Top Trending Mobile Applications On Google Play in 2024 [Updated]

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Tablets and smartphones powered by Android entertain the ability to work from anywhere and keep in contact with friends, family, and colleagues. By installing the right app on your smartphone or tablet, you can turn it into a movie theater, workstation, art canvas, recipe manager, and so much more. You may feel overwhelmed to find the best Android apps.

Google Play Store offers a huge selection of apps, but which are worth downloading? Listed here, you’ll find apps you didn’t even know you needed, so read on: You might find something you didn’t even know you wanted.

Which category of Trending Mobile Applications are the most popular on Google Play?

Mobile internet users are spoilt for choice in terms of the sheer number and variety of mobile apps available. According to Google Play, gaming apps accounted for 13.72 percent of all apps worldwide in the first quarter of 2024. Second on the list were educational apps, accounting for 9.31 percent.

Google Announces Best Of Google Play

google announces best of google play itechnolabs

Millions of apps are available on Google Play. There are some great ones, and there are some duds. In its Best of 2024 list, Google Play looks at the world’s best apps. In India, Bitclass, a live interactive learning platform, was voted best app of the year. A new Android app called Clubhouse, launched in May this year, has been awarded the best app in Users’ Choice. There is a strong focus on apps that promote online learning on the list this year. Among the other apps on the list are FrontRow, which teaches singing, music, comedy, and fitness, and Hotstep, which teaches dancing, fitness, and more live. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India won the games category. Krafton developed this game after PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year. Garena Free Fire MAX won the games category’s Users’ choice award.

In addition, Google announced the best apps for tablets and wearables this year. Three of India’s best tablet apps for 2024 are Houzz, Canva, and Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw. The ‘Best Apps for Wear’ are My Fitness Pal, Calm, and Sleep Cycle: Sleep Analysis & Smart Alarm Clock.

According to Google, the pandemic has accelerated the drive for health and well-being among Android users in India, which is why they’ve selected Jumping Minds as a ‘Best Hidden Gem,’ Evergreen Club, and Being as ‘Best Apps for Good Health and Mental State’. This time around, Google has also categorized the best apps for everyday essentials and the Sarva yoga app as a ‘Best App for Everyday Essentials’. Let’s explore more of the best apps of 2024 on the Google Play Store. 

Best Apps on Google Play for 2024

best apps on google play for 2021 itechnolabs

Best Games of 2024 on Google Play

A number of games have been awarded awards this year, including Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) from Krafton, which has been named ‘Best Game’ of the year in India, and Garena Free Fire Max, which has been named ‘Users’ Choice Game’ of the year.

“Gaming continues to gain significant traction in India, with many across the country enjoying a variety of exciting and imaginative gaming experiences,” said Bouchard.

Google has introduced ‘Best Games for Tablets’ just as it had done with best apps to highlight tablet-centric games. The ‘Best Tablet Games’ of the year in India include Chicken Police, My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge, and Overboard.

Best Android Games of 2024

best android games of 2021 itechnolabs

Gaming apps for android are available to a much larger audience than those for iOS, since Android boasts more users than iOS. Five categories of games and the five best games for each category was announced by Google in 2024. 

The following is a list of the best Android games for 2024.

  • Indie Games: The indie games created by indie developers are renowned for their outstanding design and gameplay. 
  1. Bird Alone
  2. 7 Billion Humans
  3. Donut County
  4. My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge
  5. Puzzling Peaks EXE
  • Pick Up and Play Games: Simple and comprehensible control is the hallmark of pick up and play games. There is no steep learning curve and it has clear objectives for the player. 
  1. Disney POP TOWN
  2. Cats in Time
  3. Switch Crafts
  4. Towers
  5. Crash Bandicoot: On The Run
  • Game Changers: On the shortlist, each game made an impact on the gaming industry in its own way. A game like Inked, for instance, is entirely based upon ballpoint pen drawings, and it also breaks the fourth wall: you get to interact with the artist who created the game world. 
  1. Inked
  2. JanKenUP!
  3. Knights Of San Francisco
  4. Overboard!
  5. Tears of Themis
  • Compititive Games: Playing games alone is your preference, or do you enjoy multiplayer battles with other players? Competitive games are for players playing against each other. 
  1. League of Legends: Wild Rift!
  2. MARVEL Future Revolution
  3. Pokemon UNITE
  4. Rouge Land
  5. Suspects: Mystery Mansion
  • Best For Tablets: The games for tablets are created explicitly for users who want to experience gaming fun on their tablets. 
  1. Chicken Police- Paint It Red!
  2. League of Legends: Wild Rift
  3. My friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge
  4. Overboard!
  5. The Procession To Calvary

User’s Choice of 2024

User’s choice means these games have got high votes from users globally. A list of the games nominated for the best user choice game in 2024 was announced by Google in November 2024, and the public voted accordingly. Here is the list of nominated games: 

  1. MARVEL Future Revolution
  2. The Walking Deads: Survivors
  3. Beatstar: Touch Your Music
  4. Project Makeover
  5. Battlegrounds Mobile India
  6. Score! Hero 2
  7. Garena Free Fire MAX
  8. League of Legends: Wild Rift
  9. Pokemon UNITE
  10. Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

Which game got the highest vote?

