Top 30 Mobile App Development Companies of 2024

top 30 mobile app development companies itechnolabs

Mobile App Development Companies: ‘Apps: The Marrow of Life’ or ‘Life Without Apps – Impossible!’ Choose one. How about ‘There is an App for Everything!’? 

What do you think? Which one will be an apt title for a book that explores the indispensability of mobile apps and mobile app development companies in contemporary times? We liked the second option. 

Or how about ‘Apps: A 732 million dollar economy’? Do not be surprised! According to Statista, that is the potential of the mobile app market in the year 2027. So, if you are someone looking to get a mobile app developed (which we are certain that you are), now is the time. 

No need to worry about the exhausting ‘mobile app development company hunt’. We have already done the digging and we have got the list ready for you. All you need to do is to take a long, analytical, and patient look at the list and make your decision. So, go on. Go through the list because you can always thank us later. 

What is a Mobile App Development Company?

We know what you are thinking – ‘Is it not too obvious?’ 

Yes, it is. However, we sometimes have to state the obvious to move onto the unobvious. Take it as a sort of warmup. 

Coming back, a mobile app development company is an organisation that possesses a team of tech masters and modern technological infrastructure to serve the purpose of developing an app. What all does a mobile app development company do is stated below – 

  • Consultancy
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrade
  • Marketing 

The aforementioned tasks require adequate experience and expertise to be performed with efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire a mobile app development team for the development of your app because it has all you need to flourish. 

This much information is enough to move ahead to the unobvious – top mobile app development companies of 2023. Let us get started. 

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in 2023

top 10 mobile app development companies itechnolabs

The companies mentioned in the table below have the requisite simplicity, sophistication, and finesse needed for the development of the mobile apps, a reason why they are included in the following list of top contenders –

Sr. No. Company Name Year of Inception Hourly Rate ($) Number of Employees AI – powered Solutions
1 iTechnolabs 2020 $25-$50 150-200 Yes
2 Goji Labs 2014 $ 100-149 10-49 No
3 Zazz 2011 $ 50-99 10-49 Yes
4 Mercury Development 1999 $ 50-99 50-249 No
5 Orangesoft 2011 $ 50-99 50-249 No
6 Appetiser 2016 $ 50-99 50-249 Yes
7 Sidebench 2012 $ 100-149 50-249 Yes
8 itCraft 2010 $ 50-99 50-249 No
9 Algoworks 2006 $ 25-49 250-999 Yes
10 CodigoDelSur 2007 $ 50-99 50-249 No

top 10 mobile app development agencies itechnolabs

Top 30 Mobile App Development Agencies of 2023

  1. iTechnolabs
  2. Goji Labs
  3. Zazz
  4. Mercury Development
  5. Orangesoft
  6. Appetiser
  7. Sidebench
  8. itCraft
  9. Algoworks
  10. CodigoDelSur
  11. Tapptitude
  12. Cheesecake Labs
  13. Infinum
  14. Launchpad App Development
  15. KitelyTech
  16. Crowdbotics
  17. Peerbits
  18. Utility
  19. RipenApps
  20. Diceus
  21. CTG
  22. Lomray Software
  23. Innowise Group
  24. Blue Whale Apps
  25. Snotor
  26. Azumo
  27. Internut
  28. Cloud Primero
  29. Kanda Software
  30. BairesDev

top 30 mobile app development agencies itechnolabs

Let us explain the top 30 mobile app development companies of 2023. 

Useless – that is what this list of top mobile app development companies would be if iTechnolabs’ name is not on it. We would recommend you to throw it away if you want. 

As an eminent mobile app development company, iTechnolabs has been striving for brilliance in the mobile app development arena since its inception. Its services are wide and diverse and are namely, mobile app development, web development, advanced technology integration, JavaScript framework development, and IT consultancy services. 

