Why Android App Development is Necessary for Online Businesses? [Updated]

android app development

Android app development has become one of the most fundamental requirements for every android application development company to succeed. As practically every business is now online and utilises an Android application to market their products and services to people worldwide, your Android App can sell virtually anything to almost any location on the planet. Thus, developing a mobile app for your company is imperative.

Many firms have achieved exceptional results owing to mobile app development. Many smartphone makers utilize Android since it is an open-source operating system for mobile phones. Moreover, Android’s latest improvements and features have made it an unstoppable operating system in recent years. Here are some reasons why Android App Development is necessary for your online business.

Why Android App Development is necessary for online business

Android App Development is necessary for online business itechnolabs

  1. Android is everywhere – As previously stated, Android is used by more than 74 per cent of smartphone users worldwide. iOS is in second place, with a quarter of the global market. As a result, Android + iPhone accounts for more than 99 percent of the smartphone market, while the remaining 1% uses other devices. So bear in mind that “Android is everywhere.” If you go to the gas station and pay with a POS machine, the payment may depend on this. Don’t be surprised if you see another Android-based electrical device. We can’t refute that “Android is everywhere” when the usability of Android by virtually everyone is a fact.
  2. Low entry barrier – Compared to iOS – Android’s main competitor – the former is quite expensive to build in every way. As a result, we may conclude that Android has a low entrance barrier. You can reiterate this accessibility because a developer must register as an Android Developer and make their software available on the App Store for a small charge of $25 (as of June 2020). Furthermore, Android development may be done on any machine, including Windows, Linux, and iOS. As a result, the overall cost of Android development will be lower. There is a monthly subscription fee of 99 USD for iOS apps, making it relatively expensive (compared to Android) to publish your app on the App Store. Therefore, Android has a low entry barrier advantage, as anyone can register as an Android Developer on the Play Store and make their application available to the entire globe for free! Isn’t that a compelling argument to work with Android?
  3. Open-source – Another significant advantage of Android development is that it is open-source. It is entirely free to use, and it even lets you customise the operating system to your liking. People that want to customise their phones utilise modified ROMs or create their custom ROMs. Because Android is open-source, there are a plethora of custom ROMs on the market, which individuals use to customise their phones as per their preference. As a result, you benefit from the open-source advantage as well. Users prefer free software and operating systems, and Android is one such free OS favoured by many smartphone makers, providing you with that edge. Thus, by using Android Development, you may target all those who use the free OS and those who use custom ROMs for your business.
  4. Innovation Supporting – Android is noted for its innovations and routinely updating its operating system with new features. It is continually on the lookout for new features and applications. If you’re working on something creative, Google might take a peek and assist you. If your app is innovative, Google may provide you with a large sum of money and support to help you develop new features on Android. Google is constantly adding new functions to the OS and new additions to the Android Development Studio. As a result, developers can take advantage of the new functionalities and create something unique for users. You will gain the inventive advantage only if you use the Android app Development Company.
  5. Social Advantage – Android apps are known for their social media interoperability; therefore, those who want to use social media to spread the word about their business should consider Android App Development. Users are more inclined to share the products on the Android App and create awareness among their family and friends because sharing content, apps, or app screens is straightforward with Android Apps. People like items and services suggested by their family and friends; thus, social sharing will bring in more new clients for your company. So, if you want your business to grow through your users, Android App Development is the route to take.

Do You Want To hire Mobile App Developers From iTechnolabs?

do you want to hire mobile app developer from itechnolabs

So, these are the most important benefits of using android app development that you should not overlook? There are uncountable benefits to choosing android app development; however, due to the limited space available on this site, we may not list them all; but, trust us when we say that there are uncountable reasons.

If you want to design a mobile app for your android application development company, call us. We are one of the best Android App Development Company, and we can provide you with an excellent digital solution.

Reasons to hire Android App Developer

According to one statistic, the global mobile workforce will exceed 1.87 billion individuals by 2022. In the organised sector, that’s a stunning 42 per cent of the overall workforce. Indeed, smartphone apps are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life, assisting with paying bills, watching movies, ordering food, booking shows, reading books, staying focused and organised, and much more.

