective of their brand size. It is achievable with the right strategies and customer base to simplify communication, engage with customers, and boost productivity. 

The best thing is that it is not rocket science to hire mobile app developers who can fit in the role and help grow the market. Here are some tips that can come in handy to grow with the right professional.

1. Don’t delay in hiring

If you want to get the mobile app for your businesses, make sure not to delay it anymore. Consider all the significant aspects, make a plan, and start hiring the right professional that can help you grow in the market. Several considerable aspects are necessary for the professionals to consider while hiring developers, such as designers, developers, research, sales, marketing, and at the top is funding. So, make sure to get things in order and hire the developers that can give you a competitive edge in the market. 

2. Apply lean methodologies

Have you heard of lean methodology? It is a way to optimize resources, energy, and effort to create valuable products for the customers that offers respect for people, continuous improvement, and guiding tenets. It solves customers’ most prominent pain points rather than agile methodologies that focus on delivering the whole project. It will give you an advantage point allowing you to stay a step ahead of your competitors. 

3. Know the requirements

It will be easier to finalize the candidate if you know what you want to hire mobile app developers for. It includes several skill sets that can boost your organization and help you thrive in the market. The significant aspects that one should have:

  • Know the programming language you wish to hire for, Swift, Objective-C, or Kotlin. You will need to focus on the Kotlin programming language for android apps. 
  • Understand the industry for which you wish to develop an app. It can be a niche such as healthcare, social media, and on-demand that you need to know about such as competitors, market value, demand, customer pain points, etc 
  • Accreditations and qualifications (or, as we say in standard terms, “nice to have”) are features of the mobile app.
  • Value of the developer in the market that you are planning to hire, such as alignment with company culture, working environment, and more. 
  • Additional knowledge that developers must have, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and major concepts required for mobile app development

4. Know the online portals

Undoubtedly, you will opt for some online portal to hire the candidate. Several online job portals are available in the market like Naukri, Shine, and LinkedIn, allowing you to hire the right candidates without promoting your job role. Just include the job description, and a few others details to start getting the applications. LinkedIn is considered a good portal for networking and hiring because it allows employers to check the profile of the candidates, understand their work culture, and hire them based on their experience. 

5. Developers testimonial

If you want to hire mobile app developers, it is best to ensure that you are hiring the best. The companies need to find the testimonials of the developers before hiring them. Applications like LinkedIn can easily offer recommendations and endorsements to developers. Sometimes, a simple good search can land you on the right page, so why not.

6. Know the benefits

If you are developing a mobile app, there has to be a reason behind it. You are expecting some revenue out of it. Hence, you must be aware of how the applications will benefit both customers and you. Usually, developers monetize their applications using advertisements, in-app purchases, etc., making them get something out of the app. It will set you up quickly, and with regular updates, you will be able to grow your revenue. 

7. Set the budget

Knowing the budget before finalizing the developer is a significant point many won’t understand. You can’t hire an android developer having 10 years of experience with a budget that fits 4 years of experience only. You need to determine the requirement and expertise level before you start interviewing the candidates. 

8. Hiring Mode

We have told you about online portals, but it is just one of the significant ways through which you can hire candidates. Several other hiring modes are available for the employers, such as hiring an agency, startup to complete your project, freelance, or a full-time developer (in-house developer). Some companies that deal in development regularly can hire mobile app developers who can work on different projects. However, there are several aspects that one needs to consider, such as a pension, holidays, and other benefits for the in-house staff. 

Hiring an agency or startup is a different mode that means outsourcing the complete project and making some other companies work on it. Lastly, companies can opt to hire a freelance developer that can work on the project and deliver it for you on hourly charges. 

9. Be legally prepared

No one is your friend in the business world, and hence it is best to get the signed NDA or legal documentation from them. The aim of getting an NDA signed is that before your product is on the market, you need to make sure that nothing is leaked. Your competitors can take advantage of your idea and get it down before your app is ready. Hence, it is best to hire an attorney to settle down the things and make sure that your idea is unique in the market before you launch it. 

10. Portfolio

Get the portfolio of the android developer before you finalize them. That can give you an insight into their work routine and quality. They can highlight their skills easily on the portfolio, through which you can determine if they are the best fit and even ask a few questions to know what their experience is all about.

Do You want to Hire Mobile App Developers for Your Startup?

do you want to hire mobile app developers for your startup itechnolabs

We spend five to seven hours a day on our mobile phones (and even more). It is an excellent opportunity to get into the mobile app market to connect with customers and grow the business. However, it is best to hire mobile app developers to develop the right app for your business. Above mentioned tips can help you hire a potential developer for your business that can give your startup a boost in the market and a competitive edge—one to analyze the domain and technologies that can help you with the mobile apps. 

Now you can get started with your dream mobile app and get ready to take over the market in no time. 

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