As far as app development is concerned, iTechnolabs leverages Agile approach for its app development process so that communication is effortless and transparency is maintained throughout. With its ultra-flexible hiring models, get first-rate app development experience at a cost that lies within your budget. 

Also, iTechnolabs takes care that the hiring process is simplified so that you do not have to go through unnecessary hassles for the development of your app. Connect with the consultants of iTechnolabs today, discuss your app needs, and get apps that are seamlessly integrated with cutting edge technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Metaverse, Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. 

Do not dare to worry about the security of your app data because iTechnolabs signs and adheres to the principles of non-disclosure. Devising, designing, developing, deploying – not just this, maintenance and upgrade is also the sole responsibility of developers of iTechnolabs. 

Mobile App Development Services are:-

  • Highly-certified developers with diverse skill set and deep market knowledge and expertise
  • Technologies used – Android, iOS, Flutter, Fuchsia, React Native
  • Industry Mix – Food delivery, mCommerce, Social Networking, Payment, Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Sports & Fitness, Healthcare, Education
  • Key Services – Native App development, UI/UX Design, App Migration, Testing, Maintenance and Support Services, Wearable Application Integration
  • Goji Labs –

Mobile app development becomes effortless with Goji Labs. As one of the top-notch mobile app development companies situated in New York and Los Angeles, Goji Labs delivers comprehensive mobile app development services with unbeatable precision and panache. 

With its extensive team of developers, Goji Labs have served some of the very high-end clients such as World Health Organisation (WHO), Mitsubishi, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and endeavours to continue doing so.

    • As many as 150 apps developed
    • Clients spread across 12 countries
  • Key Services – Android App Development, iOS App Development, Native App Development, Product Strategy Consulting, UX Auditing, UI/UX Design, UX Research
  • Zazz – 

We can not find a single reason who would want to say no to Zazz. When a mobile app development company has built as many as 763 phenomenal mobile apps for equally phenomenal clientele, what is there to reject them? Literally nothing! Walmart, Amazon, Walt Disney, McDonalds, Verizon, IBM – the clientele mix is simply incredible. 

Spread across 7 prominent cities across the entire USA, Zazz is widely acclaimed as one the the America’s fastest growing companies. With a futuristic tech stack, all Zazz has achieved is unsurpassable.

    • As much as 770 million dollar generated
    • Zazz’s apps are ranking high on Google play store and iOS App Store
  • Key Services – iOS App Development, Android App Development, React Native App Development, Flutter App Development, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
  • Mercury Development – 

It is difficult to question the integrity of the mobile app development services of a company if it goes as far back as 1999. That is the story of Mercury Development which has been impressing its diverse clientele with the adeptness of its huge army of more than 350 tech experts. 

Fitbit, HSBC, Burger King, and Mercedes Benz have been some of the major clients of Mercury development. Never say never to Mercury Development’s premier mobile app development services.

    • More than 1500 apps developed
    • Headquartered in Florida
  • Key Services – Research, Analysis, Elaborate Planning, UI/UX Design, Development
  • Orangesoft – 

Since its establishment in the year 2011, Orangesoft has never failed to impress its diverse clientele with its out of ordinary mobile app development services. Situated in Poland and the USA, Orangesoft has been effortlessly crafting scalable, sleek, and structured apps with its team of over 90 professionals.

No wonder why Orangesoft has been rewarded with a five star rating on the Clutch. With more than 300 projects executed, Orangesoft endeavours to achieve perfection, openness, and efficiency in its work.

  • 12 years of incredible mobile app development experience
  • Sectors served – Healthcare, Finance, Entertainment, Enterprise, IoT
  • Key Services – iOS App Development, Android App Development, MVP Development, Consulting, UI/UX Design, Project Management

need help with mobile app development itechnolabs

  • Appetiser – 

Remarkable apps earn a remarkable revenue – this principle is especially validated in the case of Appetiser. All the apps that Appetiser have created boasts off a collective revenue of more than $ 100 million. Construction, social media, healthcare, dating, non profits – the diversity of the portfolio is exceptional.