Reasons to Hire Android App Developer itechnolabs

Hence, numerous companies from other industries are attempting to get into the industry. They start with the intention of developing an app, but they frequently fail because they don’t know how to hire mobile app developer.

  • Finding the app development resources – Whether you hire a single developer or a full-service firm, you must ensure that they are knowledgeable and reliable. If you want to learn how to hire a mobile app developer, keep the following recommendations in mind
  • Do your Research – You must understand the ins and outs of the industry before entrusting your project to someone. If you’re new to the world of mobile app development, consult a few experts to understand how much it costs to hire mobile app developer. Talking and engaging with experts will give you a fair idea of the costs of opting for a professional app developer.
  • Check the app developer’s experience – Find out how much the person concerned knows about app design. In particular, inquire if they have ever designed an app similar to the one you want. You will be able to grasp the expectations after knowing their experience.
  • Examining expertise in communication – While communication isn’t the most critical factor to consider, it shouldn’t be overlooked. If your technology partner doesn’t match your business, they won’t build anything of value. That’s why it’s critical to know how effectively you can articulate and well can the developer comprehend your mobile app development concept.
  • Set straightforward standards – When you’ve figured out how to contact app developers, make sure you communicate your expectations in the first meeting itself. Such transparency will allow you to avoid conflicts and accelerate the development process.
  • Accompanying through the interview – Interview everyone you’re considering for a position. If necessary, you can hire a professional to assist you in identifying an app developer and setting up an interview once you’ve made contact. Aside from that, there are a few things to ponder before engaging in any interaction.

Crucial issues While hiring an iOS or Android developer

Get clarification on the crucial issues stated below during your initial sessions. You’ll be able to recognize whether hiring an iOS or Android developer is suitable for your project.

Crucial Issues while hiring ios android developeritechnolabs

  • Prior assessments and references
  • Programming tools
  • Growth Method
  • Program Supervision
  • Industry-specific exposure
  • Niche knowledge in any of the development departments
  • Communication

Why You Need to hire dedicated developers

It’s difficult to give a specific response on employing an app developer because each developer has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a result, when looking for mobile app developers, you must have a thorough understanding of the business. Different considerations, such as skill, dedication, price, and data security, can decide.

Why need to hire dedicated developers itechnolabs

If you want to know how to hire a mobile app developer, the level of competence is an essential factor to consider since they can be employed as a full-time devoted resource or as a freelancer. The former will provide you with a more competitive attitude to progress that will benefit you in every situation. Because these developers have worked with many clients and covered various elements of their professional expertise, you will get a package of abilities if you hire freelance developers.

However, it is noteworthy to mention that the number of freelance developers is limited. They aren’t as readily available for last-minute alterations or issue repairs. They should only be recruited for short-term, time-sensitive tasks. Otherwise, it would help if you preferred hiring dedicated mobile app developers.

Do You Want To Hire Android App Developer from iTechnolabs

While addressing the core topic of contacting app developers, you should know how to hire mobile app developer. You’ll need to contact them directly after reviewing the app developers’ work and assessing the competition. By speaking with them directly, you will be better able to make an informed decision. You could question the developer’s technology, the associated user interface, and design talents while keeping in mind your requirements.

do you want to hire android app developer from itechnolabs

When looking for a mobile app developer, consider searching for “hire mobile app developers near me” on Google to get the best results. You must guarantee that you understand how to hire an app developer based on interviews and summaries and how to recruit them and execute a development sprint.

It would help if you were confident that the developer you hire has the specific abilities you require. Before choosing a developer to construct your app, you should look over their prior experience, projects, and customer referrals. Following the interview, you can discuss the terminology from both your and their perspectives.


Android is a must-have for enterprises, with about 90% of the client base. It has a compelling value proposition for worldwide expansion and enjoys enormous popularity due to its outstanding market penetration qualities. Whether you’re a tiny business or a major corporation, an Android app is a necessity of time and market, and having one will help you avoid depleting your resources in this fast-paced market. The simplest solution is to hire mobile app developer. According to experts, Android is a perfectly safe platform to invest in, and it provides excellent value for money.

The way you care for your app and the clients who contact you through it is just as important as creating a fantastic mobile application for your company’s success. Regardless of how much it costs to hire mobile app developer, how well your target audience receives it will determine a lot.

