What is iBeacon, and Why is it used in iOS Apps Development? 2024 [Updated]

what is ibeacon and why is it used in ios apps development itechnolabs

iBeacon, one of the most significant technological developments in recent years, is quickly becoming commonplace within the app development sector. The complexity of cutting-edge technology is exemplified by iBeacon. Its contribution to simplifying individuals’ lifestyles of businesses is beyond expectations. Regardless of the organization’s size, iBeacon app development services aid in better user engagement and interaction, connectionless communication, real-time tracking, and customizable proximity offering several benefits for businesses. So, knowing about this next-gen technology is a must if you are thriving in development. For the same, check out the blog to learn about iBeacon and how it is used in iOS apps development. Let’s get ahead!

What exactly is an iBeacon/Beacon?

iBeacon is Apple’s take on the Bluetooth-based beacon idea, which allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast or receive small, static data packets across short distances. It comprises a broadcaster (beacon device) and a receiver (smartphone app). Beacons can be thought of as “buttons or connectors to the physical world around you.” Beacons are used by applications to activate events and summon actions, allowing users to engage with digital or physical items such as door locks, discounts, automation systems, or simple alerts, in the same manner that web pages rely on buttons as the primary method of user interaction.

iBeacon is a small-scale network device that detects and tracks cell phones using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The Apple iBeacon protocol may be used to provide push notifications and location-based services by leveraging the way Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) allows wireless devices to connect without the need for human involvement. 

Why is iBeacon Used in iOS Apps Development?

why is ibeacon used in ios apps development itechnolabs

There are several reasons that iBeacon is used in iOS apps development. Have a closer look to know about the reasons in detail!

  • Accuracy

The convergence of the natural and digital worlds is made possible through beacon technology, which enables contextualization depending on proximity or position. Since iBeacon relies on proximity technology, it may provide very accurate results even when used inside. Actions may be quickly done on a device when it detects an iBeacon in close range through Bluetooth. This eliminates the need to rely on satellite connectivity, which can be affected by factors such as weather conditions and the ability of a building to penetrate its walls.

  • Privacy to the Peak

iBeacons do not follow users wherever they go but rather log just when they are within range of an iBeacon; users may rest assured that their privacy will be protected and that information technology will not follow them when they leave work or school. There’s no Big Brother around here.

  • Integrations 

iBeacon is a native Apple technology; it easily connects and scales with your existing Apple ecosystem without requiring additional work.

  • Affordability 

The technology is inexpensive, easily accessible, and scalable because even an iPad can be set up to function as an iBeacon (through a variety of free apps).

  • Usability

Because iBeacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, there is very little of an influence on the user’s device or the battery life it provides. And because it is naturally integrated into the operating system, no particular configuration is required for it to function.

  • Automation

iBeacon applications are helpful because they can activate other apps on a user’s smartphone that are relevant and linked to beacons. This allows such apps to automate various functions in the simplest possible way on the user’s device.

  • Personalized Experiences

Beacon prioritizes personalization, which helps strengthen your brand. This includes mailing discounts and recommending products. It’s like recommending a product based on past purchases. The beacon can also assist the consumer discover a suitable item.

Make sure beacon messages don’t seem as spam and upset customers.

  • Better Management

The iBeacon technology enables hotels to improve their concierge services while also automating the check-in process by providing the hotels with the guests’ specific whereabouts at check-in time.

  • Enhancement of Productivity 

One of the most notable benefits of this technology is improved in-store shopping for retailers, which is accomplished through transmitting essential messages to customers via iBeacon applications.

  • Brand value

Foot traffic, revenue, and ultimately a company’s brand value may all be boosted by informing customers in the vicinity of a retailer’s shop about new offerings in the form of product and service announcements.

  • Close Proximity

iBeacon applications offer many proximity solutions, notifying users of the closest landmarks relevant to their purchasing interests or leisure destinations.

  • Payment Solutions

Users are given the ability to do shopping without having to wait longer in line by cashless payment options made possible by ibeacon technology. This results in significant time savings.

  • Enterprise Solutions

iBeacon applications development service provides excellent enterprise solutions for merchants by boosting the number of customers that walk through their doors, increasing their revenue.

  • Model of Interaction for Businesses

The cutting-edge iBeacon technology provides the most exciting and interactive business solutions possible by capitalizing on customer rate and income to expand audience reach.

  • Indoor navigation

The iBeacon network directs users to locations even when they are not within range of the GPS. This is especially helpful when users are inside buildings or other enclosed spaces.