Headquartered in Australia, Appetiser  has been offering its world-class services in the domain of mobile app development.

  • Clients – Lego, MyDeal, Youfoodz, Vello
  • A team of more than 200 highly certified professionals
  • Key services – iOS App Development, Android App Development, Custom App Development, Native App Development
  • Sidebench – 

When mobile development just seems a chaotic mess to you, leave it to Sidebench. One of the eminent mobile app development companies, Sidebench is a committed team of app development pioneers who strive to produce only excellence. Located in California, Sidebench engages in elaborate strategy, diligent design, precise development, and blockbuster deployment.

Its notable clients include some respected global industry leaders, such as Sony, Microsoft, Oakley, Facebook, Red bull, etc.

    • Received appreciation from Inc. and Clutch
    • Diverse Portfolio
  • Key services – Competitive Analysis, User research & Testing, UX Design, Technical Architecture, Mobile App Development, Systems Integrations
  • itCraft – 

Situated in Poland, itCraft holds incredible expertise in the arena of mobile app development. With more than 100 noteworthy developers, itCraft has been able to craft some very incredible app experiences. 

Using futuristic design and development tools, itCraft has been offering safe, effective, and trustworthy mobile app development services to clients across healthcare, logistics, fintech, and retail sectors.

    • More than 350 projects executed
    • 12 years of diversified experience
  • Key Services – Product Strategy, UX Audit, UI/UX Research and Design, Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, Support
  • Algoworks – 

When what you are looking for is a perfect blend of sensational mobile app and exquisite branding, you are looking for Algoworks. A globally appreciated mobile app development company, Algoworks transpires to evoke digital transformation for its clients across various industry domains.

With more than 40 awards and as many as 100 5-star ratings on Clutch, it would be sheer stupidity to not avail to not hire the best mobile app developers of one of the leading mobile app development companies in the world.

    • As many as 750 mobile app deliveries made
    • Diverse Industry Assortment – Dating, Education, Healthcare, Social Media, Retail
  • Key Services – iOS App Development, Android App Development, HTML5 App Development, Xamarin App Development
  • CodigoDelSur –

Nothing is impossible with CodigoDelSur’s unparalleled mobile app development services. Since the year 2007, CodigoDelSur have created numerous elegant mobile apps that have generated a user base of more than 300 million people.

Besides app design and development, CodigoDelSur takes extra care to market the apps directly into the hearts of its users with its unique marketing strategies. Located in Uruguay, CodigoDelSur has been appreciated and awarded by many.

  • Apps Built – Grubhub, DroneDeploy, Skout, Shutterfly
  • Key Services – iOS App Development, Android App Development, React Native App Development, Quality Assurance, Into-the-future Technology

hire top mobile app developers itechnolabs

  • Tapptitude –

If you want growth, Tapptitude is what you are seeking, an A-one mobile app development company which has taken a stride of rapid growth in less than a period of 9 years. Started in Romania, Tapptitude has spread over 3 locations world-wide, serving as many as 10 industry segments.

With a highly functional mix of developers, designers, strategists, testers, and managers, Tapptitude aims to offer satisfying, end-to-end solutions to its each and every client.

    • More than 100+ experts
    • As many as 120 apps developed within 9 years
  • Key Services – Product Concepting, iOS App development, Android App Development, React Native App Development, Product Launch Services
  • Cheesecake Labs –

When a mobile app development company has been ranked high numerous times by Clutch, it becomes difficult to question its credibility. Cheesecake Labs has been crafting perfection since 2013.

With clients including Fig Loans, Finn, Cresol Pay, and Thaw, Cheesecake Labs have developed some 200 plus products with sheer diligence and dedication.

