Top Ecommerce Web Development Tips That Can Boost Your Sales

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For online business owners, your e-commerce website is the face of your storefront. This means, your website demonstrates who you are, making it one of the primary influences of how many people visitors turn into buyers. No matter how well-planned your online advertisements are, you could be losing on the potential customers if your e-commerce website isn’t optimized for sales.

Top Ecommerce Web Development Tips

Follow these eCommerce web development tips to start seeing more conversions in no time!

Keep it simple and user-friendly

Apart from being a robust solution, your online shopping website should be designed i such a way that it meets the expectations and needs of the prospective buyers. The design should be attractive enough to attract visitors while the Navigation must have the ability to turn them into buyers.

keep it simple and user friendly itechnolabs

The website should be as simple as possible. The images should be relevant to the products with no distracting links. Avoid complicated animations, lengthy content or stock images as much as possible.

Don’t distract users

When the visitors land at your mobile app or website, it is important to make their journey as simple and engaging as possible. The e-commerce website should be optimized for generating sales, so it’s important to not encourage the visitors to sign-up for newsletters, promotional emails, etc.

ecommerce web development tips itechnolabs

Remember that they visit your website to buy products and not to get promotional emails. Of course, you can publish information, but make sure it doesn’t distract people from making a purchase.

Make Search an option

Whenever users are confused about the category of a product or when the navigation is overwhelming, think Amazon. The platform has rocked the world, even when using a simple navigation.

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Additionally, the search bar on the top allows visitors to search for products with their names. It is found that the websites with huge inventory, offering search option become the most accessible choice for finding a product.

Make checkout quick, easy & secure

Checkout is the last step of online shopping process, but it’s the only step where over 70% carts are abandoned. In most cases the checkout is too complicated or website fails to win the trust of users. This is what makes it important for the e-commerce store owners to implement a secure and hassle-free checkout process.

ecommerce development tips itechnolabs

Using a single-step checkout process is always the safer choice. Additionally, offering multiple payment methods makes it easy for the shoppers to choose from their desired payment mode.

Make sure it’s responsive

As per Google, over 79% of smartphone users have made online purchases from their devices in the last 6 months. With growing popularity of smart devices, there is no reason to skip them when creating a custom e-commerce website.

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ecommerce development responsive itechnolabs

In fact, it’s more critical than ever to provide a great web design on desktop and mobile. Of course, you can create a mobile application for users, but designing a responsive website is always a smarter choice. A responsive website ensures that any user, existing or new, can visit the website even when using on mobile devices and enjoy a great user experience.

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