As previously stated, hiring mobile app developers and developing a dynamic app necessitates a thorough approach and skill. Look for a software development team that includes creative UI/UX designers, manual testers, a contemporary technological stack, and a team to test the app’s code and fix any flaws later.

In addition, rather than providing you with a single developer, a mobile app development business sells the entire package. Everyone on the team will complete the entrusted task, and the whole process will go smoothly. You will save money while also requiring more accountability from mobile app creators.

Frequently Asked Questions For android app development

1.Why is android app development important?

Making android apps for your business is the most sane choice that you can make for your business in order to help it grow, prosper, and thrive. 

Choose android app development services because it holds the following advantages for your business –

  • If faster deployment and less time to market (TTM) is what you are aiming for, then android app development services are your best option
  • Endowed with dynamic in-built features, Android app development provides a robust and secure platform for your business app
  • Obviously, the maddening popularity of android devices is self-evident, automatically increasing the user base for your mobile app
  • With so many diverse android devices, wearable or otherwise, in the market, you can scale your app and your business by making it compatible with all
  • With Android being an open source platform for app development, the cost of developing an android app is lower and hence economically profitable

2.How to hire an android app development company near me ?

To hire an android application development company, just follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Before kicking off your search for your android app development company, prepare a statement defining your app vision, needs, and goals
  • When you are finished doing so, simply google – ‘android app development companies near me’ and go through the results
  • You can always check the freelance marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr for android app development companies 
  • Check out the listing sites, such as Clutch, and IT directories for better search results as they allow you to use advanced filters
  • Now is the time to cut short the list on the basis of the experience that the company holds in the field of android app development
  • Go through the company’s portfolio and check out the apps developed by it in the concerned business domain
  • Read carefully the testimonies of the previous clients and get in touch with them to gain more information, if possible
  • Enquire about the company’s development approach apart from scrutinising the tech stack they use for the purpose of app development
  • Test the developers and interview them diligently to establish their personality traits and get an idea of their people skills
  • When properly satisfied, lock the deal with the chosen android app development company and sign the relevant legal documents

3.What are the diverse android app development services that iTechnolabs offer?

The diverse android app development services that iTechnolabs offers have been stated below. Take a look –

  • No iOS/android app development can begin without a highly professional and market-relevant consultation services
  • Our highly certified product managers devise comprehensive product strategy in alignment with the needs of the app and the market
  • Our android app developers firstly create efficient and structured prototype of your android application
  • Our versatile UI/UX designers create intelligent, intuitive, and innovative front end designs for your android apps
  • We follow agile and efficient android app development so that your app coding gets done in a timely manner
  • Only multiple sessions of manual and automated testing can ensure that your android app is bugs-free and devoid of all the glitches
  • Get you android apps successfully deployed onto the chosen and relevant app platforms like Google Play Store
  • Our developers will not leave your side and maintain and update your android application on a regular basis to give your app a competitive edge

4.How much does it cost to develop android apps online?

The average cost of developing an android app is approximately $ 160000. However, this is a general idea of the cost to create an android app as there are numerous factors that influence the development cost. We have listed them below. Take a look –

  • Size and complexity of the android app
  • Number of features and functionalities
  • Number of third-party integrations
  • Complexity of the UI/UX app design
  • Size, location, and diversity of the app development team
  • Deployment cost on Google Play Store
  • Category of the android app

Based on the size and complexity of the android app, we have calculated the cost of android app development. Take a look –

  • Basic Android App – $ 35000
  • Medium Complex App – $ 100000
  • Highly Complex App – $ 225000

With iTechnolabs’ flexible pricing models, you can get your android app developed at an expense that suits your budgetary expectations. 

5.What are the top iOS android app developers in the world?

We have made a list of leading companies for iOS/android app development. Take a look –

  • iTechnolabs
  • The NineHertz
  • Hyperlink InfoSystem
  • Innowise
  • ScienceSoft
  • Fueled
  • Blue Label Labs
  • Vention
  • Willow Tree Inc.
  • ZCo Corporation

Do a detailed analysis of above-stated app development companies’ profiles before you make an outsourcing decision. 


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