    • A large army of more than 100 professionals
  • Key Services – Product Strategy, UI/UX Design, iOS App Development, React native App Development, Android App development, Flutter App Development
  • Infinum – 

With 18 years of mobile app development experience, Infinum continues to furnish marvellous app development services to its clients across the world. Since 2005, Infinum has transformed into one of the globally recognised mobile app development companies which has served clients across diverse industries such as fintech, electronics, retail, hospitality, etc.

Through a group of as many as 361 professionals, Infinum has produced only the best app solutions.

    • More than 100 digital products delivered
  • Key Services – Product Strategy, App design, App development, Data Analytics
  • Launchpad App Development – 

When what you want to build is not just a mobile app, but an impactful channel to create an all-inclusive society, then go for Launchpad App Development to hire the best mobile app developers. We assure you that you will not regret it. Situated in around five locations globally, Launchpad App Development has ideated and invented as many as 49 out of the world applications.

An awardee of the ‘Best Hidden Gem’ award at the Google Play Awards and other prestigious honours, Launchpad continues to surprise us with insightful app solutions.

    • Some of its impressive apps – BrickFit, Laughscape, Liminal Wellbeing, Memory Machine
    • As many as 17 awards won
  • Key Services – Research & Strategy, App Design, App Development, App testing, App Updation
  • KitelyTech – 

If what you are looking for is a full-fledged mobile app development service, then KitelyTech is your key. Shipping, healthcare, food, entertainment, logistics, automobile, fintech – there is not left an industry segment of which KitelyTech’s talented engineers do not have a proficient knowledge of.

Along with an incredible mobile app development service, KitelyTech knows well how to sell your killer app with an irrefutable appeal.

  • Key Services – App Strategy, App Designing & Development, App Support & Maintenance, App Marketing, App Porting

looking for free mobile app development consultation itechnolabs

  • Crowdbotics – 

Engineering manager, project manager, design director, product manager – Crowdbotics puts to your service a vast cross-functional team of professionals who commit themselves to creating a unique app experience for your target users. Get an original app developed for your very original idea with Crowdbotics’ dynamic customisation and one of the best mobile app developers.

Crowdbotics takes care that your app stands out from the hoards of other apps via integration with advanced features such as AR/VR, blockchain, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

    • Industry mix – Healthcare, Legal, Technology, Finance, Logistics, Construction, Education, etc
  • Key Services – Wireframing, Development, Deployment, Design, Quality Assurance, Maintenance
  • Peerbits – 

More than 750 projects delivered in just 11 years – do we need to say more to convince you how Peerbits is one of the first-rate mobile app development companies? We do not think that we need to tell you how Peerbits has created remarkable apps for some of the leading organisations of the world such as Godrej, Medtronic, Hilti, Content Pepper, and Dais World.

Situated in four locations world-wide, Peerbits possess more than 180 tech wizards who have an urge to craft progressive app solutions.

    • Recognised & Awarded by Clutch, NASSCOM, Forbes, and Microsoft
    • Industry Mix – Logistics, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Finance, Retail
  • Key Services – iOS App Development, Android App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Progressive Web App Development 
  • Utility – 

Founded by some of the leading thought leaders of the world, Utility only and only strives to achieve excellence in the app development domain. Take a look at Utility’s rich portfolio and it would be difficult to ignore it. Airbnb, Forbes, Coca Cola, Verizon, Shark Tank and NBA have been catered to by highly experienced engineers of Utility since 2013.

Located in New York and California, Utility has served clients across the world with noteworthy app experiences.

    • Recognised and awarded by Clutch and Forbes
  • Key Services – iOS App Development, Android App Development, UX/UI Strategy & Design, Mobile Game Development
  • RipenApps – 

Gradle, React Native, Flutter, Android, iOS, Firebase – the android developers at RipenApps make sure that they use every advanced technology to the greatest extent possible in order to deliver exemplary app solutions. Rated highly by Clutch, RipenApps’ development process is comprehensive and customer-focussed.

Located in India, the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and Canada, RipenApps has all the expertise in the world to digitally revolutionise your business.

