Top 10 Flutter App Development Trends to Know in 2024

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While we have entered the second quarter of 2024, the Flutter framework continues to dominate the mobile app development market. Businesses and developers alike are eagerly adopting this versatile toolkit to deliver exceptional user experiences. More than one million apps have been developed using Flutter (May 2023 statistics), which clearly demonstrates the increasing popularity of this open-source UI toolkit.

This year brings a host of exciting trends that promise to further enhance the capabilities of Flutter app development. From more robust cross-platform support to advancements in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration, the 2024 Flutter trends are expected to shape the mobile landscape.

Let’s dig deeper into the top 10 trends in Flutter app development that developers and businesses should keep up with to stand ahead of the curve this year and ahead.

10 Flutter App Development Trends 2024 To Follow

With each year passing and every update being released, Flutter is evolving. To leverage it to the most and enhance Flutter app development capabilities, here are some dominating trends to watch out for:

1. AR Integration

With increasing demand for immersive experiences, Augmented Reality integration into Flutter has become a necessity. Businesses and developers are increasingly integrating plugins like ARKit and ARCore to build AR-enabled mobile apps for retail, gaming, entertainment, etc.

For example, retail apps can use AR enabling users to visualize products in their own space, enhancing the buying experience. This integration will drive innovation, making apps more engaging and functional, ultimately setting new standards in user engagement and satisfaction.

2. Blockchain Integration 

Flutter app development companies are looking for opportunities to integrate blockchain into their apps. By incorporating blockchain, Flutter apps can utilize decentralized databases, which ensure secure data sharing and tamper-proof transactions.

For example, a Flutter-based financial app can integrate blockchain to provide users with immutable and transparent transaction histories, minimizing fraud risks. This integration will also allow smart contracts, automating processes and enhancing trust between parties in various applications, from healthcare to supply chain management.

3. Voice-enabled Interfaces 

2024 is anticipated to experience a rise to voice-enabled interfaces while developing Flutter apps to improve accessibility and user interaction. By integrating voice commands, developers can equip their Flutter apps with hands-free navigation and cater to a wider audience, including users with disabilities.

Consider a Flutter-based fitness app that leverages voice recognition capabilities to start workouts, track progress, and provide real-time feedback without manually inputting any commands. This trend will improve user experience while opening new opportunities for advanced app functionalities.

4. Increased Use Of Widgets 

Widgets are at the core of Flutter apps, enabling developers to effortlessly craft custom and intricate user interfaces. In 2024, we expect the emergence of innovative widgets that will enhance UI/UX design creativity and flexibility to the highest levels. For example, a new dynamic animation widget could allow seamless transitions and interactive elements, making apps more captivating and engaging. These advancements will allow developers to push the boundaries of design and functionality in their applications.

5. Animation Plus 

In 2024, developers should leverage Animation Plus to enhance their Flutter apps with more dynamic and visually stunning animations. Animation Plus is an advanced library enabling developers to develop intricate, high-performance animations with ease, improving user experience and engagement.

For example, a fitness app can be developed using Animation Plus to animate progress charts, offering real-time seamless transitions and making data more digestible and engaging for users. Such enhancements will boost the aesthetic and functional quality of Flutter apps.

6. Flutter and IoT

The integration of Flutter with IoT indicates a transition towards a smarter app landscape. The ability of Flutter apps to operate IoT devices will improve app functionality, making everyday objects efficient and more interactive.

7. Null Safety

It is a feature in Flutter that makes code more readable, reliable, and maintainable by removing the possibility of null dereferences and null-related exceptions. Introduced in Dart 2.12 as optional, it is expected to become the default mode for all new projects in 2024. Developers should leverage this as a standard practice for Flutter app development.

8. Community Expansion 

The Flutter community has been growing with the increase in demand for Flutter app development. It enables developers to share insights, resolve doubts and queries and keep up-to-date with updates. It is expected that Flutter will continue to grow in 2024 and beyond, making it a dynamic and supportive community for Flutter developers.

9. On-Demand Apps

2024 will also experience a rise in the demand for on-demand apps, leading to the development of more scalable, responsive, and user-centric Flutter applications. With rising consumer demand for instant services, such as freelance gigs, and food delivery, developers will utilize the cross-platform capabilities of Flutter app development to rapidly deploy high-performance apps.

10. State Restoration

Every Flutter developer knows this feature, which enables them to preserve their app’s state across system reboots, app restarts, and system configurations. Put simply, users can resume where they left off even after the app resumes or restarts.

Embrace The Evolving Capabilities of Flutter App Development With iTechnolabs 

iTechnolabs-Embrace The Evolving Capabilities of Flutter App Development With iTechnolabs

The above information makes it quite clear that Flutter Trends 2024 will drive innovation in the app development ecosystem. At iTechnolabs, we are passionate about leveraging Flutter’s full potential to build innovative and outstanding solutions. As a globally acclaimed Flutter app development company, our experts develop state-of-the-art Flutter apps that drive business growth and exceed user expectations.

If you have any questions about how to utilize the latest Flutter app development trends 2024 or to start a new project, feel free to contact us. Whether you are a startup or an established firm seeking to enhance their app development using Flutter, we have got you covered.

Reach out to us today and stay ahead of the curve!

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