Top 10 Qualities to Look for When Hiring Software Developers

top 10 qualities to look for when hiring software developers itechnolabs

Are you all set to start hiring software developers? Here is a quick guide to help you streamline the hiring process.

When it comes to selecting the right candidate for any job role, it becomes incredibly challenging for the hiring teams. They need to keep several things in mind, such as job descriptions, skill sets, and how the employees will benefit the organization. It is not as simple as one may believe it to be.

The hiring team needs to flip through applications, screen the candidates, and get the most potential candidate to join their team. It is the same for software developers with an addition of a few additional skills that can make them stand out in the market. 

Software developers are highly in demand due to the increased requirement for technology amid the pandemic. The companies hire software developers packed with desirable personal characteristics and the right skillsets. It allows them to have a harmonious working relationship.

Software developers will help you create programs, applications, and software for executing several tasks. It requires engineering, computer science, and mathematical skills to develop the right application or software. The important skills make it easy to take the business to the next level and integrate the right modules. 

One can quickly improve their sales and boost business revenue allowing businesses to reach services and products efficiently. However, developers need to ensure that the tools and technologies are maintained to enrich companies’ quality in the market.

Significant skills Require while hiring software developers

significant skills require while hiring software developers itechnolabs

1. Programming Fundamentals

We are not just talking about the basic programming skills, but we include all the significant factors of programming play. Putting up the right logic to solve the problem is to solve the issues that arise during debugging. 

The software developers need to be capable enough to know the basics of programming, including the fundamentals like algorithms and data structures. It will help build new features and explore the significant innovative solutions that can take your organization to the next level. 

2. Knowledge about Browser Tools

The different browsers offer a different experience to the users, making it essential for the developers to maintain consistency. The developers need to understand the browsers to customize the feel and theme of software or web pages accordingly. Responsive design techniques are an ideal solution to such issues. Still, it is essential to know the layout of each browser which will give the developers an extra advantage while developing web pages. 

3. Interpersonal Skills

Another primary software developer’s skill to watch out for is interpersonal skills. The software developers work in a team with designers, marketers, product managers, business heads, and other stakeholders. As a result, the developers need to have team-building skills. The developer should be a good team player that can work with ten different people to create an ideal product. 

4. Tech Stacks

When you hire software developers, it is best to know about the term tech stack. Tech stacks are the programming language or tools required by developers to develop certain apps, software, website, and program. New technologies and tools are introduced in the market now and then, providing efficiency and features. Hence, companies need to use different tech stacks to accomplish their goals in a particular project. 

It makes it vital for the developers to know different tech stacks and how one can leverage them in a project. One needs to quickly adapt the tech stack to project requirements such as the MEAN and MERN stack. The quicker developers adapt to the stack; the better will be the result. This includes focusing on innovative learning and data structures & algorithm knowledge-making adapting newer technologies easier. 

5. Critical Thinking Skills 

Software developers encounter several problems over time and sometimes can be stuck at one point. It is essential to analyze the issue and think critically to find the right solutions in such a case. Developers should be proficient in thinking about complex problems instantly and finding a way out. 

Parallel thinking is another factor that one needs to keep in mind in helping to manage multiple complex issues at once. Along with this, the ability to break down the goals can help in organising tasks. Lastly, developers need to master existing tools to offer top solutions. 

6. Perfectionists and Pragmatism

Companies thrive with the developers who not only rule perfectionism but also thrive in pragmatism. Developers who can focus on marking up the hacks to gain solutions in a few hours and are capable of offering inventive and refined solutions are highly valued. Whether the companies are working on full-fledged software or minimum viable product, developers should be able to deliver and outset their work commitments with top new features. 

7. Communication Skills

Another major factor to remember while hiring software developers is to check their communication skills. One needs to keep in mind that developers will be getting in touch with internal teams and the clients. Hence, it is essential to make sure that their communication skills are polished. They should be efficient in tackling non-technical stakeholders while explaining the most complex situation most easily. 

Another major trait of the developer is listening to the people they are working with (in-house or clients). This will help them find the right solution for the products as they will be connecting with marketers, analysts, business heads, product managers, and designers. 

8. Time Management

Another major factor to keep in mind while hiring software developers is maintaining time. Developers need to be reliable and have a necessary work ethic that can be done with the right time allocation. The hiring teams need to ensure that they can calculate their time for each task accurately to ensure that they are not wasting time. Along with this, it will help them to maintain any urgent tasks without jeopardizing their regular tasks. 

9. Learning and Adapting Skills

We live in a world where technology changes with time making it essential for developers to stay abreast and keep learning. Developers need to keep learning new skills and stay up to day with the changing market standards. The best way to know about market technological changes is through GitHub and Stack Overflow.

Developers can learn skills via conferences, seminars, boot camps, online resources, and courses. It helps in professional development gain more knowledge and thrives in the market. 

10. Passionate

Anyone can learn to code and start development at any instance. However, if they are not passionate about their work, they won’t dig deeper into the product, techniques, new technologies, and even best practices. One needs to distinguish between a hobby and someone who wants to develop a software development career. 

It is best to find a candidate who will devote their time to developing the best possible solutions in the long term. The developers keeping their work on high priority are the best fit for the team when you want to try out something new. 

Bonus Proactiveness

Since you have maintained your patience till last, here is a bonus point from our end, companies want to hire self-motivation developers, who steer away from laziness, and who can take work with seriousness. Hence, the hiring team needs to keep these aspects in mind while making their hiring. 

The developers need to be solution derives and passionate, ready to take up any challenges that come on their way. The organizations focus on boosting their growth in the market and revenue, making it vital to keep the development responsibilities at top priority. Developers should be proficient in taking up initiatives, facing challenges, and starting things as their responsibility quotient. 

Are you Hiring software developers For Your Upcoming Project?

are you hiring software developers for your upcoming project itechnolabs

Hiring software developers is the right solution if you know what to do, how to do it, and where to start. Above that, one must be aware that attitude defines an employee irrespective of their knowledge and experience. If the attitude of developers is passionate and positive-minded, there is nothing that can hold them back while they work on the solution. 

It also makes it easy to meet deadlines and manage urgent deadlines. The developers should be committed to their purposes and goals while working on the development cycle. It can be tricky to find the right candidate for the software development team. However, hiring anyone will not achieve anything for you. It is best to take your time to find the right candidate that can work on long-term goals with you. 

The hiring team working on every significant requirement detail and following a robust process is more likely to tick up the checklist while screening and interviewing the candidates. 

We hope this small guide can take you to your dream team that can help you thrive and rule the market.

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