    • Industry Mix – Ecommerce, Dating, Gaming, Social Networking, Taxi Booking, Food & Restaurant, Education
    • Clientele – Examarly, Hanchens, Swish Fintech, Buffet, Blog Buster 
  • Key Services – Android Development, iOS Development, Wearable Development, Hybrid App Development, UI/UX Design
  • Diceus – 

Since its inception in the year 2011, Diceus has been serving the world with its all-encompassing mobile app development services. Partnered with leading tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Oracle, Diceus has executed more than 120 apps successfully.

Headquartered in Poland, Diceus has spread itself across 5 different nations across the world with its more than 250 tech experts.

    • Rated high by Clutch and included in Inc 5000 list
  • Key Services – Hybrid Mobile App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Android App Development, iOS App Development, On-Demand App Development, Mobile App Design, Mobile App Consulting

are you looking for 1 mobile app development company itechnolabs

  • CTG –

No other mobile app development company can beat CTG in terms of experience. Established in 1966, CTG has been offering elegant app development solutions to industries across diverse segments such as healthcare, energy, retail, banking & finance, and utilities.

Through its trailblazing mobile apps, CTG has left an imprint across the globe. It has its offices across six countries world-wide and has been partnered with prominent technology companies such as Microsoft, Nintex, AWS, etc.

    • Advanced Tech used – IoT, Intelligent Automation, Cloud, Data & Analytics
  • Key Services – Platform based solutions, Cloud-native architecture, Agile-certified consultancy
  • Lomray Software – 

Although young, Lomray software has proved that it is no less than any established mobile app development company in the world. Through more than 30 projects that it has executed in the past three years, Lomray Software has made a lasting impact on its previous as well as potential clients globally.

Located in the USA and Poland, Lomray Software offers peerless mobile app development services and its developers hold boundless knowledge of the markets in Transport, education, social media, fintech, healthcare, and travel.

    • Clientele – Kety, Casting Call Club, Miniut, Bloom, Euro2moon
  • Key Services – Full Cycle Mobile App Development, Server Side API Development, Code Audit, MVP Development
  • Innowise Group – 

With more than 200 clients already served across 20 countries worldwide, Innowise Group never fails to impress with its one of a kind mobile app development services. Its diverse industry experience and know-how makes it a favourable choice for the development of the app of your dreams.

Being recognised & awarded year after year, Innowise Group’s massive army of tech masters have executed as many as 600 app development projects in the past years.

    • Industry Mix – Healthcare, Finance, Hi-Tech, eLearning, eCommerce, Logistics
  • Key Services – iOS App Development, Android App Development, App Development for Wearables, Flutter App Development, React Native App Development, Xamarin App Development, Cordova App Development
  • Blue Whale Apps – 

Believe us when we say that this list would have been futile if there would not have been Blue Whale Apps’ name on it. Being headquartered in the USA since the year 2006, Blue Whale Apps has successfully executed approximately 300 app projects across more than nine industrial segments and is recognised as one of the leading mobile app development companies in the world.

First Rate, Discovery Channel, Fox, CISCO, and NBC Universal are few of the prominent organisations that Blue Whale Apps has served with its unique app development and marketing solutions.

    • Technology Partners – Adobe, AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM
  • Key Services – Consultancy, UI/UX Design, Customisation & Development, Marketing & Consumer Engagement
  • Snotor – 

If your app concept revolves around fintech, look nowhere else because none other than Snotor is your perfect choice. With 15 years of general app as well as fintech app development experience, Snotor will transform your fintech app dream into a functional reality with the right balance of innovation and robustness.

Located in the UK, Latvia, and Ukraine, Snotor has finished as many as 400 projects and has been given top ranks by leading marketplaces such as Clutch.

    • More than 50 highly certified professionals
  • Key Services – Consultancy, Design , development, Testing, Deployment

searching for ios app development company itechnolabs

  • Azumo – 

Since the year 2016, Azumo has been building insightful apps for its premier clients all over Europe and Asia. The highly-certified developers at Azumo make certain that the apps are built in alignment with the aspirations of the clients and are integrated with latest technological advancements.