According to Google play users, the best game of the year is Garena Free Fire Max. The application’s popularity can be attributed to its representation of the battle royale genre, which has been very popular in recent years. The game provides highly dynamic and competitive solo or squad gameplay.

Best Android Applications for 2024

best android games of 2021 itechnolabs

The best Android applications category for 2024 includes the best apps for everyday essentials, personal growth, hidden gems, entertainment, and many more. The center of attraction was creativity, overall well-being, self-improvement, and self-worth this year. Google wanted to pay attention to the apps that are helping in reshaping the world, whether through mental well-being or by bringing confidence through personal development. 

List of Best Android Applications of 2024

In 2024, Google did something new to promote personal development and mental health. This year, Google has focused on the “know yourself and be yourself” vibe, especially after the pandemic. Before announcing the best app for 2024, Google paid attention to those apps shaping our world in any way, whether physical health or mental well-being. 

This year, there were eight categories that Google Showcased. Let us have a look one by one.

  • Everyday Essentials: Everyday essential apps include things that we need for planning our everyday life like planner, communication, calming or meditation apps. 
  1. Blossom
  2. Rabit
  3. PhotoRoom
  • Personal Growth: Personal growth includes everything related to the growth of the person, whether inner growth or learning skills to grow financially or in a career. This category focused on self-improvement, skills training, and language learning. 
  1. Clementine
  2. Uptime
  3. Balance
  • Apps for Fun: The fun category is basically for entertainment apps that can also be productive, like video editing and audio recording.
  1. Whatifi
  2. Noobly
  3. Clubhouse
  • Mental Wellness: Health grocery shopping and meditation is also a big task if people are new to it, so Google has provided the three best apps in this category.  
  1. Speechify
  2. Empathy
  3. Mentor Spaces
  • Hidden Gems: The hidden gems category basically includes things like socializing, traveling, and mental health, in short focusing on personal growth and self-exploration. 
  1. Moonly
  2. Laughspace
  3. Moonbeam
  • Best For Tablets: Tablets have different dimensions, so some of the apps are specifically created for tablets.
  1. Concepts
  2. Houzz
  3. Canva
  • Best for Wear OS: Wearing and OS nowadays makes our life much easy and convenient. It helps us plan our day, set reminders, notify us of health-related activities, and many more. From how much we have walked to how much sleep is needed, these OS wearables help us with everything. 
  1. Sleep Cycle
  2. MyFitnessPal
  3. Calm
  • Best For Google TV: Entertainment after a tiring and productive is much needed. Google has created some of the applications specifically for Google TV for entertainment purposes. 
  1. Tubi
  2. Disney+
  3. ESPN

Google Play’s Best Application for 2024

Balance, a personal growth application developed for Android, won the 2024 best application award. The Balance app allows you to manage your sleep and meditation. You can customize your own meditation plan according to your goals, experience, and preferences. You can customize the app by putting more information into it based on your needs. 

Balance is a sleep management app that helps in meditation and helps to cope in everyday life by representing overall focus and personal growth. Upon sharing your goals, preferences, and experiences, they customize a meditation plan suitable for your routine. 

Best User’s Choice Application for 2024

According to the user, for the best application of the year award, many applications were nominated. Here is the list of nominees for 2024:

  1. BitClass: learning Anything. Live. Together!
  2. Sortizy: Recipes, Meal Planner, and Grocery List
  3. Evolve Mental Health
  4. Being: Your Mental Health Friend
  5. ClubHouse: The Social Audio App
  6. EMBIBE: Learning
  7. Guradians: Personal and Family Safety
  8. SARVA: Yoga and Meditation
  9. FrontRow: Learn Singing, Music, Rap, Comedy, and More
  10. Evergreen Club: Health, Fitness, Fun and Learning

We should note that the top Google Play apps and games differ depending on the region. As a result, the ones you have in India aren’t available in other markets with the same title.

According to Google US, Balance won the award for ‘Best App of the Year,’ and Pokemon Unite won ‘Best Game of the Year.’ Google said that Google Play’s Best of winners globally are the benchmark for app and game development. The company also claimed they selected the winners from across the developer ecosystem “to prove that great apps and games can come from anywhere, regardless of size or prominence.”

However, it’s important to note that the selection of the best apps and games is at the discretion of the Google Play editors, except ‘Users’ Choice’ titles that are voted and chosen by users.

Do You want to hire Mobile App Developer?

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That’s all for top trending mobile applications on Google Play 2024. With the Google Play awards that began in 2016, app developers have had the chance to get noticed, and this is an excellent way for the user to discover the top trending mobile applications.

Frequently Asked Questions For trending mobile applications

1. What are the top trending mobile games of 2024?

Given below is the list of top trending mobile games on Google Play Store in 2023. Take a look at the list below – 

  • Subway Surfers
  • Stumble Guys
  • Roblox
  • Free Fire MAX
  • Ludo King
  • Bridge Race
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Race Master 3D

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2.What are the top Google Play trending apps of 2024?

Here is the list of the leading mobile apps on Google Play Store in 2023. Take a brief look – 

  • Duolingo
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Instasize
  • Amazon
  • Zoom
  • Slack

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