  • Cost Efficiency 

In contrast to NFC, iBeacon may turn out to be relatively cost-effective. NFC has a range of just up to 0.20 meters at most, but iBeacon can reach up to 50 meters. You can probably picture how much more expensive it would be for you to install NFCs throughout your workplace as opposed to iBeacons, given a choice. Beacon’s hardware is also far less costly than its competitors and can be deployed almost anywhere at a comparatively modest cost.

  • Micro location

Even though global positioning systems (GPS) provide the most accurate navigation and tracking, it has been discovered that GPS does not seem helpful within any building. However, using iBeacon’s micro-location geofencing, you can easily set up navigation within the confines of your office building.

Key Takeaways of iBeacon iOS App Development 

key takeaways of ibeacon ios app development itechnolabs

  • The Apple-developed technology, iBeacon, is frequently used by companies to increase sales by sending out messages to customers. This results in huge income generating for retailers.
  • Users gain from being advised of new products/services they may test. iBeacon offers cashless payment, allowing consumers a more smooth shopping experience by eliminating the need to queue for the payment procedure.
  • Merchants benefit from more excellent sales since iBeacon-enabled applications entice their consumers to acquire new things regularly.
  • Customers gain from being advised about new locations in their immediate vicinity, allowing them to avoid long-distance travel to purchase the needed items.
  • When engaged consumers assess the merchant favorably, enhanced user experience with iBeacon applications may revamp a brand’s market reputation and raise its trustworthiness.
  • The iBeacon iOS apps development analytics overview assists retailers in selling items consistent with customers’ expectations or choices.

Types of iOS Apps that are Build Utilizing iBeacon Integration

types of ios apps that are build utilizing ibeacon integration itechnolabs

If you are a startup wanting to invest in developing a BLE-enabled app, And if you currently have an iOS and Android app, here are all sorts of app integrations created using iBeacon that would work best for your application.

1. App for tracking resources

Develop a resource tracking program that can be utilized in various industries like hospitality, transportation, finance, retail, restaurant availability, etc.

2. Interactive Tour 

Develop an application using iBeacon technology that may be used in public places like zoos, museums, and galleries. When a person is getting close to a location of interest, a wealth of information is available.

3. Automation applications 

Apps that are enabled with beacons allow virtually any automation, whether for use in the home, in monitoring vehicles, or in industrial settings.

4. Apps for indoor navigation

When traveling through extensive facilities, these navigation tools help find a vacant location or receive directions to a particular room or cabin.

5. Apps for Education

The application of the iBeacon platform within the realm of education is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Because of this technology, students have access to an experience that is more interactive with their surroundings.

6. Push Driven Marketing Apps

Sending real-time messaging to consumers at the right time and place is an essential part of the marketing strategy known as “proximity marketing.” Messages may contain a variety of information, including details on products, information about special deals, details about the business, and so on.

Are You looking for iBeacon Service for iOS Apps Development?

are you looking for ibeacon service for ios apps development itechnolabs

iBeacon technology is causing profound shifts in the trajectory of iOS apps development to develop solutions for the retail segment as a whole and how consumers will shop in the years to come. iBeacon technology has the potential to be a fantastic help for shops in the face of intense competition from online business platforms. This rivalry comes in the shape of target audiences.

The development of an app for the iBeacon platform, which is based on beacon technology, has been investigated by several firms. Please do not hesitate to contact iTechnolabs, a professional iOS app development company.  Whether you are interested in obtaining further information on the subject or if you are interested in having your app developed we have got everything covered.

Frequently Asked Questions For iBeacon

  1. How does iBeacon work?

iBeacon is a device  that makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect with nearby iBeacon devices and get connected with its user for the concerned purpose.

iBeacon technology works as stated under –

  • The purpose of beacon is to get connected to the nearby users
  • It will look for devices that are iBeacon-compatible and have their bluetooths switched on
  • It will send a request to the user with iBeacon app on its device to get connected
  • With bluetooth on, the user will receive the request-cum-information, irrespective of the fact that his/her/their device is locked

The components of an iBeacon request are –

  • Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) – renders details of the user
  • The Major – renders location of the user
  • The Minor – renders exact location of the user
  • Tx Power – renders proximity of the device

2. What is iBeacon used for?

iBeacon app development has the under-stated uses. Take a look – 

  • Send your customers iBeacon request as they are around and pull them to your store 
  • Why will your customers not come if you inform them of the fancy deals when they are just around?
  • Collect insightful data on the behaviour of your consumers and devise future marketing plans
  • Nothing can be better than marketing through iBeacon’s inexpensive and phenomenal services
  • Make a tourist experience extraordinary by giving them relevant information as they stroll through a monument
  • Organise a scavenger hunt digitally and engage your consumers in an extraordinary experience
  • Notify students of any of the latest information (regarding fees, holidays, etc.) put over the college notice board 
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