As a supreme mobile app development company, Azumo has served multiple clients from diverse industrial segments with its extensive app development and branding services.

    • Clientele – AskTia, Edify, Discovery Channel, Brightside, Imagine, Angle Health
  • Key Services – Android App Development, iOS App Development, Flutter App Development, React Native App Development
  • Internut – 

Established in Australia in 2001, Internut has been a stunner in the domain of app development all over the world. With time, Internut expanded to the countries of Malaysia and India with its army of highly-certified tech experts serving its clients with superb mobile app development services.

Choose Internut as your mobile app development company because it is here where you will get best customisation and best mobile app developers at the most economical prices.

    •  Recognised by Clutch as the no. 1 top brand consultant for digital services
  • Key Services – iOS App Development, Android App Development, Hybrid App Development, Consultancy Services, Backend Development, Mobile App Design, MVP Development, Quality Assurance Testing, Post Support Services
  • Cloud Primero –

Startup, venture capitalists, big or small enterprises – Cloud Primero embraces it all with integration with avant-garde technologies. Headquartered in the Netherlands and located across five different countries, Cloud Primero helps its clients make their dreams true via its advanced technological expertise and a deep yearning to transform.

The Green Branch, Jogo, Nespresso, Spotler, Loreal Paris, and Grow Labs are some of the clients of Cloud Primero that have been performing exceptionally well.

    • Located in Netherlands, Germany, UAE, the USA, and Pakistan
  • Key Services – Native iOS Applications, Native Android Applications, Augmented Reality, Blockchain Applications, Data Architecture
  • Kanda Software – 

25 years – if a mobile app development company has this amount of experience, there has to be a solid enough reason for it to be not on this list. Hence, Kanda Software has to be on this list of top 30 mobile app development companies of 2023.

Fintech, mCommerce, gaming, telemedicine, social media, healthcare, mobile analytics – you name it, Kanda Software has got both the expert and expertise to create an app in the respective field.

    • Clients served – Association for Computer Machinery, Sigchi, Hopper, College Interactive, Brigham Health
  • Key Services – Native iOS Mobile App Development, Native android Mobile App Development, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, Hybrid App Development, Responsive HTML5 Mobile App Development
  • BairesDev – 

Google, Rolls Royce, Pinterest, Abbott, Ebay, EY, IBM, Panasonic, Volvo – when the leading companies of the world have said a big ‘yes’ to BairesDev, why can not you? Founded in Argentine, Bairesdev have been digitally revolutionising the businesses since the year 2009.

Included in the Inc 5000 list for America’s fastest growing companies of 2022, BairesDev has received deserved reward and attention from Forbes and Nasdaq for being one of the A-rate mobile app development companies of the world.

  • Industry mix – Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail
  • Key Services – iOS App Development, Android App development, Hybrid App Development, Enterprise Mobility, Wearable Integration, UI/UX Design, Consultancy Services 

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Have You checked the list of top 30 Mobile app development service companies?

list of top 30 mobile app development service companies itechnolabs

If not iTechnolabs, then what? When the app of your dreams is concerned, you just cannot trust anybody. It has to be iTechnolabs, one of the prominent mobile app development companies in the entire globe. With a perfect mix of simplicity and sophistication, iTechnolabs has the power to craft mobile apps that last in the minds and hearts of its users. 

Talk of any market, the mobile app developers at iTechnolabs will be deeply versed with its dynamics. Their knowledge of the state-of-the-art technology and tools for mobile app development is impressive and extraordinary, a reason why the apps built by them have been performing well across Google Play Store and  Apple App Store. Hence, do not overthink. Share your mail and get connected with the mobile app development company you have always been looking for. 

Just do not unnecessarily exhaust yourself, when your dreams is just a click away
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